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I have a passion in blogging about things that piques my interest. Fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle. I'm always on a journey towards learning more about myself. Blog:... - read more


Mixed and matched different shades to get this lovely shade of kiss. Loved it! Can't wait to share t... - read more

Cardigans 🔹 Flowers 🔹 FRIYAY Luck found me today | Btw, don't miss out my latest b... - read more

A moody outfit picture to share what went on yesterday. I went to HHN5 at USS and I really enjoyed m... - read more

Smile because Friday is near. Haha. :D

Yesterday at Top Deck, before the awesome workshop held by @ClozetteCo and @TheAmbitionista happened... - read more

You know how you need an outerwear to always go with your outfit when you're going to the movies. It... - read more