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We all love retinol — it prevents acne, stimulates collagen production, and keep fine lines at bay. But as great as it may be, retinol has one major flaw: it can be irritating to those with sensitive skin. Even those who have a more tolerant skin type also report dryness and peeling especially during the first few applications. Luckily, many brands are now incorporating a new gentler alternative called Bakuchiol. It's been proven to deliver retinol-like effects sans the harshness and is being studied as a possible cancer treatment. Curious? Keep reading to know more about this hot skincare ingredient.

It's 100% vegan

Bakuchiol is purely plant-based, which makes it great for those who don't want to use animal-derived skincare ingredients. Psoralea corylifolia, the plant which Bakuchiol is extracted from, has actually been used in traditional Ayurveda practices and Chinese medicine for many years for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties long before its retinol-like effects were explored.

Its side effects are less harsh

Bakuchiol functions the same way as retinol. It encourages cell turnover and stimulates collagen to reveal fresh skin that will keep the complexion smooth and clear. Although Bakuchiol is a gentler ingredient, this process will still make your skin more photosensitive and may still cause some peeling. In other words, the side effects will still be there. But, it's significantly dialled down compared to using retinol. 

Studies about Bakuchiol are limited

Even though there's a lot of buzz around Bakuchiol, the truth is that studies about this promising skincare ingredient are still in its infancy. Unlike retinol, which has been thoroughly studied through the years, we have yet to discover the long-term effects of using Bakuchiol. But still, the study published by the British Journal of Dermatology, which concluded that "bakuchiol is comparable with retinol in its ability to improve photo ageing and is better tolerated than retinol" is still impressive. But just like any other skincare trends, practising caution in using this ingredient is still a must. Never forget to do patch testing first!

It may not be a sustainable alternative

Yes, Bakuchiol is vegan and cruelty-free but here's the catch — Psoralea corylifolia is an endangered plant. So while this alternative may be good news for us, it's not so much a treat for the sustainability movement. However, some processes like in-vitro micropropagation are being studied to find a way to both prevent this plant from becoming further endangered and meet the demand of the consumers. 

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There's no other rivalry in the beauty world like the one between matte and gloss lipsticks. Some people favour matte over gloss because of its rich pigment and clean feel. On the other hand, there are gals who swear by a gloss lipstick's power to liven up any outfit with its dazzling shine and glitter. No matter what camp you're in, we're sure you pretty much stick to your choice. But today's review may make you switch sides.

To help us discover the pros and cons of both matte and gloss lipsticks, Abby Gabriel from Team Clozette tested the Shu Uemura Supreme Matte and Laura Mercier Starlights Lip Glace. Ahead, her full review.


Shu Uemura Supreme Matte Laura Mercier Starlights Lip Glace

Shu Uemura Supreme Matte: With its slim packaging, it will surely fit in your purse — even in those tiny ones. As such, you can easily bring it anywhere with you. I also like how the clear cap makes the lipstick's look even chicer. Overall, it's simple yet very stylish.

Laura Mercier Starlights Lip Glace: I love the classic clear lip gloss packaging where you can easily see the shade. It makes the product very Instagrammable. However, the cap doesn't seal tightly, which may cause the product to dry out.


Shu Uemura Supreme Matte Laura Mercier Starlights Lip Glace

The Laura Mercier Starlights Lip Glace when applied

Shu Uemura Supreme Matte: Usually, matte lipsticks feel heavy on my lips. But with Shu Uemura, it’s surprisingly lightweight. It glides effortlessly and has a smooth matte finish. It doesn't feel dry or patchy on the lips at all. Even if I use it for a long time, it still feels very comfortable to wear. However, it does have a tendency to smudge.

Laura Mercier Starlights Lip Glace: You can instantly see the shine it gives on your lips. If you have dry puckers, this one can moisturise it well. But what I don't prefer is that it feels quite heavy on the lips and has a sticky feeling.

Lasting power

Shu Uemura Supreme Matte Laura Mercier Starlights Lip Glace

Matte on the left, gloss on the right

Shu Uemura Supreme Matte: It doesn't really slide off even hours after the initial application but it's totally gone already after eating or drinking.

Laura Mercier Starlights Lip Glace: This collection, in particular, says it lasts long. But in my experience, after eating a snack and drinking a glass of water, the gloss was immediately removed.

Colour pay-off

Shu Uemura Supreme Matte Laura Mercier Starlights Lip Glace

Shu Uemura Supreme Matte: Its strong pigment is both its strength and weakness.  It definitely adds a pop of colour to my face. A little glide goes a long way, which means I don't have to repeatedly put more every hour to achieve that full pout. But it's just too easy to put on too much colour, which may look unflattering (at least to me).

Laura Mercier Starlights Lip Glace: Its high-shine finish definitely creates the appearance of fuller lips and enhances any makeup look. 


Shu Uemura Supreme Matte Laura Mercier Starlights Lip Glace

Both matte and gloss has its own advantages and disadvantages. Because of its long-wearing capability, I think matte lipsticks are best for work, evening dates and casual hangout sessions with friends. Those who prefer bold makeup looks will love how the Shu Uemura Supreme Matte will give you a rich, full pout.

In contrast, lip glosses may not be as longlasting but they're really fun to use when you want to jazz up your look but don't want to seem overdressed. They're best for nights out and glamorous parties and will be loved by people who prefer to add shine and a little dazzle to their look.

With all that said, I actually prefer to use lip gloss layered over a matte lipstick to add a subtle shine and glitter. This way, I get the best of both worlds!

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As much as we’d like to experiment with new makeup, having holy grail products we can rely on for every day is equally important. Longevity and versatility are two of the most important qualities a beauty product should have before they become part of our arsenal. If you’re still in search of eye makeup you can depend on, look no further than The Body Shop Eye Makeup Essentials featuring Paint in Colour Eyeshadow Palette and Happy Go Lash Mascara.

Their most pigmented palette ever, The Body Shop's Paint in Colour Eyeshadow Palette is the only thing you’ll need to get lasting colour. The intensely nourishing eyeshadow contains 12 Marula-oil enriched shades. With a selection of shadows ranging from natural mattes to vibrantly rich shimmers, this palette will perfectly polish your look. Finish your eye look with The Body Shop Happy Go Lash Mascara. Its gentle formula infused with beeswax and virgin coconut oil doesn’t flake, giving you thick and defined lashes all day long.

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