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Beauty tutorials have nested on YouTube since its launch in 2005. Now, it has become its own booming industry, with over thousands of beauty gurus and enthusiasts thriving on the platform with their own influential empires. So it's only fitting that the platform now houses one of the biggest features in both beauty and tech that might change our viewing — and shopping — experience forever. And yes, we're talking a Black Mirror-like development. 

YouTube's New Tech Allows You To Try Makeup As You Watch Tutorials - AR technology

Google recently announced on their Marketing Platform blog the launch of 'immersive brand experiences' for both YouTube and other forms of display ads. This means bringing an augmented reality feature to YouTube, as well as 3D technology to their advertising assets. Google claims that since many viewers have often turned to YouTube creators for recommendations and brands have often tied up with them, this new technology will just make the experience for the viewers more personalised.

AR as we know it

Before you say anything, we know that augmented reality (AR) advertising, especially in beauty, is nothing new or foreign to us anymore. After all, apps like Meitu, Snow, MakeupPlus, as well as Snapchat and Instagram, are known to use augmented reality to give us a real-time 'filtered' beauty experience

ModiFace is also a well-known tech company that partners with the likes of MAC Cosmetics, L'Oreal, and Estee Lauder to bring us an AR try-on experience, both on mobile and in-store. These developments gave was a win-win for both consumers and brands, with the former having a more informed shopping experience and the latter getting user-generated data that is helpful for product and business development.

With this, we ask: where does YouTube's new enhancement fit in? 

Shop as you watch

Taking the AR-experience a notch higher, YouTube's taking a page from Instagram's shopping feature. When enabled, the user's screen is split between the tutorial and the AR feature, where the user can try on products mentioned in the video, as well as hit 'shop' if anything suits their fancy. Google also claims that this feature "offers realistic, virtual product samples that work on a full range of skin tones." 

YouTube's New Tech Allows You To Try Makeup As You Watch Tutorials - Virtual lipstick try-on

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MAC Cosmetics is the first to sign on as a partner, despite the technology still being on alpha mode via Google's FameBit platform. This is probably due to the promising results of its initial roll-out via iOS early this year, where 30 per cent of viewers enabled the feature, trying on MAC lipstick shades via AR for an average of 80 seconds. 

Foreseeable pros and cons

Being a technology-driven generation, these fast advancements are all typical headlines to us at this point. However, as much as these tech upgrades are getting more and more exciting, previous incidents of technological mishaps should still be enough to keep us wary. 

As we mentioned earlier, making a more informed decision, even through online purchasing, is made more possible by AR-related reforms. It also allows for convenience and efficiency, saving people time in between watching tutorials, researching products, and eventually hitting the 'Add To Cart' button. It allows us to have a swatch party without necessarily having to deal with a makeup mess after.

YouTube's New Tech Allows You To Try Makeup As You Watch Tutorials - Pros and cons

But then again, do such menial tasks really have to meet such interventions? Are we really allowing technology to do everything for us and miss out on what 'actual experiences' are like?

On a similar note, this novelty feature also poses some security and privacy issues. Having your face scanned, in addition to Google owning almost your entire internet history, is a scary idea if you think about it. Remember that with technological advancements come people who get more skilled at penetrating its systems — leaving us, the consumers, almost vulnerable.

This is why caution — no matter what interesting tech development arises — still remains our best weapon. 

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Ever since physical exfoliants were outed as potentially damaging to the skin, chemical exfoliants have taken over the scene. The most popular are alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which work on the surface, and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), which penetrate deeper into the skin to clear pores.

While there are plenty of options in the market for each, the most effective ones are those that include both in their formulations. One such example is Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel. Often seen in glowy skinned makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes’ IG beauty prep tutorials, the Dennis Gross peel pads promise to reveal radiant, smooth skin with anti-ageing benefits. Seeing how well it works on Katie Jane made me want to try it for myself. So, here’s a little review on the product after consistently using it for a week.

Packaging, Scent, and Texture

True to its founder's medical background, the pads are stored in an unassuming white and orange box and come in hygienic, individually wrapped packets. The packaging reminds me of a box of prescribed multivitamins which I think, really gives it a no-nonsense, professional look. I like how easy they are to store and use. The only downside is that these single-use plastic packets also contribute to a lot of waste.

