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Go sparkle, girl! 💫
My favorite part of every event, feast-ing! 🍽 Christmas is just around the corner already!
When the sun sets in Isabela☀️
Getting into the mid-week via @dresslily.
A dinner treat from @southerngrindbistroph Tuguegarao. They offer a cure for hunger pangs. Burp! 🍽
Why don’t you wear stripes on your picnic? 👌🏻 : @zaful
Clay masks- one of the simplest and most effective way to cleanse skin, refine pores, absorb toxins, helps reduce appearance of scars and exfoliate dead skins cells. But did you know that clay masking can also alleviate emotional heaviness? This is my favorite at the moment, @luxeorganixph Bentonite Indian Healing Clay. Try it! Thank you @sampleroomph for sending this over.
Blended Wilderness 2.0 🌾
Friend, I know you’ve been so working hard the whole week. It’s weekend, why not pause, keep calm and take a break? You deserve it. ;) @taipanjewelry #InfluenceAndInspirexTaipan #HappyInfluencerMonthxTaipan #taipanjewelry
Do you agree? Sometimes it's good to break from normal, expected behaviour, and just be a bit mad crazy and have fun! Apparently one of the major regrets of those who doesn’t, at the end of their lives is that they took life too seriously. Not having enough fun. Seeing the worst or the most doom-filled scenarios. Of course, life can be pretty tough and we all experience traumatic and difficult times, some seeming to get more than their fair share. But taking opportunities to have fun and be madly crazy, see the lighter side where possible, and have a right good belly laugh which can bring many benefits. Go on – find someone to laugh and be crazy with, or something to laugh about and give yourself a health boost! Like, dance on a table. ;) @taipanjewelry Artwork by: @henchmandraws #InfluenceAndInspirexTaipan #HappyInfluencerMonthxTaipan #taipanjewelry
Palazzo pants will always be my favorite style staple. I’m really short, so I’ve always assumed that I would kind of be drowning on it. But, with the right styling, they can totally work for you. The great things about these pants is that they feel like pajamas, and with a solid tank, they make a ridiculously comfy outfit. - @taipanjewelry #InfluenceAndInspirexTaipan #HappyInfluencerMonthxTaipan #taipanjewelry
Blended wilderness. ✨
becksko: Love the hat!
Peek-a-boo! 🕶
The pressure of time in today’s constantly racing techno-dominate age recedes with the calming ebb and flow of this place pace of life, a perfect setting to unplug.
Where I would want to be right now. 🌊
Mood: Bummed ✖️
Paint the town red.
Today’s bag essentials.
We sat up here laughing, reminiscing, taking in the painted sky. With every snap it changed, it grew brighter then lighter and then the light was gone. Time always reveals itself at dusk.
Create ensembles with a timeless quality. Don’t leave me yet, summer. ☀️