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What’s The Scoop On Wellness In 2020?

Treat yourself in the new year

Wellness, self-care and me time is taking over the world, one relaxing day at a time. As the importance of good mental health continues to grow, people are consistently subscribing to new and improved methods for better quality of life. Here are some of the latest trends in wellness for the coming year. 

Starting small

Pouring water in a glass

Drink a glass of water every hour

As the saying goes, a little goes a long way. It can be something as simple as drinking a glass of water every hour or remembering to put down your phone at meal times to spend quality time with your loved ones. Setting small, achievable goals for yourself every day creates a momentum that can help motivate you to take on greater challenges and dream bigger than ever. 

Take over the kitchen

Freshly-cooked food on a pan

Try out new recipes

Experts say that it is important for humans to connect with others for their physical and mental wellbeing. Best selling cookbook author Melissa Hemsley suggests cooking for your family and friends — simple, hearty, shareable fare such as soups or stews — to forge closer bonds as eating with others makes one happier. 

Focus on you, not on them

Taking a photo

Taking a snap

Social media often puts unconscious pressure on us to ‘perform’, whether it’s religiously sticking to a skincare routine, or meal-prepping every day, wellness has gone viral and it’s really not the best news. Take a moment to evaluate what works best for you and how you can meet your daily self-care needs without burning out. 

Workouts for your soul

Doing yoga and other kinds of workouts that help with your physical and mental help are one of the wellness trends in 2020

Staying fit with yoga is one of the top wellness trends in 2020

Pay closer attention to your spiritual well-being with workouts that put mindfulness and mental health at the forefront. Check out fitness studios that focus on before and after as well as during the exercise and you might be well on your way to nurturing your inner self. 

Keep hitting snooze

Woman sleeping

Catching some Z's

The importance of sleep sits high on the list of priorities for any working adult as sleep deprivation affects pretty much everything in life, impacting you concentration at work, physical appearance and mental health. Dedicate a couple of extra hours to get good sleep every night and see a marked change in your lifestyle. 

Remember to live

Ladies clinking wine glasses to enjoy a night out

A night out with the ladies

Between work, family and other responsibilities, one easily forgets to set aside time to pursue the things you really want. Taking personal time for date nights, indulging in hobbies or travelling to places on your bucket list can impact you in many positive ways you don’t even realise. 

Ahead, get some wellness tips from celebrities.