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In the interest of staying hip and updated, let's discuss the latest lifestyle trend on social media — the 'VSCO Girl'. The name is actually misleading. Gals who identify as such probably don't even use the actual app anymore (although that's where they got their headstart). In fact, she's also not really on Instagram but it's likely that she spends most of her time on TikTok instead. And like the other internet sub-cultures that came before (such as the Hipster, Instagram Girl and Basic Babe), the VSCO Girl has a distinct look.

Instead of yoga pants, she wears an oversized tee preferably from Brandy Melville. For headgear, she prefers bright-coloured scrunchies over beanie hats. Her bag is Fjällräven and contains puka shell accessories, colourful hair elastics and a Hydro Flask. She won't be impressed by your collection of vintage boots because she wears nothing but Birkenstocks and Crocs. Finally, she's not the type to do complicated makeup looks — all she needs is a Mario Badescu facial spray and a tube of Carmex. Oh, and instead of "like" she says "sksk and i oop and i oop" after every sentence.

Basically, her aesthetic is the updated version of the Tumblr Girl with a touch '90s California Beach Babe. The reason why it's an interesting sub-culture is because of its stark contrast to other types of social media lifestyles. It's nowhere near the minimalist aesthetic popularised by millennials. The 'au naturel beauty look' it highlights is a direct reaction to the complicated, over-the-top makeup styles of the Instagram Girl.

The reaction to this trend is just the same as any other up-and-coming lifestyle trend. Some love it, while others hate it and call it a knock-off look of their '90s childhood look. But there are those who are just simply curious by it. If you're one of those who want to try becoming a VSCO Girl, you can watch Youtuber Mai Phạm's transformation video, which can act as a nifty guide. 

Remember, you don't have to be born in 2004 for you to be a VSCO Girl. If you like this lifestyle, then just go and live it!

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When it comes to a woman’s beauty arsenal, no other accessory has served us better than our bags. A must for everyday use, our bags or purses have proven to be such important parts of our outfits. Bags have the power to either make or break our whole ensemble. And don’t even get us started about utility. Is there a satchel out there that can cover our very basic need of both beauty and function? Of course. Check out our favourites and our baggy tips to help you shop for your next favourite bag. 

Choose a bag with a long strap and top handle

Loewe Postal Bag

Price unavailable

You don’t have to switch bags. You simply need one with a long strop and top handle that can magically transform depending on the time of the day. This way, you can get the convenience of keeping your hands free during day errands in the office and have a bag that would look chic for that hot date in the evening.

Our current favourite for this is Loewe’s Postal Bag, which is considered to be one of the most iconic designs of the Spanish fashion house. The Postal Bag is one of the first rigid bags designed by Jonathan Anderson, and it is thoughtfully constructed to mimic a postcard with the look of subtle details such as an engraved anagram on the upper right corner to resemble a stamp.

Choose bags that make a statement

Chloe Aby bag

Price unavailable

No matter the time of the day, a nice bag with a bold fashion sense can definitely lift up any outfit. One of our favourites with this kind of fashion promise is Chloé’s Aby bag, which was introduced as part of the brand's Fall 2019 Pre-Collection.

The bag’s unique design builds upon inspiration from an iconic Chloé archival bag design called the Paddington. The Aby showcases the fashion house’s promise to update the bohemian lineage of the brand via modern directional touches and evolving growth of the image of the Chloé Girls. The bag is set to contrast against the classic femininity and flow of the Chloé silhouette.

Don’t be afraid of the pouch

Bottega Venetta The Pouch

Price unavailable

We know some girls who are scared of using the pouch to pair with their well-thought-of outfit but there’s much to say about this inconspicuous fashion accessory. In fact, the pouch is slowly gaining a following, especially in Hollywood where forward-fashion personalities rely on new designs that look both simple and chic. Fashion house Bottega Veneta recently introduced The Pouch, one of Creative Director Daniel Lee’s first two designs for the brand. The oversized clutch features soft folds of leather, which completely envelop the rigid frame and create a voluminous, rounded form. 

Bottega Veneta’s Pouch is available in three different types: The Velvet Calf Intrecciato Pouch presents Bottega Veneta’s signature Intrecciato weave in the extra-soft calf; the Butter Calf Pouch features panels of smooth leather; while the Cocco Souple version is composed of four skins that are meticulously used to achieve continuity of the scales. 

Match your new bag-tastic favourite with these cute sneaks



As we transition from summer to sweater weather, it gets us thinking about the outfits we'd be sporting this season, and that includes the kinds of coats, jackets and cardigans that would look best on our bodies. Keep reading to find out what type of outerwear is most flattering for your figure.


Cushnie Cropped Crepe Blazer

Cushnie Cropped Crepe Blazer, SGD398.03/~USD286.66 (Photo from: Net-a-Porter SG)

Anything cropped and streamlined is the way to go for smaller ladies, like a moto jacket or a classy peacoat. It's so easy to overwhelm your frame in your quest to keep warm but with structured outerwear, you’ll have the best of both worlds where style meets comfort.


A.W.A.K.E. Mode Belted faux leather coat, SGD1,434.11/~USD1,032.86 (Photo from: Net-a-Porter SG)

You have a figure to die for; don’t drown it under a big boxy coat. Go for something belted that will help accentuate your tiny waist like a tailored trench or a well-fitted jacket. Have fun with patterns and fabrics while you're at it, too.


Loewe Hooded Coat

Loewe Hooded Coat, SGD4,456.75/~USD3,210 (Photo from: Net-a-Porter SG)

Balance is the key for your body type! So we suggest a more structured fit, with shoulder details to give the illusion of an hourglass shape. Look for single-breasted coats and statement collars that are great for drawing the eye upwards and putting an emphasis on your shoulders.


Alexander Wang Printed Houndstooth Coat

Alexander Wang Printed Houndstooth Coat, SGD1,742.09/~USD1,254.64 (Photo from: Net-a-Porter SG)

Emphasise your slender build by choosing overcoats that end below the thigh or structured blazers that have defined shoulders to add dimension to your frame. Add interest to your look with striking details or colour blocking.


Gabriela Hearst Off-shoulder Blazer

Gabriela Hearst Off-shoulder Blazer, SGD2,308.01/~USD1,662.39 (Photo from: Net-a-Porter SG)

Open jackets of any kind flatter this body type and will provide the vertical lines needed to elongate your frame. Apple shapes can pull off pretty much any colour as well, so let the rainbow guide you when choosing the perfect piece for this season.

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