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September marks the onset of autumn. On the other side of the world, people are witnessing the sceneries transform into beautiful fall colours. While we may not experience the actual change in seasons because we're from the tropics, we can, at least still have fun with the trends that come with it. With that said, here are some F/W 2017 fashion trends that caught our style radar. 


Outfit from Bershka

This fall, subtle prints are more preferred. This is in contrast with the previous seasons' very dynamic and bright patterns. Neutral-toned checkered prints are seen in several clothing pieces from Berksha's F/W 2017 collection.

Slogan Tees

Tee from Bershka

Be bold without doing much by putting on slogan tees. Express your profound thoughts or showcase your favourite songs with these minimalist shirts.

Sleeves With Textures

Outfit from Bershka

Add a little pizzazz to your outfit with these shirts with sleeve embellishments. Whether it's lace, fur or sequins, the hint of flamboyance in your otherwise ordinary tee makes you look fashion forward without trying too hard.

Unconventional Bags

Bag from Massimo Dutti

Stand out with eccentric unconventional bags. If you're sticking to basic and neutral colours for your outfit, why not have a little fun with the bag you're gonna use? We saw some interesting designs from several brands like this mini circular bag from Massimo Dutti that features a tassel.

Sock Boots

Boots from Zara

Instead of stuffy knee high boots, go for these sock boots that are more suited to our tropical weather. Not to mention they look very chic!


Outfit from Zara

Stylish oriental-inspired cuts and patterns are making waves this season. The prints are definitely swoon-worthy and artsy. 

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Little do most people know, during the latter part of the year, the sun is slightly much lower than its usual position due to the solstice. This makes it feel less hot but much more harmful to your peepers. So why not protect your eyes while still blending in with Fall's colours through rose-tinted specs?

Dior Stellaire in Pink

Retro vibes are all the rage in the past couple of months, and hey, we see nothing wrong with joining the bandwagon when it comes to something as sleek and minimalist. 

Fendi FF 0286S

Live like a Barbie girl with this beautiful baby pink pair that sports gradient lenses. 

Jimmy Choo Elva

Take the glitz and glam to a whole new level with this classy-not-tacky pair that is made more showstopping by its glittered side-rims.

Marc Jacobs Marc 220/S

Go bold, futuristic, and fun with the wide framing and iridescent colours of this Marc Jacobs pair. 

Tommy Hilfiger TH 1513/S

These unisex specs with angular frames and gradient lenses speak modern, chic, and sporty in true Tommy Hilfiger fashion.

(Cover photo from: LoveElisha) 

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Even though we live in the tropics, the fashion and beauty shelves on this side of the world still move along with the Western phase. So when it comes to trends, we expect coats, scarves, and autumnal colours, in general, to make their way into our stores as soon as September starts. But how exactly do we sport such pieces in very humid weather? 

Well, good news! If there's one Fall statement piece that we can start incorporating into our tropical wardrobe, that would be a scarf. Keep on reading to find out how to wear this stylish autumn accessory. 

Use it as a hair accessory

(Photo from: Sheiladytiu)

Not sure what to make of your 'do today? Wrap a scarf around your tresses and go for a boho-chic look. 

Pair it with a breezy top

(Photo from: SharonAChia)

Layers are definitely not ideal for the tropical heat, but work your accessorising game's potential by balancing your pieces. Go for an off-shoulder or a sleeveless top and pair it with a silk scarf for a Parisian vibe, minus the sweaty feeling. 

Just throw it over your shoulder 

(Photo from: LexiePuzon)

If you're not a fan of styling your scarves in complicated loops and twists, throwing it over your shoulder to add a pop of colour and texture to your ensemble works just fine, too! Wear it as a shawl if you're in the mood for some layers but still want to keep your outfit comfy and well-ventilated.

Use it as an accent belt

(Photo from: juliaantoinette)

Add a twist to your LBD or monochrome outfit by using a printed or bold-coloured scarf to cinch your waist or give your outfit some dimension. 

(Cover photo from: SharonAChia)

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