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There is no timeline for wanting to get fit and healthy so you don't have to restrict yourself to new year's resolutions or bets you've had with your friends to push through with your goal. What you need is motivation, dedication and a constant reminder that YOU can do it. So we figured, what better way to sneak wellness prompts into your busy daily routine than having posts that'll make you want to start movin' straight to your social feed? Ahead, a list of influencers in the region you need to follow for a boost of wellness inspiration. 

Joanna Soh

One of the issues we usually have when we're looking for fitness and wellness inspirations online is the lack of relatability. Say, the ingredients that they use in their protein shake isn't available in our region. Joanna moves away from that and specifically tailors her content to fit a typical Malaysian lifestyle. Whether you're looking for healthier alternatives to your favourite food (Malay, fusion or foreign), short but effective exercises you can try at home, or any other aspect of healthy living, this girl is the one to follow. P.S. You can also catch her on her YouTube channel, which already has 1.4 million subscribers. 

Linora Low

If you're not already following Linora for her personality then you would want to hit that follow button for some amazing fitspo. She's very frank and outspoken when it comes to her own wellness journey so it would feel like having a friend motivate you into getting fit as well. If that doesn't convince you, another great reason to follow her is that she's not afraid to show that eating healthy doesn't mean you can't indulge, giving you the perfect idea on how to keep your meals in check without missing out on the goodies. 

Claire Jedrek

She loves to drive fast cars for fun so what's not to love? But aside from being a British Singaporean Race Driver, Claire also has TV presenter, lifestyle influencer and a mum of an adorable one-year-old as titles under her belt. All that and she still makes time to keep fit and healthy by cycling, mountain biking and indulging in a balanced diet. If you think you're too busy to squeeze in some exercising into your routine, a look at Claire's feed will definitely make you think again. 

Sara May

A lot of people often imagine exercising as a face-distorting, muscle-hurting activity. While that is partly true, Sara makes it a point to show in the classes she conducts and her social media feed that it can also be fun and rewarding. Always all smiles even with the hardest of training, it's no wonder she earned those well-deserved awards from Crossfit and WFF Bikini competitions. Having her grace your feed is definitely a reminder that keeping fit can also be exciting. 

Kat Reambillo

A business development manager by day and a fitness trainer at night, Kat sure knows how to maximise her 24 hours. But aside from inspiring us with her boxing and lifting photos on the 'gram, her travel snaps are also one of the reasons why she's worth your follow. 

Kayleen Ortiz

Here's Kayleen to disprove haters who say that wellness isn't an art form. As one of the co-founders of Polecats Manila, this certified aerialist loves serving us enviable photos showing her core strength that will make you realise that getting fit can also be related to gracefulness, elegance and a little bit of pizazz. 

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Layered fashion can be hard especially since you're not just dressing for style but also for protection against the skin-biting weather. But hey, who's to say you have to compromise looking great while cosying up to a layer of three or more pieces in one ensemble? Take your cue from these Clozetters as they show you how to ace your chilly weather style. 

Cosy in the cold

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Caught in the Monday madness? We're here to offer a little distraction. From Kate Spade changing their logo to Hedi Slimane's CELINE debuting at Paris Fashion Week, relax, breathe and give our Insider Roundup a scroll to indulge in some news that will ease the early week tension. 

Kate Spade teases logo change

Following the wave of labels changing logos last year, Kate Spade teased that a full alteration is also coming their way before the end of January. The previous logo presented in either black or gold containing the brand name and spade symbol is now reinvented with pink and green hues called "pink kiss" and "clover" respectively and is slated to grace the new line of collections that will be launched before the month ends. From the looks of the comments, people are giving mixed reactions towards this change, but only when their new releases come along will there be a final call if the rebrand is a success. 

"World's Cutest Dog" passes away

Last weekend, the world mourned as Boo, dubbed the "World's Cutest Dog," passed away. According to his owner, the famous Pomeranian died of a broken heart following the death of his best friend and fellow Insta-famous pupper Buddy. Rest in peace, little fella! You and Buddy enjoy doggy heaven, okay?

Black, white and gold gowns graced the Producers Guild Awards red carpet

One of the things that we absolutely adore during awards season is seeing a lot of gorgeous looks on the red carpet. And this weekend, we saw a wide array of elegant gowns in black, white and gold worn by some of our favourites at the Producers Guild Awards. Our top looks include Kate Beckinsale wearing Yanina Couture, Constance Wu in J Mendel and Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton.

Toni Gonzaga launches YouTube channel

Filipino celebrity and multimedia personality Toni Gonzaga officially launches a vlogging channel on YouTube in celebration of her 35th birthday. Upon uploading her first video yesterday, Toni's channel already garnered 47k subscribers but the number is expected to rise as she uploads more candid videos on the platform. It's safe to assume that this move was inspired by her sister and fellow TV personality Alex Gonzaga, who first launched a channel on the platform July 2017. 

CELINE debuts menswear line courtesy of Hedi Slimane

It's been almost a year since Hedi Slimane replaced Phoebe Philo as CELINE's Creative Director but people are still not over the major changes he brought to the brand. Debuting the label's first ever menswear show at Paris Fashion Week last Sunday, the collection aimed to channel a crisp 'retro rock star chic' vibe but was called underwhelming and predictable by many Philo fans and fashion critics. So we ask: how are you finding Hedi Slimane's CELINE so far?

(Cover photo from: @katespadeny)

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