Why We're In Love With The Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Cushion | Clozette

(cover photo from LUMINNEJ)

The Korean beauty industry was definitely onto something when they debuted their cushion foundations. Today, every brand in the world is coming out with their version of this innovative product.

The latest to debut a new cushion foundation is Dior with the Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Cushion. And we cannot get enough of it!

If you think this is just another cushion foundation, think again; because below are the 6 reasons why we have fallen head over heels for this skin-perfecting foundation!


Refreshes the skin

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With our humid and warm temperatures, having a foundation that can instantly cool our complexion is an amazing feature. And the cooling agents of Diorsnow instantly lowers our skin’s temperature by 4 degrees so we can feel comfortable anytime, anywhere!

Brightens complexion over time

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We know how annoying stubborn dark spots can be. But this cushion foundation is formulated with natural mineral pigments which will brighten dull complexions and instantly cover dark spots! And the amazing thing is that over time it will lighten those dark spots and brighten our complexion for a radiant and perfected glow!

Intensely hydrates

Every time we wear the Diorsnow Perfect Cushion, it’s like giving our skin a drink of water. Its formula is enriched with ultra-moist Edelweiss from the Dior Gardens in Switzerland to give it that fluid texture that will instantly moisturise all skin types.

Powerfully Protects

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Summer is near and we are all going to need as much protection from its harmful rays than ever. Luckily, this cushion foundation offers SPF50 PA+++ that will resist even the most demanding climate conditions!

Suits all Asian skin tones

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Whenever we buy foundations, we always have trouble finding a match because most colours tend to lean on the pink side. Which is why we’re so glad that the Diorsnow Cushion Foundation shades were specially designed by the Dior Asia Innovation Center to come up with 3 shades that will suit all Asian skin tones!


(photo from CrystalPhuong)

With the sleek and compact case of the Diorsnow Cushion Foundation, we never have to worry about foundation spilling all over! And its travel-friendly case allows us to touch-up and refresh our makeup wherever we go, any time of the day!


The Dior Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Moist Cushion is available at all Dior Counters and Boutiques for RM268.



Hair trends, like fashion and beauty, change with each passing season. And sporting these trends are incredibly fun because they can change the way you look, define your features, and more.

However, the downside of constantly styling and colouring our hair is that over time, it becomes dry, brittle, and damaged. Lucky for us, though, TRESemmé is here to save our locks with their new Platinum Strength collection! It consists of a shampoo, conditioner, treatment, and mask that will strengthen every hair strand and repair up to two years of damage.

So now that you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair again, keep scrolling down to find out how you can recreate the top 3 hair trends from New York Fashion Week -- Uptown Sleek, Diane Curls, and Copper Waves!


Uptown Sleek

This chic lob will give your face a sophisticated edge. To recreate it at home, start by washing your hair with the Platinum Strength shampoo and conditioner. Next, dispense 2-3 pumps of the leave-in treatment and evenly distribute over your damp hair. Blow dry your strands using a rounded brush, divide your hair into sections, use a flat iron from root to tip, and that’s it!

Diane Curls

Inspired by Diane von Furstenberg, this glamorous, 1970’s-inspired hairstyle is perfect for going out to add some fun and flirty touches to your look! To get this 'do, wash your hair using the collection’s shampoo and conditioner, and evenly distribute the leave-in treatment while hair is still damp. Next, dry your hair using a blow dryer that’s positioned downwards to avoid frizz and curl your hair in sections. And once you’re done curling, flip your hair over and spray some hairspray for extra volume. Collect them all to one side and accessorise with a chic clip or flower!

Copper Waves

Probably the most popular hair trend this year, this beachy hair do emphasises its copper tones for an effortless-yet-chic look! To recreate it at home, simply start off your routine with TRESemmé’s shampoo and conditioner. Next, evenly distribute 2-3 pumps of their leave-in treatment over damp hair, and blow dry using a round brush to create volume. Curl your hair in sections and allow them to cool before brushing them out with a wide tooth comb. Finish it off with some hairspray and you’ll be good to go all day and night!


The TRESemmé Platinum Strength Collection is now available in all SM Department Stores, drugstores, and supermarkets in the Philippines.



Cutting your hair is definitely a huge topic for debate. Committing to a hairstyle for months really requires hard work and the worry of getting the wrong cut really looms over our heads. But sticking with long hair can be quite a hassle, especially with the temperature rising as we welcome spring and summer.

Having second thoughts as to whether or not you should chop off your locks? We listed down reasons that’ll make you want to say goodbye to your long hair asap!


It's a time saver

Want more time to focus on perfecting your OOTD and MOTD? This is the answer! Chopping your hair short will definitely lessen the time you spend on styling and perfecting your tresses. You can now use the extra time to perfect your winged eyeliner!

It frames your face better

Lesser hair around your face means getting more attention to your angles. Getting the right haircut can really make your jawline stand out and your eyes look more striking. It also gives the illusion of a longer neck, perfect for wearing clothes with wide necklines.

It’s perfect for any season, occasion, and outfit

Say goodbye to hours and hours of planning your hairstyle. The great thing about short hair is that it complements almost every fashion ensemble you can think of. Best thing about it? You can go from a formal to a casual look without too much effort—just pin your hair to the side or add chunks of curls through your hair and you can take your look from casual to glam in an instant.  

It’s effortlessly elegant yet bold

There’s something about short hair that exudes timeless elegance which makes you feel classier and dainty, but also feisty and adventurous. It gives that sense of reinvention that we all want to feel, especially if we’re taking on a new step in our personal lives.

It’ll grow back

Wanting to change your look can get really risky. If you end up with a haircut you don’t love, always remember that hair grows back. The important thing is that you’ve learned which cut works (or does not work) for your face shape. So don’t get bugged down with beauty “what ifs.” Take the plunge and go forward from there. Who knows, it may be a risk worth taking.


Do you have more reasons why you want to chop those locks? We’d love to know more about it in the comments below!