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Aside from Christmas and New Year, one of the most awaited celebrations, especially for the Chinese community, is the Mid-Autumn Festival. It's traditionally a harvest festival but over time it became more of a family affair where relatives will come together to celebrate by eating and playing games. This year, it will fall on the 24th of September.  Start your preparations as early as now, so you can ensure a fun night with your family and friends. Here's a quick checklist to make sure you won't miss anything.

Shop for mooncakes

Boxes of mooncakes

TWG set of four tea-infused snowskin mooncakes, PHP2,588/~USD47.83; Andaz Baked Mooncake Quartet Collection, SGD73/~USD53.22 

Don't wait till the last minute to buy mooncakes. Most of the popular varieties can go out of stock as soon as they hit the shelves, so it's best to do your mooncake shopping in advance. This also gives you more time to test different selections before you decide which one is the best. We recommend you check out TWG's tea-infused, pastel-coloured snowskin mooncakes featuring tangy and creamy flavours. If you prefer a more health-conscious option, there are the delicious low sugar mooncakes from Andaz Singapore.

Decide what other dishes you'll prepare

Steaming hot dimsum

Whether you're the host or the guest, it's customary to cook at least one dish as your contribution to the family dinner. Plan ahead so you can gather good ingredients and other tools needed for cooking. If you're a rookie cook, you can go for dim sum dishes like dumplings and spring rolls as they're easy enough to prepare. Or you can always just bring home a roasted Peking duck from your favourite restaurant.  

Arrange games and activities

5 dices

While we definitely love eating and catching up on each other's stories during dinner, other activities can also spice things up. Don't miss out on playing the traditional Mooncake Dice Game. For anyone who's not familiar with the mechanics, it's simply a game of chance involving six dices and a bowl. Specific combinations are assigned a prize (usually a mooncake or in recent times furniture or home appliances), players will then draw the dice until all prizes are already distributed. Aside from that, a good old round of Mahjong and other traditional activities can also be played.

Gather materials for DIY lanterns

Colourful lanterns

Another long-held Mid-Autumn Festival tradition that is still practised today is lantern making. It's particularly a hit among kids but adults can join in the fun as well. You can do the easy DIY paper lantern using coloured art paper or buy the pre-made one in stores. It can serve as a home decoration or if you want, you can write good wishes and send it to the sky. 

Prepare an outfit

A red dress and a gingham dress

Bora Aksu Open Shoulder Dress with Waterfall Hem, SGD 1,010/~USD736.34; Bora Aksu Jumbo Gingham Fifties Style Dress, SGD805/~USD586.89

Unlike Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival is more of a casual gathering of family and friends. The traditional cheongsam is not commonly worn during this time. Instead, the usual tasteful, dressy outfits are preferred for the occasion. Midi dresses and nice blouses paired with pants or a skirt are some of the outfit ideas that can show your sophisticated sense of style.  

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We're already halfway through this month. How time flies! But time and the happenings in the busy worlds of fashion and beauty wait for no one. So we're back with fascinating pieces to feed your mind. Ahead, the latest and the hottest.

No more vampire facial?

Woman covering her face with a hat

It is still the first and only reported case of it happening but should it prompt you to avoid getting a vampire facial? There have reportedly been cases of patients being exposed to HIV and hepatitis B and C in New Mexico in the U.S. after undergoing a vampire facial. 

More than a booboo

A grey sweater

Screenshot of the now deleted item on Revolve

LPA released a set of shirts with quotes reportedly inspired by real-life quotes made by real people. One of the shirts bore the words "Being fat is not beautiful; it's an excuse." It didn't sit well with people and was later removed from Revolve's website where it was first released for purchase. The brand has apologised for what happened. One of the founders reportedly said that the shirts were released earlier than expected so context for the prints was not given. 

Glam gowns

A black cut-out gown

Right on time for holiday dressing, Japanese designer Tadashi Shoji, who is based in Los Angeles, has opened his first boutique in Manila. Get your hands on his pieces at Rustan's Makati.

Powder Kiss

MAC Cosmetics is known for their matte lipsticks, but they're releasing a new finish next month. Say hello to Powder Kiss, which is still matte but feels like a balm on the lips. 

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Small black Chanel purse

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Small red purse with glittering beads

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