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Ever since 'brows-on-fleek' became a huge beauty phenomenon, corresponding beauty treatments in line with shaping and growing your arches have hit massive success. One of which is microblading, a semi-permanent tattooing process done to mimic fuller-looking brows by means of tinting the skin on your browbone with hair-like strokes. The strokes are actually thin wounds made to absorb the pigment of the tint for longevity. But while it all sounds painful, many claim that it's nothing harsher than getting your brows threaded. 


Now, one growing trend that is only gaining traction recently is microblading on a larger scale — getting it on one's head to be exact. Scalp microblading is a procedure that's growing in popularity recently, aiming to deal with hair thinning or balding when typical hair growth measures seem bleak. It also serves as a corrective procedure should someone want to deal with thin or limp-looking locks or would want to create a thicker hairline illusion without resorting to temporary hair extensions, weaves, or the sort. 

A not-so atypical phenomenon

Losing 50 to 100 strands a day is normal for everyone as it is a regenerative attribute of our body, much like sloughing off dead skin cells on the daily. However, statistically speaking, as soon as men and women hit age 35, the possibility of hair loss increases up to 40 to 70 percent. Factors such as stress, genetics, and even basic hygiene and haircare can also contribute to speeding up the process even at an earlier age. This is when excessive thinning or even balding can occur. 

Given that our society heavily correlates hair loss or thinning to ageing, such self-confidence factors lie on hair health and maintenance. So it is quite understandable why people are so intrigued by means that could help preserve their crowning glory. 

Not Just For Brows: What Is Scalp Microblading? - Statistics

Why scalp microblading?

That said, scalp microblading has become a growing trend due to its fast delivery of results. In contrast to applying castor oil or rosemary essential oil to your scalp every night (due to their said potency for hair growth) or getting hair implants or surgeries that would require donors and invasive procedures, scalp microblading is as quick as can be, with only a downtime of seven to 10 days for scabbing and flaking (yes, it will shed scabs as they are technically small wounds used to absorb tint to your scalp!). Not to mention that depending on the case, it can be a bit cheaper than actually getting an implant. So if you're someone who's looking to create the illusion of thicker and more luscious locks in a more time-efficient manner, it's quite easy to see the scalp microblading appeal. 

Not Just For Brows: What Is Scalp Microblading? - Pros and cons

Why NOT scalp microblading? 

Of course, just like any other procedure, it also has its cons. And they're not too easy to work around with either. As mentioned earlier, just like brow microblading, scalp microblading will also cause the area you got treated to shed and flake once the wounds dry off and heal, making for a very itchy and inconvenient recovery period. You also have to get checked for allergies as the tint might cause your skin to have react negatively. Plus, it's only advisable for those who want to fill in gaps between thinning hair and not necessarily a permanent solution in case you're on the brink of balding. At the end of the day, it's still a two-dimensional tattoo that won't deliver any texture. 

Where to find clinics that offer the service in the region

We've laid the deets so it's down to you to decide if scalp microblading is for you. If you're curious where to get it in the region, you can check the Scalp Microhair Pigmentation clinic or the Asian Hair Restoration Center in the Philippines, The Fresh Lab in Singapore, and Dhi Malaysia and Bon Sens Aesthetics in Malaysia.

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Friday, fri-yay! The third week of July is brimming with news about beauty and fashion mixed with celebs you surely have on your radar. So to make sure you don't miss any of them — from Dior officially coming to Manila to Zara making a pledge for the planet — we lined them up fresh and hot in this week's Insider Roundup. 


Dior is coming to Manila

Three years after officially opening the doors to their beauty line's first flagship boutique in Manila, Dior is finally taking their topline fashion selection to the PH market. The fashion powerhouse is said to have found its home in Solaire Resort and Casino but has yet to announce its official opening date. BRB, prepping our shopping list as we wait!

Zara pledges for the planet

Almost every day, we hear brands pledging their part to save the earth. Now, Zara commits to the public by announcing that by 2025, all their clothes are going to be 100 per cent sustainable. But while that sounds like good news, Zara's team has also expressed that such a change does come with a challenge. We can only wish Zara good luck for their efforts and hope they reach their goals for Mother Earth. 

Lady Gaga's beauty brand just launched and it's already controversial

Mother Monster's much-anticipated beauty line has finally launched under the name Haus Laboratories. While Gaga fans and beauty enthusiasts alike are thrilled about the bold-looking lineup of picks, many were also quick to criticise how its initial exclusive release at Amazon may not be the best decision. This is because of the ongoing strike by employees of Amazon's Shakopee, Minessota facility in line with a protest regarding the company's pay, labour, and working conditions. People hoped that the A Star Is Born actress would rethink her decision to do business with the enterprise.

Netflix just confirmed To All The Boys I've Loved Before 3 

Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky stans, listen up! TATBILB 2 might still be in production but it seems like Netflix is already so sure of its impending success that the third instalment to the movie adaptation of Jenny Han's best-selling novel is already confirmed. Are you looking forward to seeing it?

Harry Styles in talks to play The Little Mermaid's Prince Eric

The internet may have been divided when Halle Bailey was announced as Ariel for Disney's live-action The Little Mermaid, but it seems like the critics found one character casting to agree on: Harry Styles as Prince Eric. As soon as the news rolled out, people seemed ecstatic at the prospect of the former One Direction member to take the role of the seafaring prince. It wouldn't be the first acting job for the Sign Of The Times singer if he does get cast; he had previously displayed his acting chops in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, which was said to have impressed the renowned director. 

Neutrogena recalls raved about Light Therapy Mask

Beauty brand Neutrogena's Light Therapy Mask is one of the most popular skin treatment gadgets today. But now, it's being recalled due to potentially causing eye damage. The act was made precautionary for those with existing eye conditions or taking medications resulting in light sensitivity that may be affected negatively if they were to use the product. This also tackles the ongoing discussion about the effects of blue light on our system and how it is incorporated in beauty tools. It is worth noting that this is simply a theoretical issue that is being addressed and kudos to Neutrogena for taking cautionary efforts. 

(Cover photo from: @dior)

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Whether you're constantly jetting off, planning staycations, or just spending way too much time in the office, having trusty skincare minis in your beauty bag is a necessity. Not only do they increase efficiency and accessibility to keeping your skin primped no matter where you are or what time of day it is, but they also help you trim down your skincare while ensuring you get what's best for your skin. That's where the L'Occitane's Minis Set comes in. 

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Apart from these are the usual L'Occitane travel-sized faves like the Aromachologie shampoo and conditioner, hand creams, and more. If your interest was piqued by these small-sized goodies, watch our unboxing video above to see some of them in action!