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Before I start, I want to come clean by saying that 'traditional' exercise isn't really my thing. I prefer swimming, leisurely dancing, or going on a lot of walks during travelling than hitting the gym weekly — as you figured, nothing too formal. So when we went to The Rockwell Club for a Hot Hula Fitness session courtesy of Vikki Santos, the only certified Master Trainer here in the Philippines, it proved to be a challenging but thrilling experience. 

The Polynesian-inspired workout was created by Fa'a Samoan Anna-Rita Sloss, who, at one point weighed 210 lbs. The weight gain was the reason she decided to lead a healthier life. After learning from her Turbo Kick mentor and being a Master Trainer for that program, she had a lightbulb moment to incorporate her roots and her culture into fitness — and so, Hot Hula Fitness was born. 

Whether or not you've been fascinated by the Polynesian culture, the program is exciting as it marries art and fitness. Focusing on core isolation, this is perfect for anyone who wants to stay away from the usual crunches and kicks in the gym but would love to tone their abs, glutes, and legs. I and my fellow ClozetteINSIDER writer Therese joined a regular Hot Hula Fitness class to find out what it's like in real life (because the videos we saw were definitely enticing and look easy-to-follow). We were joined by a couple of Vikki's students who have been training for this program for more than three years; one of them has been taking the class for five years. Talk about getting our game face on!

Since I'm someone who is more used to dancing and moving my entire body, it turned out to be quite challenging as the key to Hot Hula Fitness is keeping your core and the lower half of your body moving while still keeping your chest and shoulders still but not stiff. Its all about keeping your energy flow throughout your body, that even though you're isolating the focus of the workout on your abdomen, it is still a full body workout. 

Then there's another factor that plays into Hot Hula Fitness: this workout will make you feel sexy. Similar to how pole dancing is, it also helps you tap into your sensuality. The gracefulness from the movement of your waist to the tip of your fingers also plays a big part in the whole experience, whether you're dancing to the Polynesian drum beats or some modern music.

Overall, even though I struggled with coordination and balance while learning the routine and the choreography, as a beginner, I saw why this program should be embraced more by people. It combines fitness and art in a delicate and beautiful manner, without being too soft and short of a workout. I definitely felt my muscles moving and working but didn't experience any hard pains the day after, unlike when I did squats and crunches. Hot Hula Fitness is definitely a program for those who are not fans of doing regular exercises and using fitness machines. There's an art to it and you have to perfect the techniques before you dive into learning choreography and eventually doing all the moves and getting a toned body — but hey, all good things take time, right?

Find out more about Hot Hula Fitness here



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Wednesdays are usually humdrum. But not for us — and the beauty and fashion industries. There's always something exciting going on, and you bet we'll be the first ones to look for and learn about them. Here's what you need to know right now.

ZALORA Premium

ZALORA has launched their premium page. Curated especially for shoppers with a discerning taste in style in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia, ZALORA Premium offers an assortment of products from brands people already love as well as premium products exclusively created for the site. Check out ZALORA Premium for women here.

Zara Augmented Reality

Zara will offer an augmented reality experience for shoppers worldwide for two weeks with the help of the Zara AR app. You can position your smartphone at store windows, centrally located podiums, and atop e-commerce boxes to see models Lea Julian and Fran Summers "come to life" as 7 to 12-second sequences on the screen of shoppers' smartphones. Experience it at Ngee Ann City, ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands, and [email protected] stores on 12 April.

Something dope

Milk Makeup has hinted at a new release on 20 April. So far their teaser only says "Something Dope" will be unveiled but no one knows what it will be. Some have guessed that it's an eyeshadow palette for smokey eye looks while others said it could be anything that's cannabis-infused since Milk is a vegan makeup brand.

Rainbow Meteorites

Guerlain Meteorites are already pretty to begin with, so their latest iteration — a colourful one in rainbow packaging — is just out-of-this-world gorgeous. 

Maison Christian Dior

Swing by the first-ever Maison Christian Dior travel retail pop-up in Asia Pacific at Changi Airport and get yourself a bottle or two of their fragrances, which now come in a 40ml-variant.

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