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If there’s one day you should be exuding an ethereal glow, it’s definitely your wedding day. But with all the jitters and preparation, the coveted radiance may prove to be elusive. A month before the big day, though, with the right routine and the Swisse Ultiboost Golden Collagen Blood Orange Liquid, you’ll find that it’s actually achievable. To try if this formula for skin radiance works, we asked bride-to-be Eexuan Ng to incorporate the drink into her wedding beauty preparations. Read about her experience below.

Skin-caring benefits

Due to the nature of Eexuan’s job, she travels frequently. Although she loves it, the changes in climate can take a toll on her skin, which is not ideal if you’re preparing your skin for the big day. So she takes extra care with a routine that involves masking every so often and a daily dose of a collagen beauty supplement.

The Swisse Ultiboost Golden Collagen Blood Orange Liquid is formulated with a unique blend of natural ingredients and essential nutrients that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity within four weeks.

Bride-to-be Eexuan Ng

Made with 5,100mg of clinically proven, low molecular weight hydrolysed collagen that gets easily absorbed by the body, you’re sure to not only get — but also immediately feel — its efficacy. “I’ve tried other collagen drinks before but this one definitely makes you feel a difference,” Eexuan shares.

Aside from its collagen content, the Swisse Ultiboost Golden Collagen Blood Orange Liquid also contains Sicilian blood oranges, which are not like regular ones. Harvested all the way from the picturesque Sicily in Italy where the topography is composed of coastal breezes, volcanic soil and warm climate, Sicilian blood oranges are known to be especially antioxidant-rich. They’re also rich in anthocyanins that protect the skin from damage and slows down ageing.

Eexuan with the Swisse Ultiboost Golden Blood Orange Collagen Liquid

Portability and effectivity

The fun part? It’s so easy to incorporate into your routine. “The bottle is really light, too, especially when compared to other collagen drinks,” Eexuan says. “Glass bottles feel really heavy and also fragile. As someone who’s clumsy, I drop my stuff quite often. But with Swisse’s bottle, I don’t have to worry.”

After trying it out for four weeks, and with her wedding day still on the horizon, Eexuan says she’s definitely going to continue taking the product because of it’s made her skin “plump and glowing.” Satisfied with how glowing her skin looks, she recommends it to other brides-to-be, too — or anyone who has a special occasion coming.

Learn more about Swisse Ultiboost Golden Collagen Blood Orange Liquid here.


We're already halfway through the year, which either means all our plans and agendas for 2019 are already settling down nicely or just starting to pile up. No matter which end of the coin you're on, the new half of the year calls for recalibration, especially in self-care. But we're not just talking about a sheet mask here or a nap there. We say go the extra mile when it comes to me-time. Ahead, we share our handpicked selection of self-care goodies that make you feel pampered, recharged, and empowered to face the rest of the year.

The best part? You have the chance to get 'em all. 

A trusty skincare starter: Bioderma H2O Micellar Solution kit

Go Extra On Self-Care With These Colourful Picks - Bioderma H2O Micellar Solution

A person's beauty routine is one of the most basic forms of self-care. The many steps allow one to indulge in a meaningful and efficient downtime. Just like any other process, the first step in skincare is crucial. That's where the the Bioderma H20 Micellar Solutions come in. With three variants — Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution (for all skin types), Sebium H2O Micellar Solution (for those with oily-combination skin), and the Hydrabio H2O Micellar Solution (for dry skin types) — they provide a mild, non-rinse cleansing experience for your skin based on your skin type. 

A unique radiance booster: Skin Inc. My Daily Dose Cocktail Serum set

Go Extra On Self-Care With These Colourful Picks - Skin Inc. serums

Stress and fatigue can definitely take away your glow. We say don't let them. Indulge yourself in radiance with the help of Skin Inc.'s My Daily Dose Cocktail Get Glowin' Custom Blended Serum. Created with an algorithm of over one million skin profiles to increase accuracy and formulated to match your skin's 28-day renewal cycle, you'll definitely say hello to brighter and glowing skin in no time with this serum. As the name suggests, you get to play chemist and create your very own booster serum based on your skin's needs and wants. It's your me-time, so why not make it personal?

