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You Need To Visit These Fashion Bargain Havens In Asia

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Going to fashion bargains feels like going on a treasure hunt. You're armed with an enormous shopping bag where you can stuff all your little trinkets, a mini-wallet with enough spare change (note: don't ever go on a bargain hunt without spare change) and a water bottle to rehydrate. With these essentials, it's time dig in and find some precious fashion pieces. Don't know where to find them? Check these places out. 

Mongkok, Hong Kong SAR

The Mong Kok area is one of the destinations that you shouldn't miss when you go to Hong Kong. It's a bustling scene of an array of stores that ranges from boutiques to traditional market stands. One street that is particularly known to have an abundant women's fashion merchandise is the Tung Choi Street. Aside from fashion bargains, you can also find authentic electronics and sports equipment that are sold for lower prices than how they retail back in your hometown. Get ready to do some serious walking along the streets of Mongkok if you want to compare prices and find the best deal that you can snag. 

Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok, Thailand

When someone says that you're gonna stop by a shopping mall, you'd expect to find the usual fast fashion brands. But the Platinum Mall in the Pratunam area will present you with another option or options — lots and lots of them. It's a six-storey mall full of fashion clothing wholesale choices (note: they consider buying three dresses as a wholesale transaction already). It even has a bridal section that carries different designs for every bride-to-be's preference. Good news is if you need to take a break, you can grab a quick bite at their food court. Afterwards, you can go back to shopping!

Dongdaemun Market, Seoul, South Korea

If you've been hit by Hallyu (Korean wave), then the Dongdaemun market is the place to be to get your hands on the latest K-fashion trends. It's a whole shopping district divided into five blocks, where you'll find a whole lot of Korean goods aside from clothing. For K-fashion, you can find the Designer's Club and Gwanghee Fashion Mall in section 2, where you can buy great designs for less. In the other sections, you can purchase inexpensive traditional Korean Hanbok to satisfy your K-drama dreams. Walk some more and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the massive cosmetics and skincare products that you'll find. This is the place where you can shop till you drop.

Ubud Traditional Art Market, Bali, Indonesia

In just a single glance, the Ubud Traditional Art Market will overload your senses. The feast of colours, the aroma of street food from nearby vendors, the sounds of a typical open market and so on. But, what will catch your fashionista eye is the interesting patterns and dyes on the clothing that they sell. You can find diverse and unique fabrics like Batic. You can even ask some vendors to tailor dresses for you for a minimal fee.

Qipu Lu Clothing Market, Shanghai, China

When you visit Shanghai, make sure to drop in Qipu Lu market. This market is a bit intimidating for the newbie bargain hunter due to its messy appearance and persistent vendors. But once you look past the initial chaos, you're in for some great fashion deals. A word of warning — if you're being sold branded merchandise for a very low price, then the authenticity of the product may be questionable. When shopping here, it's best to stick to trendy clothing, shoes and accessories, so you don't get disappointed. 

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If you want to explore the best fashion deals, then you have to do some walking. Make sure to pack these shoes on your next trip.