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Self-care is something we’re sure you’ve heard of a lot lately. With such hectic lifestyles, putting a premium on our own person is of utmost importance. It helps keep us balanced. But more than indulging yourself in acquiring things in the guise of self-care, we say take part in it for the long haul. They say self-care is when you do something for future self today. We say, do it. Try this recipe for a weekend of holistic wellness that future you will definitely thank you for.

Be there for your body

Feed your body well

It’s easy to think, “I deserve this,” as you gulp down a jigger of an alcoholic beverage. We’re not saying you don’t. But we think there’s a better alternative. Reward your future self by making sure you take care of your body now through proper diet and exercise. If you’ve been putting it off for some time, take this as the go signal you’re waiting for. Book that fitness class, do your groceries and plan your meals. Take this as an opportunity to finally have whatever you’ve been putting off checked. Just be there for your body, buddy.

Go natural

There’s nothing quite fulfilling than making sure you’re giving yourself things that nourish it. So once you’ve done all that, make sure you take care of what you put on, too. While what’s inside matters, having the same mindset for what’s outside helps in so many ways as well. After all, how we look affects how we feel and vice versa. So instead of the usual, why not go natural? Nourish your tresses with superfood-infused haircare products from the Hair Recipe range. There are different variants for what you need, too.

Hair Recipe range

Rejuvenate dry hair with the Hair Recipe Honey & Apricot line that’s made with Original TripleBlend formula that makes sure your hair absorbs the right amount of moisture it needs. They also have conditioning actives that make the hair smooth and shiny.

For livening up dull, thin locks, the Hair Recipe Kiwi & Fig line is perfect. Made with a Unique Volume recipe of Kiwi and Fig, the products cleanse the scalp and hair effectively while strengthening them as well. They also have NutriLift technology that coats each strand of hair with a nourishing and strengthening film for more volume.

If you have damaged hair, here’s a good way to repair it: the Hair Recipe Apple & Ginger line. The products are made with an original Damage Repair formula that ensures each strand of hair is nourished and moisturised. Plus, it also has conditioning actives that repair the hair.

Mind your mind

Take care of your mind

We are truly stronger than we think. But we also don’t have to always think that way. Sometimes, acknowledging that we need a break — especially mentally — is just what we need to recalibrate and recharge. Free your mind from digital and daily clutter. Communing with nature is always a good way to relax your mind. Feast your eyes on a sea of greens as you hike up a trail. Marvel at the peacefulness of blue waters at the beach. No matter your choice, we say let loose and set your mind free.

Check on yourself

Do a self-check

It might be a hip-hop lyric, but it still holds a ton of truth: “Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.” More often than not, we ask people how they’re feeling or how they’re doing. But have you asked yourself if you’re truly doing okay lately? What do you need more of? What things should you discard? Do the things you love. Meditate. Take yourself out on a date. Or just find ways to enjoy your own company. The key is to put yourself first.

Take time for yourself and try out this recipe for a weekend of wellness. Get Hair Recipe products at Guardian.


Experiencing a heartbreak is perhaps one of the most poignant moments that people go through in life. It is a difficult time to bear and may even take months or weeks to get over. But on the other hand, heartbreaks are also the perfect time for reflection and self-discovery. Without the distraction of another person’s affection (or even our search for their constant approval), we get to “see situations with a silver lining” and focus on the person that truly matters at the moment and always — ourselves. 

So as difficult as it may sound, we should consider this time of our lives as the perfect moment to focus on and treat ourselves. This is the perfect time to indulge in a little “me time” and remember that in this difficult moment, the best person to truly turn our attention on is looking right back at the mirror. Ready for a change? Consider doing these beauty rituals after your breakup to help you feel like yourself again.

Get a bob

For many, Dua Lipa’s IDGAF is the anthem of women who have been ignored, set aside and basically got their hearts broken. Now there’s another reason why the women should admire this artist — her blunt bob haircut. 

If you want to try something new with your newfound freedom then say goodbye to your long locks and try a new power hairstyle. Book a time in the salon and give your hair some much-needed treatment, hair colour and snip away all the bad vibes via a fresh new style. Bobs are very “in” at the moment and nothing truly says “IDGAF” than a beautiful and liberating short haircut. 

Wax in, wax out

Get rid of all the bad vibes... including unwanted hair. Give yourself a smooth makeover in your favourite waxing salon. No time to visit one? Do waxing day at home and put down that tub of ice cream for once. Veet has always been a reliable waxing partner so perhaps now is the best time to try out the Veet Easy-Gelwax Cold Wax Strips for sensitive skin. After all, nothing spells “independent woman” better than silky legs.

