Nothing completes a real woman than the lingering fragrance of a Gucci Flora scent.

Heart fluttering: that feeling you get when he looked at you first thing in the morning and tells you that you are beautiful and you smell great.

Feminine, whimsical, timeless. That's what Gucci Flora emits whenever I wear it. It recently came out with its 50th Anniversary Limited Edition design, an intricate floral motif embedded at the base of the bottle.

I was more of a clean, fresh scent kinda girl but Gucci Flora changed my mind. I love how the scent goes with every occasion and every mood, I practically wear it almost everywhere I go now.

What I would definitely wear on a Sunday, out with my man on a date, with a spritz of Gucci Flora too, of course! That smile on his face!

Shooting for a product that I really love: My new fragrance from Gucci. Friends who know me knows how much of a fragrance collector I am, and I would never leave house without one in my bag. I've personally always loved the Gucci line of fragrance because they are lasting and I can detect the lingering smell even after a long day. This #GucciFlora struck the right note - the perfect fusion of floral whim and sensuality without being over the top sweet.

What makes my heart skip a beat – when he leans in close for a kiss while taking in the scent of Gucci Flora and the coy smile that follows because he knew.

Looking for love in all the right places with the enchanting, heart fluttering scent of Gucci Flora, 50TH Anniversary Edition.

There are so many things I want to share with Charlie, little secrets, funny stories, precious memories, treasured possessions, and even favourite scents. Up till today, I can still remember the scent of my mother’s perfume that would linger in the house even long after she’d gone out, and I wonder if Charlie will remember this day, our time together, and the glass Gucci Flora perfume bottle she was so eager to hold.

First look at the Gucci Flora perfume and I must say I'm totally mesmerized by it's gorgeous packaging. Gave it a little spritz and I love how the scent is subtle, gentle yet a little playful all at the same time.

Adore the loving look on his face when I put on a treasured dress coupled with a spritz of my signature scent – the perfect moment that makes my heart flutter.

The latest scent that I adore, Gucci Flora by Gucci. Love the feminine and gorgeous packaging of the 50th Anniversary limited edition.

The moment when you catch your loved one smiling upon the sight of you dressed in blushy pink definitely makes my heart flutter. Feminine outfit coupled with a feminine scent always wins.

When I first tried on Gucci Flora, it made me feel more feminine almost instantly with the scent’s floral sweetness which isn’t too overpowering. I’m not a very feminine person so this fragrance really helps bring out that side of me. Definitely a fragrance I would reach out to on days I want to feel extra girlish.

The memory of first love always makes my heart flutter. I enjoy reminiscing through scents and the Gucci Flora reminds me of the love and sweetness of those days.

Shopping for the right fragrance is like shopping for the right blush. It’s subtle, yet it makes all the difference. Something light, floral and girly is found in this perfect little bottle of Gucci Flora. It’s so amazing that I cannot get enough!

A whimsical date in the park with that special someone definitely make my heart flutter. For that extra boost of confidence, I put on my Gucci Flora fragrance, which has just the right amount of alluring sweetness and flora scent.

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