As for the texture, the pads come pre-soaked in the formula. The pads are thinner than your average wet wipe and are what I assume to be one of those organic facial cotton variants, which tend to absorb more product. They also provide a bit of physical exfoliation as they’re a bit on the scratchy side though nothing too rough.

Application and Effects

I’ve had a bit of experience with different types of acids but it’s the first time I’ve used a multi-acid formulation. The Dennis Gross peel pads feature a blend of glycolic, salicylic, citric, lactic, and malic acid to deliver some serious exfoliation. Step 1 is the Exfoliate & Smooth pad, which contains the AHA/BHA mix. I applied after cleansing and noticed a slight tingling, though not uncomfortable, sensation — which is a pretty common effect I get when it comes to using acids in my routine. This was followed by Step 2, the Anti-Ageing Neutraliser, which contains known age-fighting ingredients ascorbic acid, retinol, and resveratrol. I found that this soothed my skin quickly and any hint of tingle disappeared immediately afterwards.

While I was using the Dennis Gross peel pads, it was around that time of the month when my skin would be extra oily and problematic due to hormonal changes. I noticed that it really helped keep the usual breakouts from developing. After just a week of use, I can say that my skin texture looks smoother, feels a little more refined, and my overall complexion brighter to the point where I feel confident enough to go out with just a hint of concealer on. I’ve yet to see any noticeable difference on dark spots but as for the anti-ageing benefits, I did notice that the little lines that had begun to form on my forehead are no longer noticeable. I haven’t used any retinol product prior to this as I was always a bit intimidated, but after seeing the effect it has on my skin, I just might be a convert.

Overall Thoughts

At SGD135 for a box of 30 packets, the Dennis Gross peel pads do come with a rather hefty price tag. Still, I think the results really speak for themselves and it’s a product worth trying especially since it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. It's a good choice even for first-time acid and retinol users. It doesn’t skimp on the cost but neither does it skimp on the positive effects and I look forward to seeing how it does over time. I highly recommend the Dennis Gross peel pads for those looking for skincare products that are simple to use but sophisticated in formulation.

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The Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel is available at Sephora SG. 



Traditionally, the month of June is the perfect time to get married because of the goddess Juno, who is said to be the protector of women in all aspects of life. We’re well into the month, and weddings are happening here and there. Which only means one thing: bridal inspiration is everywhere.

While some brides wish to have glamourous looks complete with elaborate eyeshadows and intensely pigmented lippies, others just want it fresh and effortless-looking. And we don’t blame them. After all, natural is said to be the new extraordinary because it tends not to overpower the wedding dress and reveal the bride’s beauty more.

If you’re a fan of natural beauty looks, here are some of the celebrity wedding looks to take inspiration from.

Meghan Markle

Actress-turned-Duchess-of-Sussex Meghan Markle and makeup artist friend Daniel Martin agreed on a minimal look for her wedding with Prince Harry. She donned the right thickness of the lashes, a few strokes of blush to almost none, and a subtle amount of pink colour on her lips.

Priyanka Chopra

Actress Priyanka Chopra was a fresh, blushing bride when she tied the knot with musician Nick Jonas in their Western wedding. Except for the fuschia lip colour, her makeup was overall natural, which was complemented well by her relaxed hairstyle. One of our favourite celebrity wedding looks to date, for sure.

Song Hye Kyo

Korean actress Song Hye Kyo has effortless beauty that just shines through, so the decision to keep her wedding makeup to a minimum was the right choice. Hues of coral subtly touched her eye creases and cheeks while her hair was simply tied up in a bun, achieving a clean and very elegant over-all look.

Solenn Heussaff

Filipino actress Solenn Heussaff can sport a total glamourous look if she wants to, but she went the opposite direction during her wedding. Aside from a bit of smokiness on her eyelids, Solenn kept everything looking neutral and natural.

Shu Qi

Taiwanese-Hong Kong actress Shu Qi wore eyes that were slightly smokey, cheeks that had a soft touch of blush and lips that had a hint of shimmer during her wedding with actor-director Stephen Fung. Of all the celebrity wedding looks we’ve featured, it was the epitome of natural as it was paired with her practical but still marvellous H&M bridal gown.

(Cover photo from: @meghanmarkle_official and @_priyankachopra)

If you’re an out-of-the-norm bride, you can also check out some shoe inspiration here.