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A new year usually means a new avenue for change. Take this opportunity to evaluate your goals for the year and with these words of wisdom, perhaps we can help keep you on track. 


Learn to let go of what was. As a natural leader, you like being in control of situations, including the bad ones. Sometimes you have to trust that life won’t lead you astray and let things go as holding on only fosters resentment for yourself and others.

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Appreciate simple pleasures. Working as hard as an ox is part of your DNA, but there is a time and place for everything, especially when it comes to yourself. Take a break from your workaholic ways and smell the roses once in a while. Your psyche will thank you for it.


Be objective. As a people pleaser, your first instinct is to go along with the majority. This could lead to bad decisions and consequences. Stay true to yourself and remember that you don’t always need to be part of the herd to be well-liked.


Keep your emotions in check. Water signs are notorious for being ruled by their emotions. While this makes them the most empathetic of the signs, Cancers should take heed and remember to put common sense and rationale first.


Others matter, too.  Your confidence usually puts you on the spotlight but it’s time to take a step back and realise that not everything is about you. Remember to be respectful and give credit where it is due to maintain good ties with all those around you.


Don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. Caring about what others think is a human thing; but do take a moment to remember your own achievements and merits to create your own form of validation. You are wonderful, and you are enough.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Whether you are faced with situations that are good or bad, it’s important to know that there is a silver lining to everything. Don’t let the negatives drag you down when you can turn every failure into a lesson learned.


Kindness is key. Scorpios tend to be intense and aggressive in all matters, sometimes creating strife with other milder signs. Remember that not everyone who wrongs you should feel your sting as it is not weakness to use a gentler approach.


Expand your horizons. You have a tendency to confine yourself to a safe space despite craving freedom and adventure. Give in to your innate nature and explore new avenues for greater personal satisfaction.


Composure in, anxiety out. Look after yourself better this year and be more aware of the times when anxiety can take the reins in your life. Doing your best is important, but self-care and awareness will play a big role in your overall health in the long run.


Out with the old, in with the new. 2019 could very well be the year that you reinvent yourself. Throwing out old habits, revamping your look and starting fresh will be beneficial to you and your personal growth in the new year.


Perception is reality. Being the dreamer that you are, it’s easy to mix up your thoughts with reality. Understanding that the way you behave affects others is an important step to becoming a better friend or partner. Take heart and your relationships will be stronger than ever.

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Whether its the calm that comes with the waves or our not-so-secret dreams of being a mermaid, there's always something about bodies of water that leave us feeling at peace. And given that we are living in regions that have an everlasting summer season, the attraction is even more inevitable to find. Just take these water babies from the Community, for example, who just can't get away from the mesmerising blues of the lakes and seas. 

Beyond it all

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From chunky dad sneakers to neon kicks, bizarre trends have been dominating the shoe section in the past two years. But we have a good feeling that this season will be a little different because sleeker designs are about to hit the racks soon. Intrigued about what street style shoe trends are going to be hot for 2019? Keep reading to see the latest shoe launches that you'll want to have in your collection.

Timberland x MADNESS

TYPE-MD02 6" Fabric/Leather Vibram Lug Boot in Black/Olive, Price unavailable

After the success of their collaboration in 2017, Timberland and streetwear label MADNESS will once again come together for Spring/Summer 2019. Out of all the pieces that will be released from the collection, the Vibram Lug Boot is easily the most eye-catching one with its rugged yet cosy look. Additionally, this pair is reinforced with GORE-TEX® Technology making it durable and waterproof yet lightweight and breathable. It's the perfect pick for those who love the outdoors.

PUMA Suede x Swarovski

PUMA Suede bedazzled, SGD450/~USD331.72

In celebration of PUMA Suede's 50th anniversary, the brand collaborated with Swarovski to produce a bedazzled classic PUMA Suede. It's a combination of sophisticated elegance and contemporary style. The design is great to pair with dressy and athleisure outfits. 

REDValentino RED Ballet

REDValentino RED Ballet Spring/Summer 2019 Pre Collection, Price unavailable

If you love dainty aesthetics, sneakers are probably not your choice of footwear but REDValentino's latest release may just convince you to give it a try. Inspired by the traditional ballet shoe, the RED Ballet is embellished with a bow and comes in a delicate nude shade.

ASICSTIGER x Monsoon Patrol

ASICSTIGER x Monsoon Patrol, SGD209/~USD154.07

ASICSTIGER teams up with Singaporean sneaker artist Mark Ong and footwear retailer Limited Edt to create the Moon Patrol, a unique variation of the GEL-LYTE III shoe. It will retain the classic GEL-LYTE III silhouette but will be redressed with army green colour and camo prints. The newly released design will also have an updated triple-density sole and a fresh take on the classic split-tongue design to give a sleeker fit with better overall stability.

New Balance Fresh Foam

New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz Sock, SGD169/~USD124.58

Is comfort your ultimate priority? Then this latest drop from New Balance will catch your fancy. The Fresh Foam Cruz Sock features a fully knitted upper with a smooth heel-to-toe transition. It's a lightweight shoe that's best for those who train for marathons and other endurance sports.

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