A pick for the ultimate sensorial experience: The Body Shop Body Yogurts

Go Extra On Self-Care With These Colourful Picks - The Body Shop Body Yogurts

Self-care not only means face care, so we're kicking things up a notch and also adding in a treat for the rest of your body — and senses — to enjoy. The Body Shop's Body Yogurts not only help restore the skin's elasticity, moisture, and suppleness but also provide a guilt-free indulgent approach to skincare with their all-natural ingredients and utterly delectable scents. Choose from Almond Milk, Ginger, British Rose, Mango or Strawberry (or hoard them all, we won't judge!) and lather it on for a rejuvenating experience you oh-so deserve. 

A touch of on-fleek fun: Benefit 3D BROWtones

Go Extra On Self-Care With These Colourful Picks - Benefit 3D Browtones

As busy as today's world is, one thing is still certain: you need to make time for having fun so you stay refreshed! Playing with makeup is already fun, but we say amp it up with colours where you normally wouldn't think of applying them. For all our brow-tastic enjoyment, our best pick is the cult-favourite Benefit 3D BROWtones. Hair-like strokes with depth and dimension in Magenta, Deep Blue, Rich Purple, and Copper? Colour us excited!

An empowering lippie: Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Lipsticks

Go Extra On Self-Care With These Colourful Picks - Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselles

There's no denying that a woman wearing her favourite lipstick exudes a different kind of power. So it goes without saying that every self-care kit must have a dependable and empowering lippie in it. Our personal pick: the Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselles. They're 'universally flattering' and 'long-wearing'. But the best part? They allow every woman to relive her 'lipstick fantasies' with its diverse and fun colour selection. We're going rogue and bold with ClapBack (a midnight blue colour), Saw-C (a vibrant orange pick) and Griselda (a vampy brown-red). We think you should, too.

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Our Friday is looking lit! In today's Insider Roundup, we spill the deets on Japan's MOS Burger chain coming to Manila, a cult-fave eyebrow product adding new shades to their range, celebs reconciling over cookies and more. Make sure you scroll until the end so you don't miss anything.

Japan's MOS Burger is coming to Manila

Manila is looking like a hot spot for international fast food franchises this year, with Shake Shack's recent arrival and In-N-Out mounting a pop-up stall recently. Following their footsteps is Japan's MOS Burger, which is the second largest fast food chain in the Land of the Rising Sun just after McDonald's. Looking to officially open their doors to the Filipinos in March 2020, we're already looking out for their famed rice burgers that made waves on the internet a couple of years back.

Benefit Precisely My Brow releases four more shades

Earning fame for its easy-to-use ultra-fine tip that allows for precise and natural strokes, this pick favoured by many Benebabes also boasts 12 hours of budge-proof wear. Previously offered in eight shades in a range of browns, the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil now adds four more colours to its lineup. It's now the largest brow collection in the industry. Say hello to 2.5 (a neutral blonde), 2.75 (warm auburn), 3.75 (warm medium brown), and the unique Cool Grey, which is a versatile colour that can be used by people with naturally grey or white hair.

Is this the hottest — and weirdest — trend this summer? 

As if our list of weird trends isn't already overflowing, another one grabs the spotlight. Say hello to the Towelkini. That's right! Why bring a bikini and a towel to the beach when you can have both in just one item? It's getting mixed opinions online and in mainstream media, but the only question that matters to us is your answer to the question "Would you wear it?"

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry end longtime feud with... baked goods? 

After their five-year feud over backup dancers, a back-and-forth of shady songs, and just a whole lot of drama, it looks like things have been patched up between T. Swift and Katy Perry. Earlier this week, Katy posted a photo of cookies with the words 'peace at last' while tagging Taylor in her caption. Tay-tay responded with 13 beating hearts in the comments, showing us that all is indeed well. Is it too early to ask for a collab?