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Who knew that the very shoes you choose to wear on a regular basis actually say something about your personality. Like Christian Louboutin said, “A shoe is not only a design, but it's a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you're going to move is quite dictated by your shoes."

So in this guide, we decode your personality depending on the pair you fancy.


Sneakers are the adventurers of shoes because out and about, you will always find them. Women in these kicks are known to be open-minded and extroverted, with highly artistic traits and skills in multitasking. 


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Oxfords, loafers and ballet flats are versatile shoes that can be worn both in formal and casual settings. Women who wear these kinds of pairs are strong, focused and know exactly what they want. Their strong personality tends to intimidate others so they often find themselves limited to a small circle of friends. For those who see them for who they truly are, know that they are actually humble and modest individuals.

High heels

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Subconsciously, pumps and stiletto lovers view themselves as the queen or the boss for being success-driven and highly confident individuals. It takes courage to last the whole day walking in high heels, resulting in unpredictable behaviours for those who are tough enough to wear them. This is because they have gone through many challenges that made them survivors and independent people.

Low heels

Low platforms, wedges and block heels are the passive sisters of high heels. These women are calm in nature and prefer to avoid conflict by living a practical lifestyle that allows them to be flexible and able to compromise. They are straightforward people, but they are quite the romantic and more sociable than others, so they have stronger relationships.


The most casual shoes like flip-flops or slides can be found worn by laidback people who just want to go with the flow. Due to their friendly nature, their friends often describe them as sweet and understanding. But there's a tendency that strangers think they are quite spontaneous and unconventional because of their carefree attitude, which sets them apart from societal norms.


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Boots were designed for protection in extreme conditions like the weather and rough terrains. Similarly, women who wear these shoes are analytical and strategic planners. They have an assertive attitude because of their desire to live a grounded and practical lifestyle. This makes them skilled in making clear and rational decisions.

Clogs or mules

These types of shoes are often found to be worn by healthcare professionals such as nurses or food preppers such as chefs because they are easy to slip on and move around in. Beyond that, it’s no surprise that women who wear these pairs are nurturing and generous with a big heart for serving others. They are also down-to-earth with a strong lust for life, often seen surrounded by nature and optimistic people.

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High heels are grand and all, but if we're talking about trusty and comfy shoes we can rely on every day, there's no doubt that sneakers are the queen of daily footwear. From sleek designs to the chunkiest of sorts, there's a sneaker style for everyone. Just let our ladies from the Community prove it!

Playin' dress up

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Kick start

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