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Ah, summertime. It’s that time of the year again when we have fun under the sun and enjoy the heat as much as we can. But truth be told, as much as we enjoy frolicking in the beach and swimming to our heart’s content in the pool, there are just some things that don’t happen to be fun when it’s summer. One of those things is how the humidity and heat during the season can affect our hair. So what could happen to your tresses when you bask too much under the sun? Read on.

Your scalp becomes greasier

Sweating and summer are already synonymous, so it should be no surprise to learn that you’ll be working up a sweat during hot days. That’s for your entire body, including your scalp and hair. Coupled with dirt, the sweat just turns into a hot mess on your head. One way to combat this is by washing your hair thoroughly and using a product that keeps your scalp fresh.

Head & Shoulders’ Summer Edition shampoos in Cool Menthol and Lemon Fresh are great at not only making sure your scalp is clean so the grease doesn’t lead to dandruff but it also protects your hair from the sun. It also helps that the menthol variant gives off a cooling sensation to the scalp and the lemon variant gives off a refreshing scent – perfect for summer!

You can’t avoid the frizz

Due to the rise in temperatures and higher level of humidity, our hairs tend to be more unruly during the summer. This is especially so for those who have thick or wavy hair. The best way to deal with this is to use a light product that can help tame the tresses. Head & Shoulders shampoos have a Tri-Action Formula that cleanses, protects and moisturises your scalp and hair, making them great for keeping frizz at bay.

You’re more prone to brittleness & breakage

The sun is powerful, there’s no doubt about it. In fact, it’s so powerful that it can break down the keratin components in our hair, making the strands weaker and the natural colour of our hair lighter. So make sure that you use products that help repair damage.

The heat during summertime can also suck the moisture out of your hair, which can lead to brittleness and split ends. Avoid having hair that looks fried by making sure that you use a product that deeply moisturises and conditions.

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We know your Wednesdays are busy so we took the liberty to list down some of the latest news this midweek, fresh and piping hot. 

Suzy Bae for Lancôme

You know her as an award-winning Korean singer, actress, and media host, but Suzy adds another title to her belt as Lancôme's new muse. Appearing in the latest Genefique campaign movie of the brand, as well as in a series of digital films sporting the most coveted L’Absolu Rouge lipstick, we can't wait to see more from this partnership between the K-pop culture icon and luxe beauty brand. 

Kim Kardashian-West's new fragrance bottle is moulded from her body — literally

Following the continued success of her KKW beauty line, Kim Kardashian West kicked things up a notch by announcing that her next fragrance will come in a bottle whose shape was moulded from her own body. The reality star and entrepreneur is known to never shy away from showing off her voluptuous physique so whether you love her or hate her, we all have to admit that she really embodies — pun intended — playing it smart when it comes to branding and business. 

Tom Ford introduces 001 Timepiece with interchangeable straps

Tom Ford admits that timepieces play a huge role in his daily routine. Always on the clock and time-disciplined, he wanted to extend his 'obsession' with watches that capture elegance, personalisation, and reliability — thus the creation of the 001 Timepiece. The curved-back watch, which comes in two sizes and in four different metals, allows the user to customise and rotate from a series of armbands depending on their mood and preference. Overall, we say it's sleek, sophisticated, and definitely interesting. 

Asia's 1st sexual wellness festival is coming to Singapore

Founded by sex & relationship counsellor and TEDx speaker Erin Chen and YOGA Instructor Sinnead Ali, SPARK Fest 2018 is Asia's first sexual wellness festival and it's happening in Singapore on 19 May 2018. SPARK, which stands for Sexual Pleasure and Relationship Konversations, aims to encourage people to #lovemoreconsciously and provide a curated space to bring conversations about sex, pleasure, and relationships into the open.

Pomelo launches Rhythm of Nature

Just a few weeks before the month of Ramadan, Pomelo launches a 70+ piece special collection that is designed for women of all walks of life who seek modest styles that are diverse, chic, and not alienating. Inspired by earthy tones and free-spirited silhouettes, the collection is aptly named Rhythm of Nature, showcasing a covered-up aesthetic in mind but are still versatile and can be worn for any occasion. 

