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This outfit is called “damn-shoulda-saved-it-for-CNY” @lovebonito #lbstudio

First order of business mow that I am back to my regular schedule: play with make up and organize my... - read more


First on our Taiwan agenda: #MilkTea! A trip to Taiwan simply isn't complete without it! First stop:... - read more

Perfect treat from @thebeehivepastries 🐝 • Blueberry cheesecake — flaunts the per... - read more

In conjunction with the " Renewal of Hope" campaign, Hennessy collaborates with renowned Chinese art... - read more

Who’s ready for Lunar New Year? 🧧 The glutton in me have already started snacking on a... - read more

This time we didn’t match #ootd 🙈 #swaggersmy #clozette

In the days that you no longer recognise yourself and it feels like you've lost that fire in your ey... - read more

So much to be thankful for ❤️ #KayelleSg #Clozette #ClozetteTeaParty

#Shoefie with @smparisian


You know that feeling of holding your first born for the first time like once you hold your baby you... - read more

Dressing up like my 5th grader self 😅 #clozette

Are you all ready for CNY? 💃🏻


🌼🌼🌼 (but with white petals) | Newest on 𝐰𝐰𝐰.𝐓... - read more

曾经的海枯石烂 抵不过好聚... - read more

bathroom selfie because why not


Supposedly look for today but the universe isn’t cooperating with me. Para hindi sayang ang ma... - read more

Always happy to get a haul of skincare products which are high-quality, but affordable! 😍 J... - read more

Time travel📞☎️✨✨ say what now💫 I want coffee... lots of c... - read more

Congrats for your successful launch of your grocery ecommerce platform creating opportuni... - read more

#Sponsored | Ready to add CBD into your everyday routine? I've got you 😉 Learn the pure bene... - read more

Do you like collecting cute things, like hair clips or earrings like I do?! 🤔 If you do, yo... - read more

Issa Adventure Time with BMO at Coney Island 🥾 And once again; never 100% trust Google Map

I will have a new video in a bit! Part 2✌🏻 #youtube #youtuber #youtubeph #vlogger #vlo... - read more


umbrellas #clozette #ATtravels👸🏻

[TRAVEL LIGHT] Travel comfortably & light is important for me. It’s made possible with @uniqlo... - read more

Out with the old and in with the new! Spring clean your look, your wardrobe and now even your nails... - read more

How’s your preparation for Chinese New Year coming about? This year Chinese New Year came rea... - read more

What you need for a DATE? Good clothes, Fine dining, Reservation at a restaurant, Movie tix? YES AND... - read more

If you know me in person, you’ll know my life is completely opposite from a book of fairytale... - read more

If you're a foodie, add the Kagawa Prefecture on your must-visit spots list. Why? Simply because it'... - read more

Waiting eagerly for CNY but don’t want CNY to be over 🤔 hmmmm


[GIVEAWAY] I have a weakness for accessories and I love choosing different styles of earrings, rings... - read more

I am a hardcore potato chip lover who can finish one pack of potato chips within a night and I'm sup... - read more

Wore just one blazer from @bananarepublic and one pair of sneakers from @tomsphilippines for these p... - read more

Finally, no more long lines! 💕 yep, you can now enjoy your cheesecake cocoa milk tea or chee... - read more

It's the season of love 💕! has updated their latest floral bouquet collect... - read more

Don't call me angel.♊🔮🌙