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At this day and age where the creative and entertainment industries are at its peak, we focus our eyes on one career type that is as rare as finding the perfect bright red lipstick--spinning. Spinning or more commonly known as DJ-ing has been alive since the disco fever arrived in the 70s. What started as disco parties back in Chicago has now found its way in different parts of the world in places and events such as clubs, underground parties, raves, and music festivals. It's one whole gathering for music enthusiasts to enjoy different genres. And whether you're into pop, rock, EDM, or house, there is one person these famed events cannot live without--the DJ. 

With Road To Ultra Singapore coming up on 19th September 2015, we're putting DJ MIJA under the spotlight. Know more about how she started out, her take on her chosen career path, and of course, her equally gritty and cutting-edge fashion sense in our exclusive interview with this EDM star herself. 


What’s the full story behind “Mija”?   

I started as a rave promoter in Phoenix, Arizona and from there learned how to  DJ. I played nu­disco, disco house at raves and they didn’t really get it at the time so I moved onto playing residency lounge type settings (restaurants, hotels) and clubs. I was invited to DJ at Bonnaroo in 2014 where Skrillex found me  playing at this art car. We played a b2b set which went viral and from there it  was up to me to keep the momentum going by killing festival sets and learning how to produce music. It’s been a crazy ride so far.    

To date, what has been your favourite music festival to play at?  

That’s tough because I’ve been playing some amazing festivals. So far I would  say my favourites have been Hard Summer, Shambhala, and Coachella. The  crowds I had at those events were insane.    

If you could play any festival in the world, what would it be and why?  

ADE or Glastonbury! Mostly because I’ve never played in Europe before.      

You’re excelling in an environment that is still predominantly male, how does it feel and what is your take on this?  

I don’t think about it often, ­­only when asked in interviews. So far in my career I haven’t felt discriminated against because of my gender. At least not from my peers in the industry. I find that it’s the collective EDM audience that make a bigger deal out of it than it needs to be. I’m just doing what I love and hope that I can inspire other females to have confidence in their art and stand alongside the big dogs.         

You have a very distinct beauty style. From pink to blond to aqua  green hair, what hairstyles have you not done before and are dying  to try next?  

I’ve tried everything. I’ve had weird hair since I got my first job and could afford  to dye it. I really like the aqua seafoam green tho.  

If you could invite any fashion designer to your gig, who would it be and what would you spin for them?  

Jeremy Scott and I would play some crazy nightcore vox/trap remix of spice girls.

If you were asked to put together an office­ appropriate outfit – from top to toe – for just one day, what would be it based on your  personal style? 

I don’t even like thinking about having to dress for an office. I’d just humour myself by wearing my slayter tee.     


Can you give us a sneak peek of what’s to come at Road To Ultra Singapore, in terms of your music and fashion style?   

I have some new music that I am definitely going to be playing. One of which is a  remix I just dropped the other day of Major Lazer ­ Be Together. As far as  fashion goes, I have some weird pieces that were gifted to me recently that I’m going to bring. Platform shoes and what not. I also want to go shopping in Singapore and wear a bunch of new stuff.  



Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW) is returning after its debut last year to raise the bar of Malaysia’s diverse fashion industry--a collaborative effort between Malaysia’s national trade promotion agency MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation) and Malaysia’s leading fashion event organiser STYLO International.

This year, they're slated to headline Malaysia as the fashion hub of Asia with the best local and International fashion industry players in Kuala Lumpur. Taking place at at Menara MATRADE from November 4-7, 2015, MFW will be held in Kuala Lumpur--a city that has been climbing the ranks to be the next fashion destination in Asia. 

With “Inclusivity” as the central theme for this year’s comeback, MFW is revving up the fashion scene in the ASEAN region with a stream of raw and emerging talents from within the country and the Asia region together with a full schedule of trade fashion shows featuring Spring Summer 2016 collections.

The fashion showcase aims to represent the uniqueness of multicultural Malaysia including modern Peranakan designs by established designer, Bill Keith, Sabah batik designs by Deanoor, Sarawak’s pua kumbu designs by Datin Melia Gelen, Muslimah by Blancheur and Ready to Wear (RTW) by Fairuz Ramdan was presented during the media conference. 

Besides the above, another exciting feature at MFW 2015 will be the Special Gallery Exhibition with two main presenters:

1. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Tribute featuring top Malaysian designers & Industry brands the luxury automaker has awarded in the last 10 years through its collaboration with STYLO International

2. Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo Couture Gallery – the world renowned shoe couturier’s exhibition will highlight his most beloved designs and creations over the years

To maintain the YOUTH ENGAGEMENT direction, they will also have a dedicated fashion/lifestyle trade exhibition called [email protected] taking centre stage, supported by a series of fashion shows and gala events under the MFW 2015 banner. Another is X-STYLE, a fashion expression creative centre open for use by emerging designers, students at Fashion & Design faculties from universities and colleges around Malaysia, and other ASEAN countries to create fashion installations and exhibitions. 

Click here to know more about Malaysia Fashion Week


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The vintage fever is on! To nail this trend, you need not look far or buy "new" ones from the store because chances are, your mom still has them. Take a trip through your mom's closet and give all her clothes a look-through to find trendy vintage pieces that fit you. You'll be surprised at the treasures you find! 

Here are the 5 items you can borrow from your mom's closet that are so in-style today!


A-Line Dresses

(photo from PhyliciaMarie)

Patterned dresses that have an A-line shape are one of the most flattering silhouettes a girl can wear. It's fit from shoulder to waist and loose from the waist down, giving you the illusion of an hourglass figure. Extra vintage-points if you wear one with a peter-pan collar or a patterned fabric. This plus a bag and oxfords will bring you straight to the past in style!

Lace-up Tops

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We're all aware of the rise of the bohemian trend and with that comes the ascend of the lace-up footwear. However, this lace-up style is also present in flowy and hippie-like tops! They're perfect for anyone because it's loose shape flatters all body types. 

Wide-Legged Pants

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Big is definitely in this season and the wide-legged pants are leading the way. You can opt for either the flare jeans for a casual vibe; culottes for a boho-chic style; or the wide-legged slacks for an elegant look. Just make sue you balance out the structure and size of the pieces and you're good to go! 

Anything Plaid

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Plaid, or anything from that pattern family such as houndstooth, gingham, and checkered, are such vintage statement pieces. It can look either boyish, preppy, or grunge depending how you style and which pieces you pair it with. We suggest you make it the star of your vintage-inspired outfit for a simple yet striking look!

Midi Skirt

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Last but certainly not the least is this fashion community favourite: the mid skirt. This skirt can be styled in different ways according to the feminine vibe you're feeling. It has a modest and conservative look but you can make it preppy by pairing it with a collared top or make it look more fun and modern with a cropped top!