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Not Just For Brows: What Is Scalp Microblading?

Short version: it's tattoo for your hair loss

Ever since 'brows-on-fleek' became a huge beauty phenomenon, corresponding beauty treatments in line with shaping and growing your arches have hit massive success. One of which is microblading, a semi-permanent tattooing process done to mimic fuller-looking brows by means of tinting the skin on your browbone with hair-like strokes. The strokes are actually thin wounds made to absorb the pigment of the tint for longevity. But while it all sounds painful, many claim that it's nothing harsher than getting your brows threaded. 


Now, one growing trend that is only gaining traction recently is microblading on a larger scale — getting it on one's head to be exact. Scalp microblading is a procedure that's growing in popularity recently, aiming to deal with hair thinning or balding when typical hair growth measures seem bleak. It also serves as a corrective procedure should someone want to deal with thin or limp-looking locks or would want to create a thicker hairline illusion without resorting to temporary hair extensions, weaves, or the sort. 

A not-so atypical phenomenon

Losing 50 to 100 strands a day is normal for everyone as it is a regenerative attribute of our body, much like sloughing off dead skin cells on the daily. However, statistically speaking, as soon as men and women hit age 35, the possibility of hair loss increases up to 40 to 70 percent. Factors such as stress, genetics, and even basic hygiene and haircare can also contribute to speeding up the process even at an earlier age. This is when excessive thinning or even balding can occur. 

Given that our society heavily correlates hair loss or thinning to ageing, such self-confidence factors lie on hair health and maintenance. So it is quite understandable why people are so intrigued by means that could help preserve their crowning glory. 

Not Just For Brows: What Is Scalp Microblading? - Statistics

Why scalp microblading?

That said, scalp microblading has become a growing trend due to its fast delivery of results. In contrast to applying castor oil or rosemary essential oil to your scalp every night (due to their said potency for hair growth) or getting hair implants or surgeries that would require donors and invasive procedures, scalp microblading is as quick as can be, with only a downtime of seven to 10 days for scabbing and flaking (yes, it will shed scabs as they are technically small wounds used to absorb tint to your scalp!). Not to mention that depending on the case, it can be a bit cheaper than actually getting an implant. So if you're someone who's looking to create the illusion of thicker and more luscious locks in a more time-efficient manner, it's quite easy to see the scalp microblading appeal. 

Not Just For Brows: What Is Scalp Microblading? - Pros and cons

Why NOT scalp microblading? 

Of course, just like any other procedure, it also has its cons. And they're not too easy to work around with either. As mentioned earlier, just like brow microblading, scalp microblading will also cause the area you got treated to shed and flake once the wounds dry off and heal, making for a very itchy and inconvenient recovery period. You also have to get checked for allergies as the tint might cause your skin to have react negatively. Plus, it's only advisable for those who want to fill in gaps between thinning hair and not necessarily a permanent solution in case you're on the brink of balding. At the end of the day, it's still a two-dimensional tattoo that won't deliver any texture. 

Where to find clinics that offer the service in the region

We've laid the deets so it's down to you to decide if scalp microblading is for you. If you're curious where to get it in the region, you can check the Scalp Microhair Pigmentation clinic or the Asian Hair Restoration Center in the Philippines, The Fresh Lab in Singapore, and Dhi Malaysia and Bon Sens Aesthetics in Malaysia.

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