Why You Should Get Excited About Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival | Clozette

This year, Manila Fashion Festival (MFF) is bigger than the last with the power of Panasonic. On its eighth season, and now dubbed Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, the event embraces the theme Infinite Style, which aims to blur the line between high tech and high fashion. The fashion festival also aims to continue its tradition of sharing stories through fabrics and design. 

What else is coming to the festival this year? Keep on reading to find out. 

World-class tech

Art Personas’ CEO Ronnie Cruz believes that this partnership shapes an innovative and revolutionary transformation for the fashion industry, resulting in a world-class show where trends and technology combine.

From heightening the use of technology in every show — from backstage to the catwalk itself — to embracing firsts in the form of a photography and videography forum called Point of View (where known personalities in the industry will share their tips and secrets on getting the perfect shot with Panasonic Lumix) this year's PMFF invites everyone to see how Panasonic's cameras, televisions, and beauty tools and the festival's ever-constant nod to the world of design seamlessly intersect. 

More diversity in the lineup

With technology comes evolution and with evolution comes diversity. This is why the partnership between the tech giant and MFF champion passionate souls of varying ages, inspirations and stories. Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival will capture raw Filipino prowess more vividly, as talented designers from Cebu and Davao, along with some of MFF's regulars, will be participating to present their remarkable collections.

A celebration of new blood 

As always, another highlight of the event is celebrating new blood with SoFA Design Institute's graduation show running for the third time this year, where fresh creations from young designers will be showcased to raise the bar for Philippine fashion's next generation. 

Catch Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival this 2018 10-13 April at The Marquee Tent, Edsa Shangri-La Manila by registering here.



Here comes the sun, and with it is the sweltering heat that we have to face. As for us, we're keeping it cool by updating our stash of some summer essentials. From breathable sneaker designs to brightening cleansers, here are our must-haves for this season. 


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"When you have to leave the house even though it's super hot — that's summer for you! — the solution is easy dressing. My take on summer style with ultimate ease is a printed jumpsuit, and I already have my eyes on this emerald-coloured with floral print from Stradivarius' Spring/Summer 2018 collection."


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"The cleanser that I'm using right now is already running low, so I'm on the hunt for a new one. Since summer is fast approaching, I want to switch to an exfoliating cleanser that can help brighten my skin and prevent dark spots. The Snowise Cleansing Foam from Sulwhasoo appeals to me because not only does it promise to give a clearer complexion but the milky foam texture is something that I really prefer in my cleansers. Not a fan of harsh scrubs at all." 


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One of the most common backdrops for fashion photos is greenery — but it's definitely not a bad thing!  Foliage provides great texture and effortless elements in a photograph that works perfectly well with a well-curated outfit and we can't help but admire how the Community uses this to their advantage. 

Take our word for it as we share some of our favourite snaps using this template. 

One with nature

(Photo from: CrystalPhuong)

Pillars and laces

(Photo from: JacelynPhang)