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Microscope Beauty Videos Are Taking Over YouTube

Not for the faint of heart

The internet is a big (and sometimes scary) place. Just YouTube itself has a plethora of content for everyone, and you won’t always know what you’ll run into after just a few minutes of tapping through video recommendations. One minute, you’re watching movie trailers and then you’re suddenly onto pimple popping videos. Weirdly enough, no matter how gross the extremely zoomed-in shots of stuff popping out someone’s pores is, we can’t keep our eyes off it. As if those kinds of videos weren’t enough, a new trend is taking over our favourite beauty vloggers' community: microscope beauty.

The oddly satisfying trend all started with YouTuber Tina Yong and her “Peel Off Blackhead Mask Under A Microscope” video. Millions of hits later, her #TINASCOPE videos inspired other beauty vloggers to upload their own “Under A Microscope” episodes, with subjects ranging from cosmetic products to other beauty tools. So if you’ve ever been curious about how your skin or makeup looks really up close, read on.

Zooming on makeup

Makeupbypita’s video is only one of the many makeup product zoom-ins uploaded on the site. Hold on tight because these sorts of videos are going to show you what your favourite palettes and beauty tools really contain — at least on the surface level. 

What's real?

Of course, who would pass up the opportunity to closely compare the actual difference between the legit and the rip-off beauty products? No matter how similar they look at normal distance, videos like Safiya Nygaard’s will prevent you from being lured into knowingly buying these cheaper versions.

Bare face, brave heart 

Now here’s the real deal. YouTubers like dope2111 brave it out and show a microscopic view of their faces with both makeup and none. Prepare to be disturbed and disgusted — and wanting to see even more.


To other parts we go

The vlogger who started it all takes us to undiscovered sights. Moving on from makeup and beauty products, Tina Yong shows us that even her scalp and nails can be quite interesting subjects underneath the microscope. After all these, you’ll never see yourself the same way again.

This latest YouTube trend sure has us all feeling like scientists. Quite unsettling and gross but also a tad bit informative and cool.  Where we’ll all use this info for, we honestly don’t know. But more knowledge more power, right?