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It's officially summer! The heat is becoming more intense these days, don't you agree? It's time to hit the beach and have some fun. But before you go on that road trip or board that plane to your summer destination, make sure that you have these must-have summer accessories to protect you from the sun — plus, they're great for spicing up your Instagram shots.

Sun Hats

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Want to block potentially harmful UV rays and be fashionable while you're at it? Then sun hats are the way to go. Stylish and functional, these hats are sure to grab attention while you're basking under the sun. You can rock different styles depending on your outfit. 


Of course, no summer accessories list would be complete without sunglasses. Whether you're taking a dip in the sea or just simply strolling at the beach, this classic summer accessory will protect your pretty peepers from the sun. Experiment with different colours and crazy patterns this season.


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Gone are the days when floaters were just for your younger cousins who are learning how to swim. These days, pool floaters have become a fashion statement and an essential element of a perfect Instagram-worthy pool photo. If braving the waves is not for you, hop on one of these inflatable cuties and relax — preferably with a smoothie in one hand.


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The summer humidity can increase break-outs, so better keep your hair neat with these adorable hairbands. With countless designs to choose from, you can mix and match these with your summer outfit. A floral headband will perfectly match a pretty sundress while a cat ears one can look cute yet edgy with your favourite swimmies. 

Tote Bags

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A girl's gotta have her beach essentials. Stuff all your beauty needs in this very practical and roomy bag. You can even personalise it by attaching patches and pins. 


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Scarves are traditionally worn during the cooler months, but you can also rock them during the summer. Those sleeveless and off-shoulder tops are perfect when you're outside, but the moment you step inside an air-conditioned establishment, you will need a cover-up; that's where your trusty scarf comes in! Bonus: You can also double this as a beach wrap or beach mat.

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While trends come and go, there's a certain sense of permanence to some of their elements. For example: red pants can be a major thing one season, and then turn to a total drab the next — but its core remains as it is, threads and all.  

As much as we want to keep up with trends, we have to admit that turning your wardrobe over is not exactly the easiest thing, both on the budget and the exerted effort. But when pins and patches started to steal the spotlight, whether it be on the streets or the runways, it gave that sense of freedom over fashion with the bonus that it doesn't burn a hole in the pockets. 

Ahead, we share some of the reasons why we're totally gushing over this trend. 

Customise, customise, customise

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We all have to admit that once in our lives, we got addicted to RPG or role-playing games that allowed us to design a character. It was fun although it took forever for us to finish one character because honestly, who doesn't love customising? The thing about pins is that they give us that fun experience of tweaking the same fashion piece and transforming its vibe into something completely different with just a simple accessory.

It's easy on the budget

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Compared to other trends and accessories, pins are available almost anywhere, and at the most pocket-friendly prices. Usually, they also come in sets, which make them even cheaper; but with the millions of possibilities you can use them for, they definitely give a bang for your buck.

It's versatile in all forms

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Whether you're thinking about your mood, the season or a fashion piece, pins help shake things up a bit. You are in full control of curating which pin goes where, and it's no hassle to change or take off if you don't feel like going for a certain look anymore.  Whatever the reason is, pins let you play with your outfit in more ways than one — you'll find it hard to run out of ideas. 

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It's 33 degrees as I am writing this, and my mind is on white sand beaches and pristine waters. Well, that and what's been happening in the worlds of fashion and beauty lately. There are lots of exciting things going on. Our editor, Becks, is in Prague for Bata Fashion Weekend right now. Follow us on Instagram so you get to see all the fun and beautiful things she'll be sharing. Elsewhere, here's what's been poppin'. Let's recap the week, shall we?

Vogue Switch

After Edward Enninful was announced as the new Editor in Chief of British Vogue, the magazine’s counterpart in the gulf region also shared that Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz has left the publication after only two issues. Abdulaziz has been replaced by Manuel Arnaut, who started his career at Vogue Portugal.

Melissa at Coachella

(Photo featuring Melissa Girls Taylor LaShae and Ariel Beesley, by @nyavgjoe)

It’s many people’s dream destination, and Melissa was there to take part of it! The shoe brand, in support of Galore magazine’s party, was present at Coachella to unite #MelissaPlasticLovers in staying cool while in the middle of the desert.

Krystal Jung goes Italian

South Korean star Krystal Jung went on an Italian journey with Tod’s. Watch the video above to see more of her experience — and the wonderful Tod’s pieces she used during her trip.

Swatch Skin

Do you lead an active lifestyle and have found it a hassle to wear a watch? Well, the Swatch Skin might just be what you need as they’re very flexible. Plus, they come in classic styles that will suit anyone’s personality and aesthetic.

I Do in Choo

Let Jimmy Choo be part of the next chapter in your life by wearing a pair of the coveted shoes on your wedding day. Get hitched at the Mandarin Oriental Singapore for an experience that’s out of the ordinary. Learn more about what you can get from the “I Do in Choo” package here.

Brow U-Over

Still don’t know how to do your brows? Let the experts at Make Up For Ever Malaysia help you. Visit a MUFE branch anywhere in Malaysia or at Sephora KLCC to get a makeover. Plus, they're releasing new brow products that will help you recreate your made-over brow look at home.

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