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A new year is an opportunity to try new things and explore new adventures. Since it's a season of new beginnings, it's only fitting that it is met with hope and optimism. There's no harm in banking on getting luckier at this time either. With many things on the horizon, a little luck surely won't hurt. If you're looking to improve areas in your life next year, here are the colours to don according to your Chinese Zodiac Sign, as prescribed by our friends from specialist Feng Shui consultancy New Trend Lifestyle.

Rat: Blue, Green, White

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The coming year will be an adventurous one for you and new opportunities will come in. Make sure you're styled and ready to greet them with colours that will enhance your luck and help you seize new challenges.

Ox: Purple, Maroon, Pink

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You'll be happy to know that the challenges of 2018 will be left behind as the new year unfolds. 2019 holds better things for you. But be careful about your health. Don't let stress get to you. Make sure you prioritise communicating well with your family, too. Do so while donning pieces in your lucky colour perhaps?

Tiger: White, Yellow, Orange, Beige

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There's an advancement in your career set on the horizon. So you better be poised and styled to take on new challenges and moving up — in your lucky colours, of course. Make sure you take a look at your finances, too. Don't get drowned by the advancements and keep your feet on the ground.

Rabbit: Pink, Brown, Khaki

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The "Sun" will be shining for you in 2019, and that means you'll have a jampacked year of opportunities. You'll want to meet new people in order to see your plans for changes through. Make sure you're wearing your lucky colours to attract the right people who will help you with your goals.

Dragon: Gray, Brown, Grayish-Black

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Those born under the Year of the Dragon will see fulfilment in their careers next year. With your talents being recognised and colleagues and friends by your side, you'll be unstoppable. Play around with your prescribed colours to gain more positive energy to complement your already good fortune.

Snake: Green, Purple, Violet

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It will be a rocky year for you, but don't fret. While you will see an improvement in the financial aspect of your life, there could be trouble with how you manage people. So make sure you're keeping everything in check. Attract good energy and evoke positive vibes, especially when around other people, with the help of your lucky colours.

Horse: Beige, Yellow, Pink

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Are you ready for good tidings to come? You better be, because 2019 will be ripe of it for you. But hold your horses (pun intended) when it comes to your ego. Keep yourself in check, especially when things are going your way. Keep things neutral and bright with ensembles in the colours of beige, yellow and pink.

Goat: Baby Blue, Red, Maroon

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It's going to be a combination of good and bad for you next year. While the fruits of your labour will be appreciated at work, your personal relationships may take a beating. So make sure you're always kind with your words and try to strike the perfect balance. Play around with light and intense hues — mix red, maroon and baby blue.

Monkey: White, Black, Green, Red

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Tread carefully when you enter the new year because there will be instances that will cause distrust. There will be a lot of changes in store for you, so make sure you're dressed up for them. And keep your eyes on the prize, no matter what, because you'll find success in work and wealth next year.

Rooster: Brown, Beige, Gray

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Things will be radically different for you next year — in a good way. Embrace new opportunities, particularly one that may lead a life abroad, with open arms and neutral hues. 

Dog: Green, Blue, Black

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Personal growth? Check. Career enhancement? Check. You'll have a busy year ahead of you because you'll be given a lot of opportunities to shine. Focus on work because you'll definitely reap the fruits of your hard labour next year. A new romance is in the cards for you as well... that is if you're single, of course! Make sure you're ready to take on all these and wear an ensemble that's as powerful as the chances set out for you.

Pig: Navy, Light Blue, Silver Gray

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Things will be a mix of good and bad for you next year. So make sure you keep things in balance — from how you handle difficulties to how you treat others. The most important thing to do is to keep your ties with your family close because they will be the ones to help you in any type of adversity. Find your tribe and harness your relationship with them. Counter the bad through the help of your lucky colours.

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Learn more about your fortune in the Year of the Pig (2019) by consulting with New Trend Lifestyle.



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