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Our personality shows when we are faced with goals and challenges ahead of us. And one of the experiences where we get to test our personalities and observe just how different we are from others is through a workout. It allows us to tap into values such as discipline, patience and determination. How we achieve our fitness goals usually lies in our attitude towards this practice. But how exactly do our guiding stars affect our workout personality? Keep on reading to find out. 

Aries: Always up for a challenge

Fiery and always energetic, Aries ladies are always looking for fitness activities that will bring out the fighter in them. Whether it's an individual workout activity or something they could enjoy with a group, they are always up for the testing out limits and strengths and trying out new workout methods that excite them. 

Taurus: In the zone for zen

Taurus ladies are well known for being grounded and practical and this draws them to activities that fit in well with their daily routine. They're not too excited about strenuous exercises and would much rather go for chill and relaxing workouts like taichi and yoga that centre their mind, body and soul.

Gemini: Fired up for something new

Passionate and dynamic, ladies watched over by Mercury are versatile when it comes to looking for workout methods. Innovative methods excite them, which makes the latest and trendiest workout styles their cups of tea — think spinning or aerial hoops.

Cancer: Perfectly grounded

With the Moon as their watcher, Cancerians are often very serene and well-rounded even when it comes to their workout personalities. This makes them go for workout styles that are also all about harmony and balance, whether it be in the method, aesthetic or even the company they experience it with. 

Leo: Adventurous and bold

As one of the fire signs, girls under Leo are always looking for excitement even when it comes to their workouts. Preferring outdoor-based activities instead of routinary sessions, their fitness regimen is just as dynamic as they are. 

Virgo: Always looking for progress

Checklists, fitness bucket lists and Pinterest boards filled with fitness inspirations — these things usually define a Virgo's workout personality. Always set to whatever they put their mind to, they are the type who love to stay organised and keep track of their growth when it comes to accomplishing workout tasks.

Libra: Holistic

With the scales as their zodiac symbol, it's no surprise that the outlook of Libras, even when it comes to fitness, is holistic. They are not easily satisfied with activities that solely focus on either brain or brawn and would much prefer activities that challenge and enhance both aspects. 

Scorpio: Trying out trends

Fierce and passionate, ladies who are born under Mars are all about variety. Their unwavering curiosity motivates them to always try new things and look at trends to see which ones will fuel their fire the most. 

Sagittarius: Effort and results combined

Their bold and assertive personality makes them go for activities that challenge their strength and stamina as they believe these activities need the most effort and deliver the most results. Most inclined to challenging workout methods like fusion classes and martial arts, Sagittarians are usually the fitness buff in the bunch who will definitely be your workout idol. 

Capricorn: Something fresh and fun

Always patient and focused when it comes to their daily tasks, Capricorns prefer to switch things up a bit when it comes to their workout. They treat their fitness routines as their breather and that's why they prefer refreshing and fun activities that bring out a whole new side to them. 

Aquarius: Powerful but soothing

Aquarians are known to be friendly and team players, which is why they are always at the centre of activities that challenge their — and others' — strength. Their upbeat and optimistic attitude towards working out gives others a sense of calm and motivation, which makes them a powerful workout partner or teammate. 

Pisces: Nothing beats the classics

Known for being empathic, those who are born under the guidance of Neptune feel the importance of staying true and understanding the roots of all things. This is why they are persistent in trying out steady but tried and tested methods. Despite the many emerging trends when it comes to fitness, they still prefer classic types of workouts like taebo, aerobics and good ol' cardio exercises. 

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