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Look At The Highlights Of Zaloraya 2019

The best of Malaysian modest fashion

When you think of Raya, what come to mind are long sleeves and flowy skirts, high collars and intricate batik patterns. The finest of Malaysia’s local designers have turned that train of thought right around to bring you updated silhouettes, subtle colour palettes, and sparkling embellishments on the runway this year at Zaloraya 2019. Ahead, the highlights of the show.

Subtle shades 

3thelabel kicked off the show with combinations of blush pink and buttercup yellow. Models sashayed down the runway in a variety of silhouettes to suit the modern woman. Major love was shown for Ezzati Amira’s collection featuring Japanese-inspired designs — kimono-style tops and sleek skirts — done in shades of seafoam green and champagne with leafy prints reminiscent of cranes taking flight. More may be more, but some things are better done in muted colours and luxurious fabrics.

Bold prints

Aside from the pleasing colours that came down the runway, we also noticed an abundance of prints adorning the garments. Afiq M brought out some unique looks amidst the more sedate pieces in his collection, drawing the eye with kaftan tops cinched at the waist, accentuated with eye-catching nature-themed prints. Tom Abang Saufi also wowed us with flowing kaftans and kurung Kedah featuring contrasting geometric prints on vivid yellows, blues, reds, and oranges.

Dulcet drapes 

The Yadotsa show was a delight, with every piece carrying just the right amount of softness to exude a light feminine aura. Our favourites were the Calla and the Jules kurung, both in updated styles that we’d love to own. Syaiful Baharim left a mark on our hearts with his flawless draping, managing to flatter a woman’s shape while maintaining her modesty and creating an air of elegance with warmer tones of purple, rosewood pink, and magenta.

Blooming beauty 

Spring is in the air with Petra and Justin Yap designs blossoming with fresh florals and foliage in earthy tones. Justin takes a more contemporary approach with two-piece outfits that you can wear as separates, and Petra took inspiration from interior wall art of old palaces, lending a regal air to their glossy, magazine-worthy pieces, and adding a touch of whimsy with delicate polka-dotted mesh.

Shimmering accents 

Forget understated; it’s time to go big or go home with an outfit from Zalia and dazzle your guests as you welcome them into your home this festive season. We’re talking gorgeously embellished tops that shimmer with every movement and sleeves that sparkle from shoulder to wrist. Lubna closed the show with sequinned stunners paired with matching skirts that catch the light from every angle, making you the undoubted belle of the ball.

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