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We're back at it again with another weird wellness trend for the third instalment of our Wellness Watch series and this time, it's on charcoal detox. The trend of juicing and taking other detox consumables are not new to those who aim to go the healthier route, especially for those aiming for weight loss. But looking at past programs that involve this method, I don't see how this can be healthy considering that you're exchanging actual food for energy fuel with, well, just liquid.

So I was already skeptical when I was told I'll undergo a detox. Now, imagine my worry about the chances of poisoning considering that the word 'charcoal' is involved. So how did my detox experience roll out with all these qualms? Read on to find out.

Isn't charcoal bad for the body?

Our team found GoBlack Detox on Instagram. They claim to be the home of Activated Charcoal (AC) detox in the Philippines. According to them, they grow a line of 100% organic, food-grade activated charcoal products sourced from coconut shells. They emphasise that the charcoal they use isn't the same as the one we use for grilling. Okay, so no poison! 

The term AC may also be familiar because it's found in some beauty products like teeth whiteners, face masks and can even be used to treat poisoning and drug overdose in some cases. 

The detox plan

Since we've addressed my main concern when it comes to safety, I then proceeded to get the 5-day Fierce Reboot Plan. Basically, I consumed two bottles of their detox concoction per day, along with my regular diet, for five days. Their consumption guidelines said that if I'm eating healthy, I should drink each bottle one to two hours prior to eating, but if I'm a 'sinful' eater, it should be consumed within the one to two hour period. The dynamics are simple: the AC will dispel the bad stuff from what I've eaten. Their consumption guidelines also encourage to drink tons of water while doing the detox. 

A black bottle of activated charcoal detox juice drink laid down on top of a planner and a pen

Given that, in general, I do try to eat healthily and just squeeze in treats every now and then, I just switch the window period of my detox juice consumption depending on my meal for the day.

Now, if you're wondering about the flavour, the plan actually offers their three flavours: Honey Lemon (my favourite), Lavender Tea and Minty Mansi — all of which taste pleasantly good and refreshing. The plan costs PHP1,500/~USD20 (plus shipping fee) making it PHP150/~USD3 per bottle.

The experience

Since it doesn't require any drastic changes from my usual dietary routine, it didn't really work me up too much, which is a good thing. I just became more active when it comes to keeping hydrated and I also didn't skip any meals (which I had a tendency to do prior to detoxing) because I was afraid to consume the detox drink on an empty stomach. 

3 black bottles of differently-flavoured activated charcoal detox drink

The verdict

Here's where it gets tricky. While the overall experience was fine, I'd say it was nothing special. My frequent visits to the bathroom on all accounts are all but ordinary, probably due to all the water that I was consuming along with the detox drink. If anything, I just felt lighter and less bloated than usual through the days I was doing the detox. Still, when I continued the hydration and 'not skipping meals' routine a week after the plan was over, I found myself getting the same results. 

Given this, I do think the main purpose the detox served was as a reminder to balance out my typical dietary routine — at least on a mental level. It was my fear of having to consume the detox drink on an empty stomach or to have it fail because I wasn't drinking enough water that probably gave me the results I was expecting. 

So should you give this a go? If you're like me, who needs a mental push to start paying attention to your hydration methods, sure. But for me, it's more like a treat than a necessity; a flavoured pre-meal drink to tingle your taste buds. Overall, I still recommend water therapy for a more accessible, affordable and effortless method. With it, your kidney will already get all the detox it needs — and deserves — so that you can achieve the same light, cleansed and bloat-free feeling. 

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Tropical prints are all the rage right now. And truthfully, we don't blame those who go gaga over them. They're fun but also chic. If you haven't been bitten by the tropical trend yet, we're sure these ensembles from our Community members will convert you.

Red hot

A woman wears a red long-sleeved romper with tropical prints

(Photo from: Leannelow)


A woman biking through flower fields wears a yellow tropical print maxi dress

(Photo from: chygnz)



Our “I Am Her” series features the female movers and shakers of the industry to learn how femininity and power coincide beautifully and seamlessly together.

Every woman has encountered these age-old complaints when it comes to daily fashion: “I have nothing to wear AGAIN!”, “My wardrobe is bursting”, “I don’t know what to buy” or more often than not “I have no time to shop”.  But Raena Lim decided that women of today, who are already caught up with juggling too many roles in a fast-paced lifestyle, should no longer worry about these issues. Thus, the creation of Style Theory, a platform which brings unlimited access to designer clothing for women in Singapore, following a 'Netflix-for-Fashion' model, came to life.

A screenshot of Style Theory's website featuring a subscription invite and a photo of a rack of clothes at the side

The dynamics are fairly simple: from work-wear to casual outfits, women can choose a variety of items they want, wear them and return them to get something new to wear again for an unlimited number of times per month. Taking advantage of today's technology, Style Theory is an extension of a woman's wardrobe stored in the cloud. Given this, we decided to talk to the woman behind the fashion innovation to discover her drive in using fashion as a tool for daily and long-term empowerment. 

Can you share with us your own personal relationship with fashion and why you decided to make a career out of it?

I used to shop a lot from local designers because I enjoy the craft and stories behind the brands. I didn't actively decide to go into fashion, but rather I just wanted to create a solution to the age-long problem of clothes being underutilised. This might also be why the company is more focused on data-driven decisions. The solution actually revolutionises the archaic notion of fashion consumption — solving the conundrum of why we are always buying new clothes but never have enough to wear. Style Theory opens the doors to an infinite wardrobe for women — a truly exciting alternative to our limited closets.

You are the definition of looking good while doing what you do. How do you stay empowered and inspired to do that every day?

The team's passion and excitement in the work they put forward and knowing what we do will make history is very empowering. Besides that, setting routines to help me get dressed and get out in a record time of 15 minutes also helps. Lastly, I eat half a tub of dark chocolate ice cream when things get tough and then continue!

Girl wearing palm leaves-printed skirt crosses the street

Speaking of empowerment, what do you think is the role of clothes, fashion, and style in daily empowerment?

Being able to dress the way that best represents yourself and being comfortable with your preferences and being confident with experimenting is very empowering. Style Theory enables access to these options by eliminating the traditional woes that come with a limited wardrobe. 

Can you share with us the top three most popular labels that your patrons are obsessed with? Why do you think these labels speak to your patrons the most?

Keepsake because it's romantic, trendy and fashion forward; People Tree because this is one of the brands that pioneered the movement towards more sustainable clothing and it goes to show that women care not only about style but also the brand's vision; and Alice McCall because people who like this brand are confident and aware of their own style as this brand is bolder and sexier. 

Woman wearing a floral print dress sits on a brown velvet chair

Lastly, if you were to narrow down your entire wardrobe to five staple pieces, what would they be? 

A navy jumpsuit, a black dress, a dark knee-length vest, a sleeveless white blouse and a pair of light-coloured jeans.

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