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Would You Try These Weird Celebrity Beauty Rituals?

The secrets... revealed

We are often in awe of how celebrities look so good. They say it takes a village for our favourite actresses, models and TV personalities to achieve the looks we see on them, but apparently, it also takes a little weird beauty trick to get the job done for some.

If you’ve ever wondered if there are tricks celebrities do to maintain their appearance, well, you’re in luck. Here are the rituals some celebrities do. A little warning, though: they’re weird.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow is all about going natural and botanical for her product choices. She took it a step further, though, when she involved bees in the equation. Yes, bees. You may have already seen a product or two containing bee venom as it is believed to help get rid of inflammation and scarring on the skin. Paltrow, however, don’t just put a cream containing bee venom on her face —she actually gets herself stung by a bee.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

A classic beauty, Zeta-Jones is admired for just about all of her features. If you’re a fan of her luscious locks, though, you don’t need to look further than your pantry to achieve a similar look. The actress washes her hair with beer and honey to condition her hair.

Alessandra Ambrosio

We all want nice, healthy hair. So getting rid of split ends is no question. We usually go for a trim at a salon when we want to address the situation, but this Victoria’s Secret Angel does something more drastic — she sets her hair (well, her split ends) on fire. It's a treatment called Velaterapia.

Scarlett Johansson

If you’ve ever wondered how to achieve Scarlett Johansson’s clear complexion, it’s time to go to the supermarket and buy yourself a bottle of apple cider vinegar. The actress swears by using the condiment often used for salads as a facial wash.

Victoria Beckham

Beckham is known for her impeccable style, but it’s not unusual to admire her for her beauty, too. So if you wanna know how the former Spice Girl continues to look stunning, ask your facialist for placenta. The designer swears that a placenta facial is the secret to her clear, firm skin.

(Cover photo from: @alessandraambrosio by @timuremek)