Downy Sweetheart


Whether we girls admit it or not, the color Pink tickles our fancy one way or another. Personally, Pink makes me think of softness, feminity, youthfulness, and most of the time the aromatic scent of roses too! With the new Downy Sweetheart, my bestfriend @wnbahiah & I got to experience all of the above and all at once with each fabric care cycle. Don't ever want any other smell on our clothes.
I remember when we're growing up - @wnbahiah & I would always share our dreams and (artificial) plans for the future like migrating to some fantasy island at 25. Now that we're 'tapping' into adulthood, we can only laugh the plan off - literally! What matters now are really just the littlest things in life. From getting our comfort food at the end of a long day to making sure our clothes smell the best. These are good enough to put a smile on our faces!
My bestfriend & I were so excited when the parcel from Downy arrived and couldn’t wait to unbox to see what’s inside! Hence, the reactions as shown in the pictures above. Please swipe to see our surprised reactions when we opened the box as the smell of the new Downy Sweetheart Fabric Care is just so heavenly great! We just can’t wait to don our clothes and let our personalities shine through. 🌸
OMG! Believe it or not, even after a long day, we can still enjoy ourselves as the smell stayed throughout the day! With Downy Sweetheart, my bestfriend & I can take on the mundane experience and make them extraordinary by being ourselves & not being weighed down by whatever is happening around us, be it good or bad, we’ll always stay positive & think on the bright side. With this, I’m asking for all of you to let let go of your youthful spirit with the new Downy Sweetheart which is inspired by 1000 roses. You’ll definitely love the smell & how soft your fabrics will be after applying the Downy Sweetheart as seen in my pictures.
Think I've said this before, but I'm gonna say it again, that my whole Family has been using Downy for as long as we could even remember. This time 'round, Downy has just launched their sixth & newest scent from their Parfum Collection & it's by far my fav scent of all! Love how carefree & light the fragrance is. Let's #PinkIt with the NEW DOWNY SWEETHEART.
If you missed my last post, go & check it out now! Cus, I chose an outfit for my bestie & she chose one for me. P/s: we still can't get over the new Downy Sweetheart's fragrance. It has this wonderful scent that makes our clothes beautifully scented.
Unboxing the new Downy Sweetheart from @downymalaysia! The newest scent from the Downy Parfum collection with a long lasting scent inspired by 1000 roses.
#OOTD with one of my favourite people! Outfits courtesy of @clozetteco + we feel and smell great all thanks to @downymalaysia‘s Downy Sweetheart!
Yayyy the happiest moment is when you can unbox a surprise from @downymalaysia with ma love @Sheryn_kailing // The Downy Sweetheart ensures our clothes stay soft and I love love love how it makes my clothes smell so good all the time.
When your outfit matches with your friend, yeaaa you know your day will be lit! // The Downy Sweetheart softener smells like we have perfume on that lasts all day. It makes me feel light and carefree again!
No doubt I’m a huge scent lover! So I would like to share with you the new Downy Sweetheart Collection which provides a spontaneous fragrance that lasts longer than perfumes!
Sporting a floral themed outfir with my BFF today! I love how Downy always make my outfits smell extra pleasant even without applying expensive perfumes. Smell like 1000 roses today!


No other colour inspires our youthful and carefree spirit like PINK!
Feel forever young with its fragrance that lasts longer than expensive perfumes.