Edgy to Flora Fashion Lookbook

Mae will share tips on how to include edgy and eclectic styles to your dress sense to achieve the rock and roll look. Tricia on the other hand, will be sharing tips on girly and feminine styles to achieve the Flora Girl look.

Guilty Pleasure Exposé

Benjamin Kheng

Lead Vocalist for Sam Willows

Hanie Hidayah

Travel & Lifestyle Blogger

Joe Flizzow

Hip Hop Celebrity

Mae Tan

Fashion Blogger

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"Made for a man who knows what he wants" @benjaminkheng's #guilty pleasure. More clues: @sandrarileytang #GucciStud #Clozette #TheSamWillows @jonchua_tsw @narellekheng Photo credit: @oneclickwonders VIEW
So here's why @benjaminkheng has been smelling so good.
Girls aren't left out: //www.clozette.co/guilty-pleasure
#GucciStud #Clozette VIEW
Can you guess what this is? Something that I just got my hands on recently! #Comingsoon #Clozette VIEW
Here's some of my personal guilty indulgences, shooting pool, playing video games and spending too much time in the studio. What's yours? One of my new guilty pleasures is this bottle of #GucciStud here, the studs on the bottle are dope! #Clozette VIEW
Collecting old vinyls, CDs or generally purchasing music in any format are some of my personal indulgences. One of my new guilty pleasures is rocking the new #GucciStud perfume before I step on stage. Keeps me staying fresh and clean! #Clozette VIEW
Look! There's a blonde poppy head!!! Anyway.....Leave me a comment on what d'ya think this is and I'll reveal it soon! #Clozette #Comingsoon #Mymarxmae-SP VIEW
'My Guilty Pleasure in Life'
Studs are ultimate must-haves in any wardrobe! (Well, I have an immeasurable amount of it in mine!) Dressing up can be super fun when it comes to leather! BUT even more when it comes to Studs… VIEW
Spent some time writing down my favourite guilty pleasures in life that I tend to indulge in. Can you guess what they are? I want you to tell me what your guilty pleasures are too. #Comingsoon #Clozette VIEW
What are your guilty pleasures in life? I have so many things I love doing, but if I have to pick a few, it’ll be pretty much just doing things I love and the satisfaction of reaping what I sowed from the hard work I’ve done… VIEW