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Gone are the days when a man only needs his bar soap and water to round up his grooming routine. The modern man today conscientiously pays attention and takes care of himself in the beauty department. Does an elaborate grooming routine make a man any less masculine, unfortunately still a common misconception among many these days? We think not. We love a man who is mindful of both his physical and mental wellbeing. 

So what’s in a modern man’s grooming kit? We asked creative content creator, Myke Motus, to show us the essentials in his kit.

A shaver & organic after-shave combo that delivers a smooth shave

“I’m obsessed with my vintage design titanium shaver that I got from Canada. I always make sure I change the blades every week for it to get the job done perfectly every day. An organic after-shave can arrest bleeding caused by shaving and help your facial skin heal faster. It has a soothing effect on the skin. Hygienic benefits include keeping the skin pores clean & bacteria-free. This helps prevent acne too!”

An energising eye roller that gets rid of yesterday’s fatigue

“One of the first signs of ageing for men is crow’s feet, so why ignore it when you can prevent it? Eye roller is a must for me and yes, I am addicted to it. It is meant to reduce puffiness, diminish dark circles, visibly smooth wrinkles and hydrate the particularly sensitive eye contour area.” 

A revitalising shampoo that’s great for removing styling hair products

“I am a user of Head & Shoulders, and after realising that my needs are now different due to an increase in physical activities and sweating — my recent find is the Head & Shoulders Ultra Men series. It removes styling hair products effectively and is also great for the humid weather in our region. The Ultra Men for Oil Control is also ideal for meeting my needs, and it smells and feels refreshing after every wash. That minty feel after a shower just kickstarts my day in the morning and relaxes me before heading to bed.”

A body lotion that hydrates & refreshes

“As a firm believer that hydration is a must, my body lotion is something I can’t leave the house without. It doesn’t only hydrate my skin, but also keeps me feeling fresh and confident.”

A pair of sunglasses that’s more than just about the aesthetics

“Sunglasses are not meant for only aesthetic purposes – they also protect your eyes and the surrounding skin area protected from the sun. It also keeps you from squinting and frowning, which promote premature wrinkles.”

A portable speaker that puts him in a good mood

“While doing my grooming ritual, I keep myself in a good mood with great beats. I always have my portable speakers with me, be it in the shower or preparing for work. This one definitely lightens up my day and makes me feel ready to face the day.”

Get the Head & Shoulders Ultra Men Series here.



Have the last couple of months, whether it's about work or your personal life, been rough and crazy? We're here to remind you to take a chill pill and maybe treat yourself a little. You know you deserve it! Scroll on and get ready to add these new beauty picks that will leave you pampered in no time. 

KENZOKI Moisturising Lotus Mask



Dull and dry skin is not something you can easily cover up with makeup so making sure that your skin is looking healthy and hydrated should always be a top priority. Thankfully, KENZOKI adds a new member to its White Lotus range and it's about to become your new favourite. The Moisturising Lotus Mask captures the beauty benefits and moisturising power of the lotus plant essence. Its fresh gel formulation is also infused with hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration and white lotus glycostat that's known for trapping free radicals that often damage the skin. The result? Softer, plumper and more radiant-looking skin that will encourage you to 'go natural' a lot more! Plus, did we mention that the packaging also looks very sleek and pretty?

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte lipsticks 


Want your lipstick to pop more, stand out more and just be 'more'? The Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte lipsticks promise to do just that. With 15 bold and dramatic colours to choose from, you can definitely go all out with your pout no matter what mood you're in or style you prefer. The new light powder technology provides intense pigment and long-wearing non-transferable compounds that make sure your lip colour stays intact from day to night. But if you think that's it, there's more. It also has light-diffusing gel and jojoba oil to ensure that even if it has an ultra-matte finish, it won't look and feel dry throughout the duration of wear. 

