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Volumize Your Hair With Marc Anthony

A look at Marc Anthony's Volumizing Collagen Bamboo Collection

Marc Anthony, the man behind Toronto’s trend-setting Marc Anthony Salons, celebrity hairstylist, and the creator of the comprehensive Marc Anthony True Professional line has brought to us a collection of hair products worth raving about. Now thin, fine, wear, and brittle hair can be solved with The new Volumizing Collagen Bamboo collection. It helps you get extra thick, full, strong hair throughout your hair care regimen. From wash to style, you can create that big, voluminous, beautifully bouncy hair you've always wanted.  

The Volumizing Collagen Bamboo range contains two main ingredients--Pro- Collagen and Tropical Bamboo Extract. 

Collagen is a popular anti-ageing ingredient, loved for its ability to volumize skin and reinforce its structure. In this range, Pro- Collagen gives hair extra thickening and plumping power. Its tandem, Tropical Bamboo Extract remains as a rich source of Silica and proteins that retain moisture in the hair shaft and assists in filling and smoothing the roughened cuticle of damaged hair. Together, Tropical Bamboo Extract and Pro-Collagen give limp hair a boost in volume and shine to restore its strength and resilience. 

The Marc Anthony Volumizing Collagen Bamboo collection is now available exclusively at Watsons Singapore starting at SGD 17.90.