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We know it can be hard to envision what could be amid a very uncertain present. It’s no secret that the current health issue caught us all off-guard.

With not as many travel plans to look forward to or major life decisions to commit to at the moment, how do you continue to
awaken your future?

Take back control in your life by creating a mission statement. Yes, it’s not only for business. Having one for your personal life can be your guide to achieving what you want in the future.
Invest in things that are tried-and-true
For content creator Josephine Yap, the mission is to challenge how far her dreams — and skin — can take her. With this goal in mind, she’s taking action by setting clear intentions for her upcoming business. “I’ve always dreamt of creating and owning a dress store since I was a kid,” she says. “I’m currently in the midst of preparing its launch.”

For her skin, investing in tried-and-true products is a must. “With a busy schedule, I avoid using heavy makeup on a daily basis. I think it’s much better to focus on skincare that needs only simple steps but strengthens the skin from within and helps my skin achieve its natural potential,” she says. She’s foregoing what’s trendy and focusing on those that are backed by long-term research for optimal efficacy. The best part of all? “Taking care of my skin makes me feel more confident,” Josephine adds.
For this, KANEBO delivers. In its simple, two-step skincare system, each product contains an original and exclusive formula made as a result of years of research by KANEBO laboratory. KANEBO has discovered “Life Intelligence,” a new skincare concept that utilises technology learnt from the structure and functions of the skin, enabling them to harness the potential of the skin. Think of it as taking two steps forward for your skin’s future.
The KANEBO On Skin Essence V is just one of them. Inspired by humans being able to adapt to every environment and change with the help of strength and grace, this breakthrough product works from the inside to make it strong, leaving you with skin that’s healthy — no matter the situation.

This essence forms a veil on your skin that locks in moisture and skin-caring benefits in the outer layer of the skin. This one-of-a-kind product also blends well, leaving you with moist, supple skin. On top of that, this essence scatters light on and within your skin to reveal your natural-looking, radiant glow.
Face the world with a glowing disposition
Taking after Josephine, we’re making it a mission to see the future with bright-coloured lenses, and a bright complexion to boot. We’re doing that by making sure to end each night right by writing down the things we’re grateful for and the help of the luxurious KANEBO Cream In Night that rouses the skin’s vibrancy while you sleep. This rich yet smooth cream, inspired by Life Intelligence that has hydrating and boosting energy that nourishes the skin — so you wake up with supple, firm skin.
Take a step towards becoming more confident and at ease
Harnessing confidence is a challenge, but taking a positive step is valuable. Whisper confidence-boosting affirmations to yourself each day — and don’t forget to smile at your reflection. Then, look to the help of the refreshing KANEBO On Skin Essence F that leaves skin looking supple and dewy. This essence is perfect for people whose skin is easily affected by changes in their lifestyles and environments; it also works great as an alternative for Essence V.

For skin-caring that also protects, turn to the concentrated KANEBO Cream In Day, which is meant to be used in the morning. It revitalises and firms while giving you SPF20 PA+++.
With these and the following, you’ll be closer to having a future lived in strength and beauty:
  • Have hope for a bright future
  • Be guided by your mission statement
  • Invest in yourself by choosing products that will harness your skin’s unique potential
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