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Where To Go In South Korea According To Your Fave K-Drama

Relive your favourite scenes

If you’re an avid fan of K-Dramas, you know fully well how addicting these shows can be. And really, you understand that it isn’t just the storyline and the extremely good-looking actors that make them worth watching and re-watching but also the cinematography and the setting that takes your breath away. Which is why it’s become a need for K-drama fans to revisit the places that moved their hearts. So if you’re planning to travel to South Korea and you’re a fan of their shows, here’s a list of Insta-worthy filming locations you must definitely visit.

Jak-eun Ma-eul (Bok Chicken), Seoul – Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

It’s been years but we still miss the awkward friendship-turned-romance of Bok-Joo and Joon-Hyung.  If you wish to reminisce on the light-hearted show, there’s no other place to do it but in Bok-Joo’s house. Just as it was on the show, the place is also a real-life restaurant where you can order Korean food. The façade of the red-brick house is covered in vines, making it such a whimsical background that's perfect for your photos, so don’t forget to snap a photo here and there before you leave.

Petite France, Gyeonggi Province – My Love from the Stars and Secret Garden

For K-Drama experts, this location is all too familiar: it’s where Do Min-Jun kissed Cheon Song-Yi on My Love from the Stars. For those who have been watching longer, you’ll recognise it as the place where Kim Joo-Won first meets stuntwoman Gil Ra-Im in Secret Garden. These two rom-coms have long been finished but has since remained iconic dramas for all fans. Luckily, the colourful French-inspired cultural village that helped set the tone for those two pivotal encounters is open for tourists to visit.


Pocheon Art Valley, Pocheon – Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

This emerald lake coursing through stone valleys is where Ko Ha-Jin fell in the first episode of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Although being here probably won’t make you slip through space and time, the sharp cliffs and mesmerising waters still make an enchanting addition to your Instagram profile.

Gyeonggijeon Shrine, Jeonju – Love in the Moonlight

You’ll probably recognise a number of places in this shrine because it was used as a major filming location for Love in the Moonlight. Thanks to the traditional architecture and nature surrounding the area, you’ll feel as though you’re back in the time of Crown Prince Lee Yong and Hong Ra-On. You can even rent traditional clothes when you walk through the site to feel like a princess for a day. 

Jumunjin Beach, Gangwon Province – Goblin 

Of course, if we’re talking about K-dramas, no one would ever forget about the tragic story of Goblin. Since the drama aired, Jumunjin Beach has become a popular spot for visitors. Now you can even rent a red scarf, a bouquet of flowers and an umbrella to relive the scene where Ji Eun-Tak accidentally summons the Goblin for the first time. 

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