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Your Beauty Brand Match According To Your Zodiac Sign

A beauty match made in heaven

As beauty junkies, we love trying different makeup and skincare products from various brands. And yet, there's that one beauty brand that speaks to us on a personal level. Your HG product may not be from them, but their values and aesthetics totally mirror your personality. Keep reading to find out which one is your match according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Colourpop

You love makeup more than skincare because with makeup, you get to experiment with different daring looks. Each day is an opportunity to try out a new technique and you're one of the bold ones who are willing to risk looking funny if that means you'll be the first one to rock a beauty trend. Which is why Colourpop is your beauty brand. With all the affordable up-to-date selections, you'll never be bored. Glitters, shimmers and metallics — you name it, they have it.

Taurus: Innisfree

As an Earth sign, you have an affinity with nature. So you naturally gravitate towards brands that are environmentally conscious and naturalism-oriented. Unlike Aries, you don't care much about passing makeup trends. Your priority is the pursuit of healthy and clear skin that endures the test of time. And if you do use makeup, you stick to the basics and use only classic shades. If there's one beauty brand that you'll surely love right off the bat, it's Innisfree. Their skincare lines are superb, especially the classic Green Tea and Jeju Volcanic line. 

Gemini: COSRX

You're a proud nerd, and it shows in how you've created your beauty routine. You prefer straight-to-the-point beauty brands with minimal marketing gimmicks. Instead, what impresses you is if the products indicate ingredient percentage. This is so you can mix and match potent serums, toners, and creams to create a personalised skincare regimen. If you haven't discovered COSRX yet, then you better google the brand right now. You'll surely go gaga over their impressive products with a straightforward ingredient list and their sleek packaging. 

Cancer: Laneige

There's no denying that you love comfort. So you choose cosmetics that soothe and nourish your skin. As for the branding, you don't like showy aesthetics, but you do appreciate well thought out designs that are simple yet functional. Laneige is the brand that ticks off all the items on your checklist. From their Water Bank line to their lip masks, you'll definitely love the comfort and hydration that these products offer. 

Leo: Benefit

You're all about getting glam, and you live for on fleek everything when it comes to makeup. There's no better brand match for you than Benefit. Like the Benefit branding, you're equal parts cheeky and bold. You just love looking polished and ready for your close-up all the time. We bet that if you'll be forced to use only one makeup product for all eternity, you'd choose one of their brow products.

Virgo: Glossier

You demand perfection or at least something close to it. You want something that's proven to work perfectly. That's why you're prone to trying brands with cult-following. For you, if it's a beauty blockbuster then it must be doing something right. It also doesn't hurt if the brand's packaging is neat and tidy — something that won't look out of place on your pretty beauty shelf. With all that said, look no further than Glossier. It's one of the hottest beauty brands with a massive fan base right now, not to mention the classy aesthetics that you'll definitely be fond of.

Libra: Lush

You're a lover of all things ingenious and photogenic. Lush's unconventional products like the bath bomb surprises and shower jellies will delight your creative soul. As a social creature, you'll also enjoy sharing your experience with Lush's new releases to your friends on and off social media. 

Scorpio: Kat Von D

You may not be born with edgy features, but you have a deeply intense and passionate persona. Kat Von D cosmetics is the only beauty brand that will help bring out these traits for all the world to see. From black to rose, you can pick almost any shade you want for your eyeshadows and lippies. Forget the 'normal' definition of what is pretty, be as fierce or mysterious as you want. No look is too bizarre as long as you stay true to yourself.

Sagittarius: Urban Decay

If there were a brand that can keep up with your ever-changing tastes, it would be Urban Decay. You do have favourites, but you admit that you can't just stick to one makeup look. Just like Aries and Libra, you also love experimenting with makeup but you love creating new looks rather than following trendy ones. You create the trend; you don't follow them. You even consider your UD palettes your art tools.

Capricorn: L'Oréal

You're a busy lady, so you don't really have time to get to know indie beauty brands. You buy products from brands that have been an industry leader for as long as you can remember. And because of that, L'Oréal is your go-to brand. It has never failed you, and you trust that it never will. That's really all you want from your cosmetics. 

Aquarius: M·A·C

MAC is made for people like you who don't want to be predictable. With their wide array of lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes, you can literally be whoever you want to be on any given day. Look sweet today with pinks and oranges, then fierce tomorrow with deep plums. It's your choice.

Pisces: Too Cool For School

As someone who has an artistic soul, you have a soft spot for brands that have innovative packaging. Too Cool For School's quirky designs will make you giddy and imaginative at the same time. And because you're also practical when it comes to your cosmetics, you'll love the makeup combos that they have like the After School BB Foundation Lunch Box and Dinoplatz Cinema City. 

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