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There are many things in life I choose to remain firm about, and that includes putting my family on top of my life's priorities, the fact that Sara Bareilles is one of the best singer-songwriters of our time, and that bacon, while good, is overrated. But I've come to learn in the past couple of years that there are benefits to opening up yourself to people, opportunities and even beliefs. So, when we explored the idea of doing the Wellness Watch series, where we try out different wellness fads, I threw (some of) my scepticism out the window and opened myself up to the possibility that alternative ways of healing, particularly one where crystals are involved, can positively affect my well-being.

What is crystal healing?

Crystals are said to have energy properties that can affect the energy you possess. The catch? There's no scientific proof regarding that claim, but there are lots of anecdotal proof from people who practice crystal healing that it does help relieve mental, emotional and physical discomforts.

While I usually scoff at things like this, I can't deny that the idea of a calmer mind and even a lighter physical feeling is enticing. Of course, if I do have any serious health symptoms, I'll definitely seek professional advice and not whisper to stones and ask for healing.

A blue crystal

Picking a crystal according to an intention

I'll be hitting the big 3-0 next year, and it has truthfully affected my mindset more than I intend. So I'm trying to gain more wisdom in preparation for the next season of my life; it's the perfect time to try crystal healing! 

I was initially drawn to the amethyst because it is my birthstone and it is said to be great for promoting calmness, balance and peace. But I settled for the lapis lazuli instead because it is said to be the stone of wisdom and intelligence — exactly what I need more of. Aside from promoting critical thinking, which is perfect for my line of profession, it is also said to be great for generating new ideas and problem-solving.

Lapis lazuli is also said to be great for promoting physical health, especially in the oral region. If you ever find yourself falling sick with a sore throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis or anything related to the throat and the larynx, this stone is believed to be effective in making you recover faster.

A blue lapis lazuli crystal

Using the crystal

I got a pendulum because of my intention to gain more wisdom. With a pendulum, you can ask the help of the crystal to guide you in decision-making. But before you foray into the depths of healing, you need to start with cleansing. In a way, you need to make the crystal familiar with your energy. So the first thing I did was to hold it in my hand for a few hours.

The next step, according to several guides I consulted, was to imagine it working. You need to be open to what it may help you achieve. And so, when I was done with the preparations, I put the string of the pendulum between my thumb and index finger while my elbow was propped on top of a table. After the crystal had completely stopped moving, I asked it to show me a “yes” movement. Oh, boy, was I in the surprise of my life when it moved slightly forward and backwards! My heart started beating the way it does whenever I transform into a ball of nerves. I calmed myself before moving on to ask the stone to give me a “no” movement. And much to my surprise, it moved to the left and right. After that, I just put it down because I was in shock.

When I was in a calmer state, I tried it again but it didn't have as pronounced movements than the last time. I have resigned to the idea that maybe the energy and excitement I was feeling when I first used the stone was the reason it reacted the way it did. After a few more attempts to use it to ask questions, to no avail, I decided to just use it the way most people who are fond of crystals do — carry it around and wear it. Fun fact: Did you know that Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr carries a crystal wand in her bag all the time?

Shining crystal

Did the crystal heal me?

My troubles at the time I was using the crystal were more mental than physical, so I can't offer concrete evidence like a drop in temperature or skin relief to say it worked. What I can say is that crystals do offer a placebo effect. And if that can motivate people to take action, help them feel calmer, make them do things more effectively, why not? I think the best way to regard it is to see the crystal as an anchor, much like religion or an old photograph of your mum that you always keep. Treat it as an emblem of things getting better or an object to make you feel grounded or more confident, but don't depend on it to magically turn your life around or erase your troubles.

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