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Video Roundup

Top 5 videos to watch!

We don't know about you but we've been feeling summer everywhere! People have been travelling, going to beaches, and sharing their summer looks--so we thought we'd give you a peek into what we saw in these videos. Get ready to take down notes because this will be a run down of trends, tips, and how-tos. 

Have fun watching, Clozetters!


4 Spring-Summer Makeup Trends to Try in 2015!

By: Mixed Makeup

The Spring/ Summer season is at its peak and this the best time to review those beautytrends if you're feeling a bit blank on which makeup look to sport. This video by Mixed Makeup gives the basics on which makeup looks are in this season: "Nudie Nude", "Babydoll", "Poppy Reds", and "Swoops with Shadow". Watch the video and tell us your pick! 

Get Healthy with Niki for Summer! Workout-Routine, Tips 

+ Banana Berry Smoothie Recipe!

By: Niki and Gabi

One of our favourite YouTube twins Niki of Niki and Gabi has done it again and this time with an exciting workout video and a delicious smoothie recipe. Since summer is also bikini season, it's time to get that body in shape! Check this out for fitspiration tips on being healthier this season. 

Sweatproof Summer Makeup and Hair Routine

By: Ingrid Nilsen 

Summer is all about the heat and humidity, which requires a need to switch to a sweatproof makeup look that will last through hose summer days! Check out YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen's top tips on sweatproof makeup!

How I Pack for a Trip/Vacation: Checklist & TIPS!

By: Kalyn Nicholson 

Travelling this summer? Here are a few tips from Kalyn Nicholson on what and how to pack when travelling. We found out that it's best to plan your outfit per day  separate items for your carry-all bag, and pack as much as you need to make it a wonderful trip!

10 DIY Project Ideas You NEED To Try!

By: MayBaby 

MayBaby gives us more reasons to get into crafting with this easy DIY ideas! We love what she did with the pillow, wooden frame, map, and clock. This is also a fun way to add colour to your room this Summer!

Which video was your favourite video? Let us know in the comment box below!