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A girl boss is someone who takes charge of her life no matter the situation or circumstance. She’s confident and attention-grabbing. She is always ready for what life brings her because she is resilient… but also because she’s not afraid to plan ahead and count on things that help her achieve what she needs to — in style. Ahead, the handbag essentials of a girl boss.

A laptop that does it all

A girl boss is always on the go, and that means the hustling never stops. A handy laptop that can do it all is a must, and the HP Spectre x360 in special colour edition Pale Rose Gold is the perfect one to get. You’ll find it so sleek and so lightweight that you can easily slip into your handbag and take with you no matter your destination. It features the latest 8th Generation Intel Core processors and long battery life (up to 16 hours) to ensure that you get all your work done with ease.

The sleek design of the HP Spectre x360 Pale Rose Gold is also a perfect way to embody a girl boss’s outstanding features — elegant, versatile and attention-grabbing. Its special edition Pale Rose Gold colour captures this seamlessly, while its ability to be folded so it doubles up as a tablet matches your penchant for multitasking.

Don’t forget to complement it with the intuitive HP Active Pen, which you can use to easily navigate and jot down important notes and ideas.

It’s not just work you can do with the Spectre x360 Pale Rose Gold; it’s also incredible for play. With brilliant touch display of FHD resolution, you’ll find it enjoyable to watch your favourite series and movies on the Spectre x360. You’ll also find editing your vlogs and listening to your favourite songs a treat with its in-built Bang & Olufsen speakers.

As a girl boss, you work on important matters and security is on top of your priority list. Guard those ideas and outputs with the help of top-notch safety features, including a fingerprint reader and HP TrueVision FHD IR Camera for logging in using facial recognition.

A pair of sleek sunglasses

With the many meetings and errands you have to run, you’ll find yourself out and about under the sun. Make sure that you protect your eyes — they are, after all, imperative not just for daily life but for looking ahead. A pair of sleek sunglasses would do just the trick.

A scented hair mist

A girl boss’s day can run quite long; sometimes, it even extends to the wee hours of the night. But a girl boss never looks or smells unfresh. A couple of spritzes and a little rustling is all you need to refresh your hair. Plus, the whiff of a refreshing scent can also give you a jolt of energy to push on for the rest of the day.

A chic name card holder

Each day is an opportunity for a girl boss to meet someone new to learn about and connect with. So having your name card ready is a good way to make sure the initial connection is sustained.

A red lipstick

Nothing says bold and powerful better than bold red lips. The colour commands attention, plus it also helps that a swipe of a rich colour on your lips can lift your mood instantly. So make sure you have a tube — or two — in your handbag at all times.

Learn more about how you can work and conquer like a girl boss with the HP Spectre x360 Pale Rose Gold here.

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Hint of warmth

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We know your Wednesdays are busy so we took the liberty to list down some of the latest news this midweek, fresh and piping hot. 

Suzy Bae for Lancôme

You know her as an award-winning Korean singer, actress, and media host, but Suzy adds another title to her belt as Lancôme's new muse. Appearing in the latest Genefique campaign movie of the brand, as well as in a series of digital films sporting the most coveted L’Absolu Rouge lipstick, we can't wait to see more from this partnership between the K-pop culture icon and luxe beauty brand. 

Kim Kardashian-West's new fragrance bottle is moulded from her body — literally

Following the continued success of her KKW beauty line, Kim Kardashian West kicked things up a notch by announcing that her next fragrance will come in a bottle whose shape was moulded from her own body. The reality star and entrepreneur is known to never shy away from showing off her voluptuous physique so whether you love her or hate her, we all have to admit that she really embodies — pun intended — playing it smart when it comes to branding and business. 

Tom Ford introduces 001 Timepiece with interchangeable straps

Tom Ford admits that timepieces play a huge role in his daily routine. Always on the clock and time-disciplined, he wanted to extend his 'obsession' with watches that capture elegance, personalisation, and reliability — thus the creation of the 001 Timepiece. The curved-back watch, which comes in two sizes and in four different metals, allows the user to customise and rotate from a series of armbands depending on their mood and preference. Overall, we say it's sleek, sophisticated, and definitely interesting. 

Asia's 1st sexual wellness festival is coming to Singapore

Founded by sex & relationship counsellor and TEDx speaker Erin Chen and YOGA Instructor Sinnead Ali, SPARK Fest 2018 is Asia's first sexual wellness festival and it's happening in Singapore on 19 May 2018. SPARK, which stands for Sexual Pleasure and Relationship Konversations, aims to encourage people to #lovemoreconsciously and provide a curated space to bring conversations about sex, pleasure, and relationships into the open.

Pomelo launches Rhythm of Nature

Just a few weeks before the month of Ramadan, Pomelo launches a 70+ piece special collection that is designed for women of all walks of life who seek modest styles that are diverse, chic, and not alienating. Inspired by earthy tones and free-spirited silhouettes, the collection is aptly named Rhythm of Nature, showcasing a covered-up aesthetic in mind but are still versatile and can be worn for any occasion. 

Kim Tae-Ri is the new face of Flower By Kenzo

The South Korean actress who stole the limelight in the 2016 Cannes Festival entry The Handmaiden has been chosen by Flower By Kenzo to be their new face. Upon the revelation of their new Flower By Kenzo Le Cushion, the product and the actress complements one another with both their stunning, world-class prowess, making it a timely collaboration that is much anticipated by patrons of the brand.

Keepers Designer Trunk Show

The inaugural Keepers' Designer Trunk Show will happen on 28 April from 12PM to 6PM. Make sure you swing by the National Design Centre to get yourself a piece or two.

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