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There's no denying that self-care was a big thing last year. From charcoal detox to appetite-suppressing lollipops, aerial yoga to kickboxing, and crystal healing to cupping, numerous wellness fads emerged all in the name of achieving a holistic lifestyle. And the collective quest for the next big thing that will improve our health and well-being is not stopping anytime soon. Keep reading to see the latest wellness trends for 2019.

Taking a break at wellness retreats

Wellness retreats are the latest offerings of resorts and spa establishments. It's more than just your usual vacation. Instead of just exploring a new place, wellness retreats are designed to improve your mental and physical health. There are different kinds of wellness programs that you can choose from depending on what you want to focus on. Some will place emphasis on meditation, while others would be a more restorative type of retreat. Whatever it is, the main goal is to come back to your daily routine with a refreshed mind and rejuvenated body.

Easing anxiety with CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been getting a lot of love recently. Aside from being a beneficial skincare ingredient, CBD is also a promising treatment for anxiety-related disorders. Although scientific research is still in its infancy, those who have tried Cannabidiol to ease anxiety reported feeling more relaxed and getting better sleep. With that said, it's important to note that hemp-derived CBD is not the same as the psychoactive compound from the marijuana plant. 

Regulating your diet with Noom app

More than your average calorie-counting app, Noom offers an interactive way of reaching your wellness goals with an in-app coach consultation service. Once you sign up, the app will ask you to complete quizzes. Afterwards, it will design a personalised diet plan and motivational techniques.  It's been around for years but has gained a spike in popularity this month thanks to good reviews from influencers and editorial publications. If you're curious about its effectivity, download the app (available in IOS and Android) and see for yourself.

Doing a social media detox

Since the advent of social media, talks about its detrimental effects to one's health have already been on the horizon. But all of these concerns came to a head last year when several popular online personalities took a break from social media and creating content, some even quit altogether. In response, several major players like Apple, Google and Instagram have started to roll out a screen time checking feature so users can be aware of how long they spend their time on social media. This encouraged users to develop healthier online habits and kickstarted the digital well-being movement.

Sound healing for deep relaxation

The practice of music therapy dates back to ancient Greece and have come to evolve in many forms throughout the years. It's believed that specific sound waves can induce deep relaxation, alter the mood and even reduce stress. For the longest time, sound therapy is only regularly practised by a few individuals but as day spas and yoga studios are beginning to offer this program, it's now becoming more and more popular. The process is straightforward: all you have to do is lie down, listen to vibrating therapeutic sounds and do a couple of vocal and breathing exercises. 

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Whether its the calm that comes with the waves or our not-so-secret dreams of being a mermaid, there's always something about bodies of water that leave us feeling at peace. And given that we are living in regions that have an everlasting summer season, the attraction is even more inevitable to find. Just take these water babies from the Community, for example, who just can't get away from the mesmerising blues of the lakes and seas. 

Beyond it all

(Photo from: Hazeldiary)


(Photo from: CrystalPhuong)



From chunky dad sneakers to neon kicks, bizarre trends have been dominating the shoe section in the past two years. But we have a good feeling that this season will be a little different because sleeker designs are about to hit the racks soon. Intrigued about what street style shoe trends are going to be hot for 2019? Keep reading to see the latest shoe launches that you'll want to have in your collection.

Timberland x MADNESS

TYPE-MD02 6" Fabric/Leather Vibram Lug Boot in Black/Olive, Price unavailable

After the success of their collaboration in 2017, Timberland and streetwear label MADNESS will once again come together for Spring/Summer 2019. Out of all the pieces that will be released from the collection, the Vibram Lug Boot is easily the most eye-catching one with its rugged yet cosy look. Additionally, this pair is reinforced with GORE-TEX┬« Technology making it durable and waterproof yet lightweight and breathable. It's the perfect pick for those who love the outdoors.

PUMA Suede x Swarovski

PUMA Suede bedazzled, SGD450/~USD331.72

In celebration of PUMA Suede's 50th anniversary, the brand collaborated with Swarovski to produce a bedazzled classic PUMA Suede. It's a combination of sophisticated elegance and contemporary style. The design is great to pair with dressy and athleisure outfits. 

REDValentino RED Ballet

REDValentino RED Ballet Spring/Summer 2019 Pre Collection, Price unavailable

If you love dainty aesthetics, sneakers are probably not your choice of footwear but REDValentino's latest release may just convince you to give it a try. Inspired by the traditional ballet shoe, the RED Ballet is embellished with a bow and comes in a delicate nude shade.

ASICSTIGER x Monsoon Patrol

ASICSTIGER x Monsoon Patrol, SGD209/~USD154.07

ASICSTIGER teams up with Singaporean sneaker artist Mark Ong and footwear retailer Limited Edt to create the Moon Patrol, a unique variation of the GEL-LYTE III shoe. It will retain the classic GEL-LYTE III silhouette but will be redressed with army green colour and camo prints. The newly released design will also have an updated triple-density sole and a fresh take on the classic split-tongue design to give a sleeker fit with better overall stability.

New Balance Fresh Foam

New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz Sock, SGD169/~USD124.58

Is comfort your ultimate priority? Then this latest drop from New Balance will catch your fancy. The Fresh Foam Cruz Sock features a fully knitted upper with a smooth heel-to-toe transition. It's a lightweight shoe that's best for those who train for marathons and other endurance sports.

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