What Your Favourite Scent Says About You | Clozette

From makeup to clothes to lifestyle, everything we do has got something to do with our personality. Same goes with our choice of scents. There’s something about fragrances that can affect our mood and feelings for the day, making us nostalgic or empowered.

There are a lot of scents out there that we prefer for our own unique reasons. Want to know what your favourite scent says about you? Keep reading to find out. 


Musky scents

Musky scents are either pleasantly strong or sweet that makes it hard ignore. That’s why people either love it or hate it. If you’re the former, then you’re definitely someone who loves to leave a mark on the people you meet. Mysterious but charming, you’re the type who would rarely engage in small talk but much rather go for conversations that seek meaning. Bold and solid colours define your personal style.
Floral and citrus scents

If you love scents that reminds you of flower fields and getting in touch with nature, then you’re someone who’s bubbly, warm, and free. You enjoy being in the company of the people you care about and are not afraid to show it. Just like your colourful personality, you also love going for fun prints and textures for your fashion pieces.

Earthy scents

Sandalwood, amber, patchouli-- if these are scents you can’t get enough of, then you’re someone who loves the idea of adventure. You love exploring new places and meeting new people. Great art and music keeps you going and it reflects on your effortlessly chic fashion choices.

Classic scents

If you love signature fragrances like Chanel No. 5 or CK One, then you’re someone who’s sophisticated without even trying. You’re known amongst your friends and peers for your strong yet caring personality. You love going for versatile and functional fashion pieces.

Fresh scents

Just like your choice of fragrance, people know you for being charming and refreshing. You can light up a room by simply being yourself and you’re up for almost anything. Because of your outgoing attitude, casually chic pieces are your favourite!


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A favourite amongst women and K-beauty lovers, LANEIGE’s BB Cushion has just been given a major upgrade in its whitening and pore controlling variants during its launch at The Arts House at The Old Parliament.

Beauty lovers can expect the brand’s latest research incorporated into the new foundations to create that glowing canvas that is desired by many. Its packaging, as well as its sponge and formula, have been redesigned to house the latest technology in giving you flawless, moisturised, and dewy skin!

Both the BB Cushion_Whitening and BB Cushion_Pore Control feature the new 3D Skin Fit Cushion, which delivers the perfect amount of product on the sponge so that you can evenly and easily apply it onto your skin for a transparent finish!

To learn more about these two new amazing foundations, keep reading below!


Besides the revolutionary 3D Skin FIt Cushion, the BB Cushion_Whitening retains its six key benefits of being long-lasting, moisturising, soothing, protecting, and brightening your skin inside and out with its Melacrusher and Sparkling Coat technology.

And for those who are tired of blotting their skin, the updated BB Cushion_Pore Control will control your skin’s excess shine, while leaving it soft, supple, and radiant! Together with its two-step pore control system which prevents excessive oil secretion, it’s powered with a blurring effect to smooth out your complexion and brighten it!


The next generation LANEIGE BB Cushion_Whitening and BB Cushion_Pore Control will be available in July 2016 in all LANEIGE boutiques in Singapore. 


Whether you are a student with limited budget or saving up for that dream vacation, you don’t need to sacrifice looking good as these four products will deliver goodness without hurting your wallet.


The Face Shop's Power Long Lasting Sun Cream 

Part of the Natural Sun Eco Range, The Face Shop's Power Long Lasting Sun Cream is primarily a sunblock but it also works well as a makeup base. Its non-stick formula is very ideal for the hot weather and keeps your makeup intact as it effectively controls sebum production so you don’t have to worry about sweat and oil disintegrating your on-fleek face makeup! 

Best thing about it, its tinted color can also function as a sheer foundation, just right for that sunscreened but no makeup look. This multifunctional product retails for S$29.90.

Etude House Play 101 4-Way Multi Brush

If you don’t feel like buying too many eye makeup brushes or just want to have a handy brush you can bring every day in your pouch, the Etude House Play 101 4-Way Multi Brush is an ideal choice. It’s a Blending, Edge Liner, Smudge, and Gradation brush all in one. All you have to do is change the ends depending on your needs. 

With that in your purse, you don’t have to worry about having to tag along four brushes. Best thing about it all? It’s affordable at S$17.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Crème

Lip crèmes are all the rage now and one of our favourites has got to the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Crème. It has a comfortable texture that glides easily on your lips, doesn’t smudge, and holds well even after eating. This is available in Singapore via online retailers for around S$13 (shipping not included).

Honey and Sugar Jelly Body Scrub

Need a well-deserved body scrub at home? Then indulge with Skinfood’s Honey and Sugar Jelly Body Scrub! The texture of this scrub is similar to petroleum jelly with sugar granules. 

And if you think it might be too abrasive on your skin, don’t be intimidated because the granules actually feel gentle on the skin due to the jelly-like consistency of the product. It also isn’t sticky when rinsed and leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh. Priced around S$12 to S$15 at Qoo10.sg, this 200g scrub is a treat to dry and flaky skin.


What are your favourite budget-friendly beauty products? Share it with us in the comments below!