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Here's What Your Fave Social Media Says About Your Personality

Are you a liker, a 'grammer, or an upvoter?

Here's a dare: name one person in your inner circle that doesn't have a social media account or isn't constantly exposed to it. Sure, there can be one or two at most. But almost everyone nowadays — regardless of age, gender, or social status — has an account that encapsulates their online persona. And with a variety of these platforms now available for us to use and explore, there's bound to be a favourite that we use more than the others. Curious as to what your top choice of social media platform says about you? Keep on scrolling to find out.



Mark Zuckerberg's brain-child may have been at the top of its game 10 years ago, but now, it's really more of a must-maintain-just-because platform for most people than an actual space for online interaction. Still, you're the type to keep it because of its efficiency. From news to getting updates about people you know to random memes and cat videos, Facebook is still the most complete platform. And since you're more practical and laidback, it's still the best online spot for you.



Quick-witted, decisive, and unafraid to show your emotions, you love Twitter for its no-nonsense appeal when it comes to representing you on the online sphere. Your personality is bold and dynamic, giving just the right mix of quirkiness and being thoughtful when it comes to the things you say. You also strongly believe in the power of words and statements. That's why you love the fact that Twitter doesn't allow editing of tweets once they're posted since you believe that the platform should be an accurate extension of your own thoughts and state of mind at every moment. 



If Instagram is your favourite platform, then you are someone who loves to share your life in vivid colours. An optimist who prefers to present her social persona as a highlight reel, you believe that the Internet should have a healthy and positive environment. Such philosophy exudes even outside of your social presence, which allows you to see the beauty in everything as if they are always fit for the 'gram. 



Love Snapchat? Then there's no doubt that you're a social butterfly. You're not afraid to goof off or be candid in front of the people that you interact with and your confidence speaks volumes about your bright personality. Letting people in on the behind-the-scenes of your life means that you are also someone who is trusting, loyal, and always ready to rise above your mistakes. 



Known to be the home of pop culture geeks, melancholic poets and storytellers, and hipsters, Tumblr is the haven for someone who is creative, passionate, and have a deeper sense for life. You're not so much for extroverted interaction on and offline and would rather serenely consume information and visuals that feel much closer to you on a personal and spiritual level. You find peace in seeing like-minded people who also love sharing their musings online and, from time to time, you grace the Internet with your own creative works under a pseudonym that summarises your entire Internet persona. 



If YouTube is your safe space on the Internet, it means that you're someone who's independent and a bit strong-willed. This is because you usually love doing things your own way. Tutorials, vlogs, or other bits on the platform help you learn and analyse things more on an experiential level than a theoretical one. In real life, you're the type to go through many trials and errors to see which way works best rather than just sticking to a methodologic approach that feels too stiff and restrictive.  



When you discovered Pinterest, it was like a dream. You love organising, curating, and planning. It really helped that you found a platform that allows you to do all that. Perhaps the outgoing and extroverted version of a Tumblr gal, you share the same passion for creativity but are much more open to having other people experience and appreciate your creations. You also have a distinct taste and style when it comes to everything that you own and do. And whatever it is, there's no doubt that it is a reflection of your personality inside and out. 



Outspoken, confident, and always curious, Reddit may not be a conventional social media platform but you love it anyway. You're always up for discovering topics that inspire today's conversations and you're always interested in what other people have to say about them. You always crave for deep discussions and mindful thought-pieces and this online platform connects you with people who also want the same thing, making it your top choice when navigating the interweb. 

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