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I dont lead, nor follow. I make my own path..... 📲 @ty.ally
2017 wasn’t easy for me but I glad that I’ve conquered all the challenges. I hope chapter of 2018 will be full of adventures, love and clarity♥️ I wish all of you hv a faithful 2018 ahead. 💋💋 Love ya ♥️ 📱@zanchik
妳說我笑起來很像👦🏻 但是我還是習慣不在鏡頭前笑😆 📱@zanchik #throwback #throwbackwednesday
🔳🔲Checked-mate 🔲🔳 #自拍的精髓就是拍得像別人幫你拍的
My Mei @ifliin know my best angle. 😆 Double chins almost there 🤩🤭 #kthxbye
SWAG OR HAPPY I choose 🤔🤔 Still prefer SWAG 😎🖤 #kthxbye 📱 @ty.ally
Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction, ends up being the biggest step in your life. Tip toe if you must but take the step. #自拍的精髓就是拍得像別人幫你拍的
Random pink in my wardrobe. Okie, this isn’t me. KTHXBYE 🤫🤭👋🏻
s o m e d a y ▪️w e d o n t f e e l t h e b e s t▫️ ▫️a l i t t l e d o w n & s t r e s s e d▪️ ▪️b u t I k n o w l i g h t w i l l s h I n e ▫️o n c e c l o u d s p a r t ◽️ ◻️ a n d s h I n e y o u r l o s t c h e e r ▪️ #Throwback 🔙
文青の我 📱 @ty.ally #文青風 #文青
#Actual VS #Candid 📱@zanchik
Mgrazielle: ❤️❤️❤️
Brighten your days with @botanic_garden_ Yellow roses in friendship represented joy, cheerful, appreciation and gratitude. It creates warm feelings and provide happiness. Giving yellow roses is telling your friends that the joy they bring to you and the friendship you share within each other. 黃玫瑰代表友誼時,它的花語是愉快純真的友誼和美好的祝福,代表著我們之間真摯的友情。 - 享受與妳的日子- @zanchik
Meeting my gusty lady boss of @botanic_garden_ @zanchik for birthday lunch! Thanks, my bao bei! 😘 I think you love me! And I think I love you too! ❤️ Love your handwrapped bouquet 🌹and the daily wear palette! 我會努力學畫美美滴😂🤣 #自拍的精髓就是拍得像別人幫你拍的
我生日1014 只有一年一次 我媽媽一生一世 教我學會懂事 經歷的傷痕累累 已不會欲哭無淚 留下的血跡斑斑 讓妳不再平凡 人生的起起伏伏 妳不再是個豆腐 昨日的風風雨雨 化做成長羽翼 今日的層層疊疊 化為堅強的鐵 我三十而立 就是三十獨立 我記得有首歌說 生日快樂我對自己說 祝我~~ 生日~~~~~ 📱 @ifliin
我跟我爸爸說 幫我拍出外國feel 🤣😂okie? 👨🏻: Okie 👌🏽
Smile doesn’t necessarily means you’re happy. Sometimes it just means you’re strong 💪🏽 #throwback #haha #55
October 14th ♎️ This Libra birthday person is exceptionally good at decorating or putting together an unlikely and unique outfit. You have a way of putting things and people together that seem to illuminate your personality. If today is your birthday, you have a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. Although creative, you have the smarts about you that can charm the most volatile person. You like to keep things on an even keel. This goes for your professional and personal life. In other words, you work hard and you play hard. You are always willing to go the extra mile for your loved ones. They generally come to you when they need a trusted friend. Everyone you meet values your friendship. Nevertheless, when you find that you have been betrayed, it’s not easy to get back the trust and relationship you once had. Occasionally, you take your time when it comes to making important decisions. When it’s too difficult, you may decide not to decide. Thinking too much is a chore for the Libra born today and it takes a lot out of you emotionally. You think too much about what people may think if you are wrong. You set goals and normally achieve them in a timely manner. You tend to seek a balance between your professional life and your personal life. #justwannaspendtimewithmyfamilyonmybirthday
Smile widely with fat cheeks & double chins 😆😆 📱 @ifliin