Kim Tae-Ri is the new face of Flower By Kenzo

The South Korean actress who stole the limelight in the 2016 Cannes Festival entry The Handmaiden has been chosen by Flower By Kenzo to be their new face. Upon the revelation of their new Flower By Kenzo Le Cushion, the product and the actress complements one another with both their stunning, world-class prowess, making it a timely collaboration that is much anticipated by patrons of the brand.

Keepers Designer Trunk Show

The inaugural Keepers' Designer Trunk Show will happen on 28 April from 12PM to 6PM. Make sure you swing by the National Design Centre to get yourself a piece or two.

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Cryotherapy is another term for ice therapy, a concept that is not new but saw a revival lately with celebrities like Kate Moss claiming that her beauty tip was inspired by the movie Mommie Dearest, which opened with a scene showing the legendary Joan Crawford’s morning ritual of dunking her face in ice.

This old-school trick can supposedly also enhance the efficacy of your skin care products. If a serum is applied to the skin, rolling an ice cube over it will help capillaries constrict and create a pulling effect that helps the ingredients penetrate deeper.

Ice cubes can also be used as an eye treatment. Wrapping eye cubes in gauze and sliding the cubes from the inner eye corners up to the brow drains excess fluids under the eyes and improves the appearance of tired-looking eyes.

Claims and ingredients

Anne Semonin takes ice therapy up a notch in their Eye Express Radiance Ice Cube (USD62) by incorporating a cocktail of skin-loving ingredients into this eye mask like Marine Sea Water, which contains magnesium that helps skin retain moisture, pumpkin seed and Ginkgo Biloba leaf extracts both known to be rich in antioxidants that promote anti-aging, and wild indigo, known for its soothing anti-inflammatory properties to elevate puffiness.

Packaging, size and application

The eye masks are sold in packs of six with each mask stored in one-time use capsules that need to be placed in the freezer for at least three hours before use. Before use, remove one ice cube, release it from the mould, and then wrap it in the gauze provided. Apply around the eye contour area and directly over the eyelid.

It's designed to be used as an SOS treatment to refresh tired puffy eyes after a night of too many mojitos or for an instant pick-me-up prior to a hot date or meeting an ex to show him what he has been missing. 😜

I tested the eye mask the morning after taking a red-eye flight from Hong Kong to Singapore when my sunken eye troughs looked more severe. The ice cold cubes provided instant relief, soothing my tired eyes and instantly making me look less tired. But the eye cubes melted very quickly, so applying them over the sink will make the cleaning up a lot easier.

Is it worth it?

The verdict? My eye serum and cream did absorb faster after the mask and my eyes did look less tired and puffy for a few hours after. I also like how fast the whole process takes — less than a minute — whereas, with most eye masks, I need to lie down and relax for at least 10 minutes. However, at about USD12 a pop, I expected a miracle worker and this product falls short of my expectations.

As a basis for comparison, I benchmarked it against Jeunesse Instantly Ageless. Its video on YouTube showed a woman’s pronounced eye bags being instantly and miraculously removed. But no, it's not a miracle worker for me either. Similar to Anne Semonin’s Eye Express, my tear trough lines only looked a little softer and the skin under the eye area appeared slightly smoother. Perhaps the reason why I couldn’t see pronounced results is that both products are designed to address eye bags and dark eye circles while my problem is a harder-to-treat sunken eye.

I still prefer my Tony Moly Ferment Snail Mask (SGD5), which provided the same tactile instant relief on tired eyes, and regular use does help to plump up the saggy skin under my eye.

As a recruiter for over 20 years, I have stared at thousands of eyes and besides acquiring work-related skills along the way, I have stared at enough mistreated and neglected eyes to scare myself into starting an eye care regimen early, stubbing out that cigarette, indulging moderately on alcohol and getting enough sleep.

(Cover photo from: @annesemoninuk)

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