Eve Lom Radiance Transforming Mask

SGD160 /~USD116

Another mask that you'll want to add to your self-care stash is this new release from Eve Lom. Promising an intensive treatment that aims to transform your tired skin, as the name suggests, this gentle yet effective exfoliant claims to show immediate results after use. Using an Australian caviar lime called Lime Pearl™ as its natural source of AHA to help promote cell turnover and renewal, bid dull skin goodbye with this in your arsenal.

Marie Dalgar Colour Studio Holo Collection

SGD49 to 58/~USD35 to 43

Officially launching in Singapore on 11 October, Marie Dalgar introduces us to its Holo Collection. From palettes and highlighters to lipsticks that give a whimsical 360-degree holographic effect from packaging to actual product, this makeup line will have you experimenting and admiring your look nonstop. P.S. have you seen our unboxing video of this collection?

Chanel La Crème Texture Riche hand cream


One of the things we don't give too much thought is our choice of hand cream. But it shouldn't just be 'whatever' we pull from the shelves. Our hands need some good ol' special loving, too, considering that they aid us in almost every task — easy or tedious — we do. So use something specialised to give your palm and fingers the indulgence they deserve, the Chanel La Crème Main Texture Riche. Rich, comforting and velvety — just what you need for dry and delicate hands — this will surely make you prioritise hand-care time more. The packaging is also very handy, pun intended. 

Kiehl's Herbal-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water


Soap and water just won't do the trick when removing your makeup. So why not give this new Herbal-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water from Kiehl’s a try to make sure that you're skin's thoroughly cleansed? Formulated with Thyme Essential Oil and Lemon Balm Floral Water, this new concoction from the brand promises a non-stripping, soap-free and sulfate-free micellar cleansing system that ensures clean skin without the drying feeling. Plus, with Kiehl's, you know that it's going to smell refreshingly divine — definitely the perfect start to your skincare routine after a long, hard day.

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal by Night Eau De Parfum

SGD164 to 214/~USD118 to 157

Looking for a new fragrance to greet the last few and most hectic months of the year? Jump into something bold and exciting with Jean Paul Gaultier's Scandal by Night EDP. The original touch of honey from Scandal is now mixed with intoxicating notes of tuberose, sandalwood and tonka bean that gives the most addictive blend. The sensual allure of the scents lasts all-day, making it the perfect concoction to complement a confidence-boosting aura you'll need to battle a crazy day ahead. 

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in new shades


Queen Rih is back at it again with her Stunna Lip Paints, now in new colours that promise to be suited for all skin tones. Kickstarted with 'the universal red' Uncensored, the line now comes in four other shades namely Unbutton (the perfect nude), Uncuffed (a gorgeous mauve), Unveil (a lush brown) and Uninvited (a bold black). From a lip precision wand and weightless formula to the promise of a 12-hour hold, all we can say is we can't wait for more.

Innisfree Upgraded Jeju Orchid Line

SGD25 to 48/~USD18 to 35

K-beauty cult-fave innisfree has just upgraded their Jeju Orchid Line, which is consisted of a cream, a gel cream, an intense cream, a toner, a multi-purpose fluid, an essence, a lotion, a day cream, an eye cream and a sleeping mask. With its signature ingredient, the Jeju Cymbidium Orchid or ‘Hanlan’, the line has been developed to deliver its best performance, even more so than the old range, to ensure skin that's radiant, youthful and more beautiful than ever. It also has an upgraded level of active ingredients targeted to combat skin ageing factors, on top of the sleeker packaging it now has.

Innisfree All-New Vivid Cotton Ink Nude Collection

SGD15 /~USD10

Another one from the K-beauty brand, but this time in the makeup department is their Vivid Cotton Ink Nude Collection. If MLBB is more up your alley, then this line is something that you'll truly fawn over. Inspired by tulips, the long-lasting nude hues glide smoothly on your lips with a glossy texture at first but dries down to leave a matte finish that feels soft outside and dewy inside — just like cotton! The colours are also soft, natural and definitely perfect for an au naturel vibe like your favourite Hallyu personalities.

