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Meet The 'VSCO Girl', Social Media's Latest Lifestyle Trend

Move over, hipsters!

In the interest of staying hip and updated, let's discuss the latest lifestyle trend on social media — the 'VSCO Girl'. The name is actually misleading. Gals who identify as such probably don't even use the actual app anymore (although that's where they got their headstart). In fact, she's also not really on Instagram but it's likely that she spends most of her time on TikTok instead. And like the other internet sub-cultures that came before (such as the Hipster, Instagram Girl and Basic Babe), the VSCO Girl has a distinct look.

Instead of yoga pants, she wears an oversized tee preferably from Brandy Melville. For headgear, she prefers bright-coloured scrunchies over beanie hats. Her bag is Fjällräven and contains puka shell accessories, colourful hair elastics and a Hydro Flask. She won't be impressed by your collection of vintage boots because she wears nothing but Birkenstocks and Crocs. Finally, she's not the type to do complicated makeup looks — all she needs is a Mario Badescu facial spray and a tube of Carmex. Oh, and instead of "like" she says "sksk and i oop and i oop" after every sentence.

Basically, her aesthetic is the updated version of the Tumblr Girl with a touch '90s California Beach Babe. The reason why it's an interesting sub-culture is because of its stark contrast to other types of social media lifestyles. It's nowhere near the minimalist aesthetic popularised by millennials. The 'au naturel beauty look' it highlights is a direct reaction to the complicated, over-the-top makeup styles of the Instagram Girl.

The reaction to this trend is just the same as any other up-and-coming lifestyle trend. Some love it, while others hate it and call it a knock-off look of their '90s childhood look. But there are those who are just simply curious by it. If you're one of those who want to try becoming a VSCO Girl, you can watch Youtuber Mai Phạm's transformation video, which can act as a nifty guide. 

Remember, you don't have to be born in 2004 for you to be a VSCO Girl. If you like this lifestyle, then just go and live it!

(Cover photo from: @maiphammy)