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You Don’t Have To Fly To Japan To Get These Items

They’re available in Singapore!

When we travel, we not only look forward to soaking up the holiday atmosphere but we also take the opportunity to stock up on products that are hard to get at home. Case in point: remember that time when half of your luggage space was filled with Japanese snacks, beauty products and traditional trinkets? Good news: now you can save up on luggage space and still get some of these must-buy goodies — without an air ticket to Japan.

We can’t help but wonder, why are Japanese products so widely loved? “Other than the visually attractive packaging and high quality, what makes Japanese products so adored and trusted by many is that they put the biggest effort in the smallest of details,” shared Singapore-based Malaysian blogger, Cheesie. “Whether in design, user-friendliness or efficiency. As a consumer, you feel truly cared for.”

A self-declared lover of the Japanese culture, Cheesie’s Instagram profile says it all: “Japan is my religion. Welcome to my cult.” So, who better than Cheesie to spill on the trending items from Japan that are, in fact, already available in Singapore? P.S. Keep reading for a Clozette-exclusive offer below!

Hairbeauron Style Iron

“Instead of causing damage, this styling iron for straightening or curling uses a special bio-programming technology that improves your hair quality even when it’s set on high heat. The more you use it, the shinier and smoother your hair becomes. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it was tried and tested (by me!). You can find it in Number76 Hair Salons.”

Pantene Japan Pro-V Severe Damage Care Series

“I always see Japanese top model and Pantene Ambassador Nanao flaunt her perfect hair so effortlessly in the TV commercials, and I am very surprised that the new Pantene Japan Pro-V Severe Damage Care series is actually very simple to use.

You only need two products: the Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and Pantene Pro-V Treatment-in-Conditioner. The shampoo smells like a sweet blend of berries, and it transforms to a lovely bouquet fragrance upon application of the conditioner. My hair also feels tangle-free and very smooth after. I think it’s perfect for busy ladies who need instant and intense care for damaged hair! You can get the series on Redmart and at retail stores here.”

Fujiko Kakitashi Mayu Tint

“Japanese ladies do not do eyebrow embroidery as eyebrow shapes are seen as an ever-changing trend. But I understand how frustrating it feels with fading brow make-up on a day out. The Fujiko Kakitashi Mayu Tint is the best-selling eyebrow tint in Japan that lets you have super long-lasting tinted brows for up to three days. It is now available at selected make-up stores.”


Shiokoji is a healthy ingredient that has been trending in Japan for a long time, but it's still relatively unheard of by most Singaporeans. It is a natural seasoning used to marinate, tenderise and bring out the umami of food – especially meat dishes. I use it in almost all my dishes. It is like a magic ingredient that enhances the taste of every meal. You can find it in Japanese specialty supermarkets here at a very reasonable price.”

Orbis Powder Wash +

“Powder washes are a hot beauty item right now, and I personally feel that the Orbis Powder Wash + truly cleanses deep within your pores. I'm looking forward to trying their other skincare range. You can get it from the Orbis boutique in Ngee Ann City.”

Those who live in Singapore can now get their hands on the Pantene Japan Pro-V Severe Damage Care Series at Guardian, Watsons and Redmart!