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Watch These Beauty Influencers Remove Their Make-Up

From full to flawless in an instant

We can’t help but marvel at the talent and skills of beauty influencers when it comes to makeup application. They truly have unique gifts to not only accentuate their natural beauty but also to transform themselves into different characters. The composition, choice of colours and blending to create a cohesive look takes a lot of effort and time. And, in the past, it took the same amount of time and effort to remove the fruits of your cosmetic labour.

It’s a great thing we discovered the Senka All Clear Oil Whip, a unique oil-to-foam cleanser you apply on your skin with just your bare hands — yes, without cotton pads — to remove makeup, dirt and oil. We’ve tried and tested the cleanser on our make-up swatches. How did it fare for beauty influencers who were tasked to create some impressive makeup looks? We asked Haneesa and Rachel Lee to put it to the test.


A galaxy of hues — pink, purple, yellow and green — and a sprinkling of glittering stars nestled on the upper half of Haneesa’s face. There were layers of colour in the majestic look, which only meant it may have required more than a single swipe had Haneesa used a different makeup remover. With the Senka All Clear Oil Whip, however, all it took was a sweep to remove the makeup. Formulated with rice bran oil, it lifted off not just heavy makeup but also dulling factors on the skin. It’s also fragrance-free, so your skin won’t get irritated.


Pop art has bold elements because it has to pop and catch your attention. Removing bright reds and bold blacks can be a daunting task but with the help of the Senka All Clear Oil Whip, Rachel was able to do so effortlessly. Plus, it goes beyond cleansing and delivers skincare benefits. It’s packed with naturally derived silk essence and W Hyaluronic Acid compound to keep the skin feeling smooth and supple. This way, your skin is still flawless even after you remove your make-up.

Excited to remove makeup effortlessly like these beauty influencers? The Senka All Clear Oil Whip is available at Lazada and all Watsons outlets. Learn more about it here.