FAQ | Clozette

  1. 1. What is Clozette?

    We call ourselves a new media platform as we are a hybrid between a digital media magazine and a community of creators. Our editorial team reports on the hottest news in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle and curates the latest trends as shared by our community of style & beauty seekers and tastemakers. We also collaborate with influencers to create content to showcase a new way of storytelling to you.

  2. 2. Is Clozette an influencer agency?

    While influencer marketing is part of our content marketing services for brands, we are not an influencer agency per se. Our Creators network comprises of not just influencers, but also casual creators, industry and domain experts and professionals as well.

  3. 3. Do you sell clothing or beauty products?

    Clozette is not an e-commerce site. We do not sell any clothing or beauty products. Our editorial team reports on fashion and beauty news. We work with brands, sometimes involving creators on new product launch campaigns. From time to time we may feature affiliate shopping links to share the best deals with you!

  4. 4. How can I join the Clozette Community?

    It’s easy! Create an account for free here. Just keep sharing your awesome style and beauty finds in the Clozette Community. Find people whose posts tickle your fancy and create a connection! See question 5 below on HOW TO SHARE PHOTOS on Clozette.

  5. 5. How do I share photos on Clozette and why do I see my friends using the hashtag #Clozette on Instagram?

    Once you’re done creating your Clozette account, there are 2 ways of sharing photos on Clozette.
    (1) You may upload a photo directly to your Clozette account on Clozette website on your PC or mobile.
    (2) You may also upload a photo via your Instagram account to Clozette. To do this, you must go to your Clozette settings page first, then look for the Instagram Connect function near the bottom of the page and turn your connection on by logging in to your Instagram account. Once connected, every time you use #Clozette in your Instagram posts, they will be automatically synchronised to your Clozette account and shared to the Clozette Community.

    *Do you know that to date we have over 300,000 #clozette hashtags on Instagram. We look forward to you being a part of this exciting and growing community!

  6. 6. What is a Clozette Ambassador?

    Clozette Ambassadors are our most fashionable and beauty savvy Clozetters. In our community, we also have our Star Clozetters, these are the members with impeccable style and engaging uploads. Usually, members become Star Clozetters first before becoming Ambassadors. Click here to learn more about how we choose our Ambassadors.

  7. 7. How can I be featured in your articles or on your Instagram feed?

    Just keep on uploading engaging content and we might feature you in our daily FAVE 5 curations or our Instagram!

  8. 8. I want to collaborate with Clozette. Who should I contact?

    Got an interesting collaboration in mind? We’d love to hear about it! Drop us a message at [email protected].

  9. 9. Help! I forgot my password.

    Don’t worry! You can recover your profile by resetting your password here. And if you’re experiencing any technical difficulties, don’t hesitate to reach us at [email protected].

FAQ - Last Updated Tuesday 19 February, 2019