Chanel Maximalisme De Chanel Collection

SGD48 to 103 /~USD35 to 75

Vivid colours that draw inspiration from "new energy and spirit and elegance and fashion," the Maximalisme collection is all about a woman who treats makeup like an accessory — an element in the look that brings drama and allure without drawing too much attention to itself. Such words inspire us to dive into this collection for exciting makeup looks to come. The limited edition collection includes a couple of new Rogue Coco Gloss colours, four new hues for the Obre Premiere Powder, a new Ombre Premiere Creme shade, a new Rogue Allure Velvet, a new Le Vernis colour, the La Palette Caractere and the Le Lion de Chanel.

Net-A-Porter Beauty Advent Calendar


NAP kickstarts the gifting season by introducing its first-ever Beauty Advent Calendar. Tucked in the 25 windows of this specially curated box are miniature or travel-sized picks from brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Sunday Riley and Marc Jacobs Beauty. Maybe you can even share your love for makeup and skincare by getting it for your BFFs, too.

THREE Aiming Facial Oil Essence


The latest addition to THREE's anti-ageing line is the Aiming Facial Oil Essence that is specially formulated to combat skin issues caused by hormonal imbalances. Infused with an innovative blend of essential oils and plant extracts, not only does this help replenish the skin for a more supple and youthful appearance but it also helps penetrate deep into the skin to ensure lasting firmness and hydration.  If you're someone with dry skin, this works great as a serum booster. If you're on the oily side, this is great as a treatment serum.

Once you're done restocking your beauty stash, what do you say about trying these maximalist beauty looks next?



Words, as we know, hold meanings. We identify and label our thoughts and feelings — almost everything we do, see and experience — through words. When meaningful and uttered with conviction, these words move people to action.

When we intend to make a purchase, we weigh the words that describe a product to ensure it fits our needs. And we also use it to describe things we want. In skincare, the word “glowing” is constant. In make-up, “on-fleek” is a word we like. How about hair care? For the shampoo we believe warrants a space in our bathroom shelf, here are the words we use.


Fresh is something we'd like to be able to still refer to how our hair smells after a long day of hustling. So the word we look for is fragrant. If the scent lasts all day, it's a keeper in our book.

With a new floral perfume upgraded with luxuriously refreshing and soothing flower water with witch hazel and essential oils with evening primrose for the perfect golden ratio, the Rejoice Perfect Balance series is truly an olfactory experience. Open the cap of the shampoo bottle and get enveloped by the aroma that is juicy and fresh, feminine and natural, and succulent and warm all at the same time. The shampoo also has a unique perfume technology that makes the scent linger for an entire day.


“Dirty” isn't a word anyone would like to be associated with. So it's no surprise that we want something that will thoroughly clean our hair and scalp without stripping them off their natural oils. On top of that, we want something that can help us tackle certain hair woes, such as dandruff and hair fall for a cleaner outlook.

Rejoice Perfect Balance for Anti-Hairfall (left) & Rejoice Perfect Balance for Anti-Dandruff 3-in-1 (right)

The Rejoice Perfect Balance series is formulated safe to be lathered on the hair and scalp for thorough cleansing, minus the dryness. The Perfect Balance for Anti-Hairfall contains olive oil essence that will not only prevent hair fall caused by breakage but also works to smooth and soften hair. The Perfect Balance for Anti Dandruff 3-in-1 features menthol for a rejuvenating wash that smoothes tresses and combats dandruff. Paired with their complementary conditioners, you’ll be expecting double the hair care power.


Rejoice Perfect Balance for Rich Soft Smooth (left) & Rejoice Perfect Balance for Frizz Repair (right)

Frizz is something we'd like to eliminate from our vocabulary — and hair. So a shampoo that can transform lifeless, coarse strands into lusciously smooth locks is what we're after. With Rejoice's Perfect Balance for Rich Soft Smooth and Perfect Balance for Frizz Repair, formulated with anti-frizz technology, we're sure to have hair we'll have no problem flaunting.

Make sure these words are part of your hair care vocabulary by putting the Rejoice Perfect Balance series on the top shelf of your vanity. Get it here.