Go for a facial

Have you seen those bags lately? The ones under your eyes? Say goodbye to crying and start working on the glow of your skin once again. Going for facials is a relaxing and sure way of forgetting our pains (even temporarily). The plus side? We get beautiful skin right after. 

Find your inner glow and try out the newest facial treatments in town. Treat yourself to a day at Elizabeth Arden boutique in ION Orchard for a Red Door Experience. The boutique’s skin treatment, which was first offered in New York, offers customized treatments that would fit your skin type. At the end of the session, you get to go home fully made up and ready to “paint the town red.”

Head to the spa for a facial

Try a new workout regimen

It's not exactly a beauty treatment, but there's nothing quite like endorphins to give you a pep in your step. Turn your aggression frustration into something worthwhile such as a new work out to help your body, mind and soul once more get in sync. Working out releases endorphins which basically interact with the receptors in your brain and reduce your perception of pain — something you probably need at the moment. 

Try vigorous new workouts like Muay Thai, Power Cycling or Barre, or perhaps something soothing like Yoga. 

Play with makeup

Makeup therapy

Yes, makeup can be soothing and therapeutic. Scour the aisles of beauty stores and you might just find your new partner (in the beauty department, that is). See this as a time to explore and just enjoy. So have fun experimenting on looks!



When it comes to determining the latest 'it' trends, we often turn to celebrities. From hairstyles to makeup to clothes, they make for very reliable (though at times, questionable) sources of inspiration. But apart from the basics, they're also a great source of ideas when it comes to dressing up our nails. Some of the recent 'tips that caught our attention — and envy — are Dua Lipa's bedazzled nails during the Met Gala, Marc Jacobs' Peanuts-inspired manis, and of course, Bella Hadid making 'cool' Frenchies a hit once again. But it looks like Bella's sister and fellow model-slash-influencer Gigi Hadid is the one truly winning the top 'tips arena with some fun fruity nail art.  

With the help of her go-to celebrity manicurist, Mei Kawajiri (who is also responsible for the nail magnificence mentioned above), Gigi's nails transformed into a tropical fruit salad, with apples, kiwis, watermelons and more, adding some playful flair to her usually glammed up 'tips. And yes, those are handpainted!

People were quick to praise the adorable mani on Kawajiri's Instagram, some even tagging other celebrities and influencers like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian to get on with the trend. Many also commented on how much they want to try out the look but found it intimidating considering that the teeny tiny fruits were intricately drawn on by Kawajiri herself.

But fret not! If you're in with the crowd who wants to sport this fruity nail art à la Gigi Hadid, here are some other ways to score this mani sorted based on the difficulty level. 

Easy: nail wraps

Fruity Nail Art - Wraps

(Photo from: iscreamnails.com)

We recently dished how easy nail wraps can be if you're in for a quick mani and it's no different for this trend. Just lookout for a fruity nail art design that you want, stick it on and file the excess, swipe on some base coat and you're good to go!

Medium: Gel nails + fruit stick-ons

If you're looking for something a bit more long-lasting, up the ante by trying on gel-polished nails decorated with fruit stick-ons. Whether you want to use gels that need lamps or not, this proves to be another viable option to get some cute fruity nails without exerting too much effort. The gel also serves as a great adhesive for the stick-ons, giving off a nice layered look to your final result. The only thing you'll really have to invest in is time as gels take a bit more time to dry than regular polish. 

Hard: Drawn-on with regular polish

If you want to channel your inner Mei Kawajiri but feel like tiny fruits are still not up your alley, these bigger fruit designs are the thing for you. The designs are a bit easier to play around with as they allow more space to move around in, but it can still be quite tricky as it requires a lot of drawing skills to get it right. If you feel like you're up to the challenge, embrace the artist in you and give this a whirl.

Expert: Acrylic + fruit stick-ons

Have a couple of bills to spare or are truly into the craft of nail art? Then venturing into acrylics will be no biggie for you. A more tedious process than just regular or gel polishes, acrylics take a lot of shaping, buffing, and tweaking to get right. But once you get past the initial stage of building your foundation, adding the colours and the fruity stick-ons will come as a breeze.

You can also play around with a lot of illusions with acrylics, such as incorporating the stick-ons into glossy, glass-like bases or elegant matte finishes. The only kicker with this one is the time and effort that comes with decorating each nail, but the result will be no doubt fun! 

(Cover photo from: iscreamnails.com)

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