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Stay mysterious behind the curtain they say, so I did! ✨ Grab this classy earring made out of... - read more

Let’s spark up October and make it better than September. ✨

Are you still taking care of your skin whilst on quarantine? Did you know that your skin is the best... - read more

People in this generation often want success without struggle and forget to pay their dues to the ha... - read more

I was born with a congenital heart defect. It sounds scary, but it basically means that my heart jus... - read more

A semi-colon is commonly used to join two closely related independent clauses. Who would’ve th... - read more

Improvise /ˈimprəˌvīz/- produce or make (something) from whatever is available.... - read more

What’s for Saturday night? 🍸

Virtual travel via a throwback photo. Do you feel me? 🌴

Clean sheets + laced bralette + tea = PERFECT NIGHT. 💫

Loose and Baggy— 👣

Constantly looking at you. 🕶

Going through unpublished photos from 2018 while making dinner—multitasking. 💫

Say hello to my trusted friend, @stellamccartney.

May your Sunday be blessed with love, joy, peace and happiness. Happy Sunday, everyone!

What’s your poison? 🍺

Old photo from 3 years ago with my favorite black dress from @sammydressfashion - my start to 2020 h... - read more

“QUARANTINE LOOK” in @zaful.

As a beauty connoisseur, I am always looking at new products. . Testing, swatching, spraying&hellip... - read more

How are you surviving HOME QUARANTINE so far? Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

*swipes RIGHT.📱

We survived another week, pals! In the middle of this pandemic it can be easy to slip over to the Da... - read more

Current Fave: @jimmychoo

After we beat this Covid-19, we will all have a fresh year. Imagine, people are planning what to do... - read more

I’m craving for a cup of coffee and a scenic view but #Covid19 is still around. I am wishing e... - read more

#YourFavoriteRetailPlayground is throwing a shopping party in the North this coming March 5, 2020! M... - read more

Baggao— a first class municipality located in the northeast of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range... - read more

Wishing more for a longer cold days so I could enjoy all the hoodies I received via @retrostudiosph.

I’m so excited to achieve that salon-beautiful-hair all day, everyday with only #PalmoliveExpe... - read more

You are responsible for your own dreams. Work hard for it and most importantly tru yourself and reac... - read more