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Hindsight, they say, is 20/20. There are past experiences and moments that you see clearer and, perhaps, even in a different light once time has passed. That's true for most things in life, including the movies we enjoyed when we were younger. Some of them we may have regarded as life-changers or contributors to our growth — movies that triggered our social and personal awakenings. But do these films remain as good as when we first saw them or are they better over time? We watched Mean Girls, a cult favourite film amongst millennials, after almost a decade since it came out. Here's what we think of it now.



There are so many things when I was younger that I look at now with a different lens not just because I've gotten older but also because I've taken the role of a mother. In the past, I saw Mean Girls as a movie I can relate to on a personal level. Cady Heron wasn't a heroine for me, but I appreciated how close to reality she was portrayed. There is no perfect protagonist. She was just as human as the plastics she claimed to first study and later turned into. Now, I admire Ms. Norbery's character for being an educator not just inside the classroom, but more so outside. As teens, it's easy to get caught up with what's trendy or hip amongst our peers but, truly, there is so much to admire about people who seem to live mundanely but actually affect people's lives in an indelible way.


On a lighter note, there were so many jokes in the movie that I didn't catch when I first saw them. It made the movie even more special to me now. While there was the lesson about girls working together instead of pitting themselves against each other, I appreciated that it was presented in a lighthearted manner. Overall, Mean Girls is a cult classic for a reason, and it will remain so for decades to come.


I’ve read an article before saying that the producers and the writers of the movie didn’t really expect for it to blow up as much as it did. But rewatching Mean Girls made me realise why the movie appealed to so many people, not just girls.


One way or another, there’s definitely a character or two in the movie that any viewer could probably relate to. You could be like Cady who wants to change your image to fit in, which may not necessarily be a bad thing or you could be as rebellious and against the status quo as Janis. Or you can be a Gretchen, who somehow has a love-hate relationship with a Regina George figure. Though maybe after rewatching it post-high school or college, you’ll find yourself relating to Ms. Norbury because #adulting. Either way, it’s an exaggerated and satirical approach to something that hits close to home.

I initially expected that I would have a lot to nitpick about the movie after rewatching it but I still found myself enjoying and liking it. Considering that it was released 14 years ago, the message of women empowerment, support and diversity weaved into the comedy of it all is still very strong and forward-thinking. It’s an iconic movie that deserves to be referenced to even up to this day!


I can't believe it's been more than ten years since Mean Girls was released. The first time I saw it was back in 2005 through a VCD player. Remember those days? Fast forward to today and it's undeniable that things have changed. Now, we're more vigilant in calling out questionable plot lines and offensive slurs. There are dozens of listicles out there detailing storylines that won't work in 2018. But I'd say, with all my conviction, that Mean Girls is one those few precious cinematic gems from the '00s that has aged well. It's simply timeless and relatable. 


When I first watched it, I was barely out of elementary school but the movie left an impression on me. I viewed the events at North Shore High as a more dramatic version of what's happening in my day-to-day life at school. Now, I find it as a pure comedy, a caricature of my past life as a high school student. More than that, I classify it as a coming-of-age classic. Cady's journey is essentially our journey towards adulthood. She started as a clueless teenager, clung to a clique and chased popularity, got into trouble, resolved her problems and mended relationships before finally coming into her own. Beyond its witty, gif-worthy lines, Mean Girls lives on not because of nostalgia but because the lessons it taught us are evergreen — even in adulthood.

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At the top of your head, could you name an iconic movie character from the '90s that's more fashionable than Cher Horowitz? As if! Armed with a computerised outfit selector and a rotating wardrobe full of glamorous outfits, Cher easily became one of the most stylish heroines of all time. And even though the film was released right in the middle of the 1990s, Cher's style was not confined to the trends of the decade. After all, she is a trendsetter and not just any teenage girl who's eager to ride the tide.

Artworks by Tisha Esquejo

From plaid skirts to the knee-high socks, Cher's fashion identity is undeniably preppy with just the right amount of sassy details. If you love Cher's style as much as we do, here are some tips on how you can steal her style without looking outdated in 2018.

Pair plaids with neutral pieces

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We all know that Cher's yellow plaid suit is iconic but at this point, it's really more fitting as a Halloween costume rather than an outfit for everyday wear. Lessen the costume-y vibe by pairing a yellow plaid skirt with a neutral top. We recommend going for a midi wrap plaid skirt and a classy cropped top to put an updated spin on this memorable ensemble. 

Go for sheer blouses

Tom Ford Sequined tulle top, USD1,494; Frame Linen-blend flared pants, USD330; Rupert Sanderson Savanna velvet platform sandals, USD695

In several scenes, we see Cher wearing sheer blouses. It's usually styled with a spaghetti-strapped tank top underneath. Overall, it's a nice casual look that can also work in workplace settings with just a few adjustments. Instead of layering tank tops under sheer blouses, opt for a tulle top with sheer details. Add some heels and that's it, you're already good to go. 

Pair basics with prints

James Perse Ribbed cotton-jersey top, USD195; Paul & Joe Allumet houndstooth cotton mini skirt, USD121.50; Dolce & Gabbana Leather-trimmed stretch-tulle sock boots, USD845; Miu Miu Leather-trimmed velvet backpack, USD1,360

There's no other ensemble more quintessentially Cher than plaid mini skirts paired with basics. She usually matches this outfit with Mary Jane shoes complete with knee-high socks. However, that can look too young for those of us who are already out of high school. Swap it instead with a pair of sock boots with tulle or lace features. Finally, pick a faux fur or velvet backpack to go with this very preppy ensemble. 

Wear mini dresses

Madewell Gingham cotton-blend mini dress, USD100; Prada Lace-trimmed satin mini dress, USD300

Whether it's the cute dainty kind or a daring one, it's obvious that Cher loves wearing mini dresses. At one point, you can even spot her sporting a very '90s babydoll empire-waisted dress. There are two distinct ways Cher wears her mini dresses: as it is (during party or date scenes) and layered with a sheer top or white shirt (on school-related scenes). It's very easy to emulate as long as you have the confidence to pull it off. 

Always put in the effort

You'll never catch Cher looking "ensembly challenged" and that's because she always puts in the effort when it comes to dressing up. She knows the power of a good outfit in creating a good impression. Getting a driver's license? Wear your most "capable-looking" outfit. But remember that it takes more than looking the part to get what you want, you also need to develop the necessary skills. Good thing Cher realises that in the end. Now, that's what you call a happy ending!

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When it comes to wardrobe staples, basic tees top the list. The simplicity and comfort they offer are perfect for almost every occasion, mood or look you're going for. But how exactly do you maximise the versatility of this fashion piece? Let our Clozetters show you.

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