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We've Got The Perfect Gift Ideas For Every Type Of Gal

One of the most exciting things about the festive season is shopping for gifts. But since we already covered reasons why you should start your holiday shopping early, we figured that the next best thing is to help you come up with gift ideas that's perfect not just for your gal pals, but also for yourself (because hey, you deserve a self-treat too!).

So whether you're the gamer geek, the fashion maven, or the playlist master in the group, we've got your holiday gift guide decoded with these picks from Sony Electronics!


For the fashionista

Coordinated outfit? Check. Eyebrows on fleek? Check. A gadget that blends well with your OOTD? Yes, please!

Definitely the must-have for the fashionista in the group, these stylish MDR- 100ABN Headphones come in different chic colours to suit your fancy! Plus, no need to worry about cords and wires ruining your outfit's aesthetic because these noise-cancelling headphones works via Bluetooth!

For the group geek

Trust us, we know the frustration when you're at the brink of geeking out then your phone dies. No need to worry about that anymore! Geek chic will go 1000x cooler with this sleek CP-SC5 5,000 mAh Powerbank that's good to carry around with you for endless mobile gaming, video viewing, and.. well.. scrolling through your favourite fan sites.

For the music lover

We all have the one friend who loves listening to both Kanye West and Bach -- and we totally admire their music taste. There's just something so interesting about a person's preferences in tunes that brings an entire group together and what better way to give our friend a new way to bust out some beats than these SRS- XB3 Portable Wireless Speakers with a 24 hour battery life that's perfect for group roadtrips and parties just in time for the holidays.

For the outgoing adventurer

"Where is she off to now?" In a group of friends, there's always someone who has a deep sense of wanderlust. And sometimes, they can be unreachable for a span of days and can only be found in spontaneous travel updates on their social media feed. And even if you're not exactly travelling with them, you can't help but love their travel diaries. So the best way to let them know? Give them the FDR- X3000R Action Cam! It's like being a part of their travels and giving them a way to share it with you better.

For everyone in the group

If getting gifts for everyone is still a challenge, a great way to celebrate is to come up with a present that everyone can appreciate-- so why not get a camera? Sony's A5100 with 180 degrees tiltable LCD screen camera is perfect for capturing precious moments and even group selfies during this season's get-togethers. Its WhiteMagic technology also enables visibility in direct light so no need to worry about harshly lit photos and just keep on snapping and having fun!


Any other gift ideas in mind? Share them with us in the comments below!