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It was not so long ago that women were expected to be delicate flowers, who were prone to fainting spells and spent their days indoors doing domestic tasks for the benefit of their families. Today, thanks to brave women across history, women are able to pursue their ambitions and take on roles they are passionate about. One such arena where women were first deemed as outsiders was fitness. Wen Li Lee and Janine Cherrie are personal trainers who have not only successfully proven that working out should be for everyone but also have realised their potential to help other women attain the bodies they aspire to have. With The Sweat Co, they have created an environment where they give and have the support of other women. Ahead, tips from the two to inspire you to take on your own fitness journey.

Tell us about yourselves.

"We are a female fitness duo who started off as friends who worked out together sporadically and realised eventually that we have the same goals and aspirations (both in life and fitness wise). We then made a decision to train together frequently and took a leap into the fitness realm professionally and now are now boxing instructors at the TRIBE Boxing Studio ( Most recently we have also launched our own fitness platform called TheSweatCo. ("

You're both incredibly fit. How did you find time to commit to a fitness regimen before this became full-time?

"When we first started working out together and training as instructors, we were both in extremely demanding full-time jobs. It was so difficult. Finding the mental strength to show up at the gym/studio was tough but we had each other to make sure we both showed up and worked hard. We literally are each others support system up till today (and we both still juggle our own full-time and freelance jobs)."

How and why did you decide to create The Sweat Co? 

"We honestly just wanted to create a platform to share the knowledge that we have and the experience we’ve had working out together as a female duo, and how that made all the difference to us. If we did or have inspired one or two women along the way, then its a major bonus for us. Right now, we’re working on releasing fabric resistance bands. It's a product that we personally use all the time and we really just want to make it accessible for everyone."

What sets you apart from other similar services?

"We want TheSweatCo. to be a community, where people of all fitness levels can come together to inspire and be inspired. Apart from the fabric resistance bands launching soon, we plan to offer workout programmes, online coaching, personal training, group training and even fitness events further down the line."

What are your favourite workouts?

Wen Li: "Strength training (leg days and deadlifts) and boxing."

Janine: "Strength training and boxing of course! I love getting my cardio in with a round of jump ropes as well."

Wen Li Lee

What are your best fitness tips for a newbie?

W: "Start with the basics; don’t overwhelm yourself. Start with the right form and techniques, you don’t need to start with heavy weights and complicated movements. Start with bodyweight movements and progress with resistance bands, then light weights and increase them as your strength increases."

J: "Start out with an activity that you enjoy to get your blood pumping, whether it’s dance, a sport, hiking, whatever it is that gives you joy doing, do it. If it’s something you love that’s keeping you active, chances are, you’ll stick to it effortlessly! Fitness exists in all forms, find one you love and remain consistent."

Who do you look to as a role model, and why?

W: "Krissy Cela, a Gymshark ambassador and such an inspiration to the female community. Argh, I’ve so many but I’m obsessed with Akin Akman, such a superstar instructor."

J: "Whitney Simmons, fitness YouTuber, Gymshark ambassador and an all-around beast in the gym while being the most positive ray of sunshine there is. Her workout videos are what got me started in the gym & her exercises are so innovative that there’s never a boring workout when it’s a Whit workout. & Jeremiah Maestre, Rumble instructor & my personal boxing coach inspiration."

Janine Cherrie

What can we expect to see from The Sweat Co in 2019?

"The launch of our SweatCo fabric resistance bands coming soon of course! And definitely, more strength training classes tailored to empowering women to lift right and lift heavy. It's an amazing time to be a woman in fitness right now and we want to spread the word."



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Sunshine daisy

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We can all admit that when it comes to elegance and chicness, we look to French women for inspiration. They have this certain je ne sais quoi that compels people to pay attention — but with minimal to no effort at all. And so when we had the chance to get tips from French creative consultant Julia Restoin Roitfeld, who is the new face of APM Monaco, we grabbed it — along with the many style nuggets we'll make sure to use for navigating our lives this year.

Julia wearing some pieces from APM Monaco

What were the highlights of your 2018?

I felt that 2018 was a great transition year in many aspects for me, both personally and professionally. Firstly I moved again, which is always an exciting thing for me, and I have also started to work on my own brand hoping to launch it in 2019. Going to Australia on a road trip to celebrate the New Year was also a great way to end 2018.

How do you best describe your job to someone?

I like to describe it as a Fashion Creative Consultant. I think because I also do modelling jobs, people often forget that I am also a creative person. I studied at the Parsons School of Design and my very first job was in an Advertising Agency before even modelling and working as a freelance consultant.

What's a typical day like for you? What areas would you like to change this year?

I wake up pretty early to get my daughter ready for school and drive her there in the morning before I can start anything else. Then it depends on my schedule. I try to start with going to the gym right after to get some endorphins to get the day started. I usually work from home until she gets back from school. Travelling so much for work, I like to stay home and be with my daughter as much as possible when back in New York. I actually don’t go out that much and try to keep my night outs for quality [time] out with friends, which is hard. I am still trying to find the perfect way to be as efficient as possible with work while being present as much as possible for my daughter, which is not always easy as a single mother but I think there is no perfect way!

What's your theme/biggest goal for this year?

I am really hoping to launch my new brand before next Fall.

What inspirations are you looking at when it comes to style for the upcoming year?

To be honest I think my style remains the same years after years. I never look at what's trendy or what we are “meant to wear” for the next season really. I like to stay true to myself.

When you look at photos of me from 10 or 20 years ago, my style really hasn’t changed much — a lot of black, navy and leopard print, simple denim and army coats, little black dress and stilettos. I think my style will now remain the same. I know it's what people expect but I think after a while you start to know what looks good or not on you and what fits you! So [it's] easier to keep the same! [In] the end, it becomes your own signature or uniform.

What is your biggest advice for refreshing your style for the new year?

In the end, I always end up buying the same, hahaha, just different versions. A new pair of stilettos, a new black coat, a new leather skirt… just to refresh a bit. I think [for] me, to refresh the look is more in feeling good [on] the inside. Refreshing my appearance with a new work out routine or new healthy diet, etc.

If there's one fashion item you'll wear to death this year, what is it and why?

I've been wearing my Max Mara Leopard Print Teddy Coat quite a LOT so far this winter and will probably [wear it] till the end. It's warm enough for New York winters and goes with everything. And [it's] just so comfortable and snuggly. 

What trends from 2018 are you bringing to 2019? What trends do you think will emerge?

As I said, I don’t follow trends. I have absolutely no idea what trends are. It's not really a world part of my vocabulary.

What's your accessorising philosophy for this year (and beyond)?

Less is more. Always. The less I own, the most simpler I am dressed, the happier I am.

What can we expect from you this year?

I am planning to develop more my current website, as well as a new website and brand.